"Dying Changes Nothing"
by: JnnLuvsU
Summary: Wilson gets a visitor. Set a year after "Dying Changes Everything".
Disclaimer: Not mine. Wish they were.
Author's Notes: Wilson really pissed me off. Cause while they only show Wilson enabling House, I'm sure there were plenty of times when the tables were turned and House was enabling Wilson. A lot of people said they understood where Wilson was coming from, but I don't. Sure, you're mad. But to tell your best friend that you don't think you were ever friends is just harsh.


Wilson had been at the new job for almost a year when the man showed up in his office. Wilson waved him in, "Can I help you?"

"My name is Brian Griner. I'm a lawyer. I represent Dr. Gregory House," the strange man said.

Wilson froze, turning around, "When you say that you represent House, you don't mean..." he trailed off, House couldn't be dead. He just couldn't.

Griner gave Wilson a sympathetic smile, "Greg passed four days ago," he informed the other man.

Wilson sank onto the couch in the room, "How?" he whispered, putting his head in his hands.

"Greg stopped taking his pain pills eight months ago. He was placed in a medically induced coma a few months ago to help manage the pain. His medical proxy attempted a very dangerous surgery when it was assured Greg would never wake up. It wasn't successful. Greg died on the table," Griner explained.

Wilson's shoulders began to shake as tears filled his eyes, "He stopped taking his pills? Why? And why didn't they call me?"

Griner sighed, "I have no idea, Dr. Wilson. Greg was never very forthcoming with me. He made his will five years ago. It's very straightforward. He's never changed it. About a year ago, he made a last wish."

Wilson stared at him, "I don't understand."

Griner smiled, "He left nearly everything to you, Dr. Wilson."

Wilson's eyes widened, "What?" he asked faintly.

Griner pulled the document out of the bag, "Considering how much our firm charges for services, Greg was a very easy client. He didn't divide his assets among a lot of different people. He left a portion of the money to the hospital, but everything else? He left it to you. The furniture, the money, some stocks, a motorcycle."

Wilson stared at Griner in horror. "He wouldn't have wanted me to have anything. He just never got around to changing it."

Griner stood. "It comes to just over 500,000 total, Dr. Wilson. He had time to change it. He wanted you to have it. How do I know this? Because he came into my office about a year ago. And gave me this." He handed Wilson an envelope. "And told me to tell you it would answer all of your questions."

Wilson took the envelope, fearing what was inside it. He hadn't seen House since he'd walked out on the other man almost a year ago. House couldn't be gone. It wasn't possible.

Griner nodded, "If there is anything you want to keep from the apartment, you need to let me know soon. Otherwise, everything will be sold and you will receive a check in a few months." He handed Wilson his card.

Wilson was in shock, but thought he'd managed to at least give Griner something of an answer. He waited for the other man to leave before returning his attention to the envelope in his hand. Griner had said House had said this would answer all of his questions.

He had a lot. Why would House leave him anything? Why would he stop taking his pills? Why would he not call Wilson? And how did he know he was going to die? Because Wilson knew House, and knew there was no way House would visit a lawyer if death wasn't in his near future. And less than four months after dropping off this letter, House had signed his death warrant by stopping the pain management. He was well aware that the only reason House had made a will in the first place was right after the infarction had occurred. So, why? And how? Wilson didn't see how this letter was going to answer all of his questions.

He sighed, steeling his nerve and opening the envelope. A single sheet of paper was inside. Wilson slowly unfolded it. In the center of the page was a single line written in handwriting Wilson knew as well as his own, and

Wilson felt the tears fall from his eyes as he read it.

"Because you were the only one I ever loved."

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