So hi! Neko here! I just woke up this morning and I suddenly HAD to write this! The plot bunny was just too strong and it made me realize just how much of an obsessive fan I am xD Enjoy!

Thanks to Ochz for her help!

Disclaimer: Do I look like Kripke? No? Then I don't own it.

You Know You're Obsessed With SPN When:

1.- You are reading this.

2.- Your friends know you are an obsessed fan.

3.- Your FAMILY knows you are an obsessed fan.

4.- You feel the need to review and say things like: So true and Guilty.

5.- You try to convert normal people into obsessed fans just like you.

6.- You know the full names of the characters and the names of the actors.

7.- You know the birthdays of the characters and/or actors.

8.- You giggle when you read the word "Winchester".

9.- You know what Wee!Chester means and you love to read it. (xD)

10.- You cried when they killed Papa Winchester.

11.- You cried when they killed Sam.

12.- You cried when they killed Dean. (WHYYYY?? -sobs-)

13.- You Squeee when you see an Impala.

14.- You have a picture of either Sam or Dean behind the door in your room.

15.- You went to the SPN web site at the end of season 3 just to see if the new chapter of season 4 was already up.

16.- It wasn't but still you went to the web site every day to check it out. (Like that was going to help xD)

17.- Your friend knows you are so obsessed that your birthday gift was the SPN seasons on DVD.

18.- You made say friend watch the seasons with you. (Guilty! xD)

19.- You hate Bela.

20.- You know what the Colt is for.

21.- You know what YED stands for.

22.- You hate Meg.

23.- You have songs in your ipod just because you heard them on SPN.

24.- You know deep down your heart that Ben is Dean's son. (I mean come on!! He's like a Mini-Dean!)

25.- You are nodding while you read this.

27.- You enjoy Whumpage!Dean or Sam. (xDD I do!)

28.- You have interesting questions to the priest of whatever church you go to.

29.- You don't know your own license plate... But you know the Impala's... By heart.

30.- You didn't realize that there was no number 26.

31.- (If you aren't from the United States) You are so close to tears because in your country SPN is still showing old episodes from season 3, when season 4 just started. (Once again... WHYYY??)

32.- You want to go to Canada.

33.- You have a folder full of pictures from SPN.

34.- And your MOM knows about it.

35.- You read SPN fics.

36.- You write SPN fics.

37.- You know what Wee!Chester, Whumpage!Dean or Sam, Wincest and other stuff mean.

38.- Your screen saver is SPN related.

39.- You Dad is now a devoted SPN fan.

40.- You have an altar of either Sam or Dean.

41.- You know that Jesen (Dean) was in the movie "Ten inch hero", that Jared (Sam) was at "House of wax" and that Jeffrey (John) was in "Ps: I love you",

42.- You have 1 of these movies.

43.- Just to see them.

44.- You know the episodes by heart and have favorites.

45.- Your pet has a name related to SPN.

46.- You spend your time on photobucket searching SPN fics.

47.- Your ideal man NEEDS to know (at least) how to salt and burn bones.

48.- You do little doodles in the top of your notebook with things like: Dean+(insert name)4 ever or S+(insert initial) 4 ever.

49.- You clap and giggle when your favorite character (In my case Dean xD) appears in the scene.

50.- At least 10 out of these remind you of yourself.