This Is It

Loneliness I loathe, fear and abhor it. Her smile disperses it.

Mind Openness and intelligence I require it Her brilliance I fall short of it.

Dreams The drive to just do it, In spades she has a 110% of it.

Promise The wisdom to only make one and keep it Her integrity endorses it

Honesty Less than this I don't tolerate it From her I can rely on it

Trust Naturally occurring I've hoped for it Looking into her eyes I'm breathing it

Courage To fall flat then stand and face it Her bravery I cannot even touch it

Tenacity Facing opposition to belief and holding on to it Strong conviction she's definitely got it

Vulnerability So many weaknesses she shows it The strength in her eyes lets me know it

Purity I searched painstakingly for it Within her heart I found it

Soulmate I've eternally sensed we are it In her I recognise myself- this is it.

Love I ache to exchange every aspect of it With her I am given the freedom to share it

Sensuality I hunger for and crave it She fulfills every requirement of it

Beauty Blooming inside I've watched for it My sweet fragrant blossom epitomises it

Blossom I searched for someone who means it Always and forever more the name Chloe.. this is it.

(This Is It is by Fidomom proxying for Brady)