Nick and Sara were loading up their car with a baby for the final time since the day that that had changed their lives almost a year ago. It had been 10 long, stressful months before all 7 seven babies were allowed home. Before they could be released each baby had to gain a weight of 8lb and be able to breathe all on their own, a challenge for a few of the smaller babies. Slowly though, each of the babies was sent home with a clean bill of health. Aubree had the toughest time, giving both of her parents a deep scare when her heart stopped in her incubator for just a second, but that was long enough to scare Sara enough that she had nightmares for weeks.

Buckling the last strap on the car seat, Sara patted the top of her youngest daughters head with a smile. "We can go."

Nick looked into the back seat with a proud smile. "You sure you don't want to say goodbye to the hospital one more time?"

With a somewhat saddened look, she tore her gaze away from her precious baby and towards the brick building where she had spent hours almost every day. The building that had caused her so much pain, and yet, it was the place where she had been given her seven miracles. Taking one last look at the building she hoped to never visit again, she turned back towards her husband and nodded. "We can't keep everybody waiting for too much longer."

The entire team, and the newest generations were waiting back at their house to celebrate the babies' homecoming. Nick and Sara had decided together that they weren't going to have a baby shower with their friends before the babies had been born, but would instead celebrate by having all of their friends come over once the babies were all home. It had been a bit of a problem, as Nick and Sara had come to their own baby showers and bought them much too much, and they couldn't even return the favor- but the proud parents claimed that they wanted a day to show off the babies, not a day for themselves.

After a longer than usual drive home, Nick pulled their van into the driveway. Looking around he saw a few other cars that his friends had driven here and smiled. He had no doubt that the babies were awake, even though the nannies were probably screaming at Catherine and Sofia for ruining the schedule. As much as the two new parents had hated to hire nannies to help with their kids- there was no way that they could do it alone without taking advantage of their friends and their family, even with Nick and Sara not working.

Yes, Nick and Sara had both resigned from their jobs with the crime lab. It had been their mutual passion before the babies had come along. But, with seven reasons to stay home now, it wasn't hard to make the decision. Though, they were always welcome at the lab, and kept up to date about the most interesting cases by their friends. Though it seemed at big gatherings that the talk was no longer about work as it had been even a year ago.

Nick opened the door and waited as Sara walked through holding their daughter, he then shut it and followed her down the hallway and into the living room where you could hear laughing from a mile away. Shrugging off his jacket and throwing it on the back of a chair, he stood in the doorway of the room and looked around. Catherine and Gil sat on a loveseat, Catherine with her feet tucked up under her and laughing animatedly and Gil with one arm around his wife and one cradling his sleeping daughter Madison Hope. On the floor next to them, Lucas Alexander crawled around carefully, his curly hair bouncing and his bright blue eyes shining.

Greg and Sofia were quite the contrast from his older colleagues, Sofia was pressed up against one edge of the couch, shoving Greg away with her feet and laughing rambunctiously- their son Logan Oliver content to relax in his baby carrier on the floor. At ten months old, he turned out to be quite the little Greg. He loved to eat and loved sleeping and relaxing, content to he held rather than learn to crawl and oddly enough it was the sound of rock music put him to sleep every night.

Warrick hadn't been able to make it, but his picture sat on the mantle above the fire place. He and his wife had been having a lot of problems and it seemed like nothing was going right for him. But, in a final attempt to try and save their marriage, he had switched to day shift and so far it seemed as though things might just work out after all. Hopefully both of them would be at the next 'family' gathering.

And at last he glanced over at his own wife, sprawled out across the couch with Aubree on her chest, cooing at her and playing games with her. With a slight frown he noticed that the rest of his children were not in the room and headed upstairs to get them. He opened the door to see six of the cribs filled with a sleeping baby and a nanny taking a well deserved break in the rocking chair in the corner. Against the elderly nanny's wishes, he brought his kids downstairs to the living room- setting the now wide awake babies in two pack-and-plays. Sara's eyes lit up as they always did at the site of the babies and after glancing at Luke crawling around on the floor she lifted her own babies out of the crib and set them on the carpeted floor. Almost instantly Eric took to sliding across the floor towards his probable partner in crime Luke. Catherine and Sara joked about the instant friendship, saying that it was pretty much destined for their kids to end up best friends. At just 11 months, only Eric and Kaylee were already crawling. It was not much of a surprise that they were the most developed as they had been the first ones released from the hospital. But, without a second thought it seemed, Abby crawled over towards the boys, not one to be left out.

Sara looked over at Nick with tears in her eyes. Even though her babies hadn't even turned one yet, it seemed like time was moving too fast. She smiled at her husband, and then back down at her kids. If you would have told her a year and a half ago that she would be married and have seven kids she would have told you that was scientifically impossible. Two years ago she hadn't been in a relationship, and had been pining after Nick instead. But, here she was- surrounded by her family, one that she didn't even know she wanted. Sometimes all it takes is a little surprise to change your entire life.