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Erza was rather surprised when Natsu suddenly dropped a pair of Lucy's panties on her head.

"W...Why...?" Erza began to ask as she took the panties into her hands. They were black with pink lace on the sides.

"I thought you would like it!" Natsu replied, putting his hands behind his head and grinning like a dope.

Erza clenched the panties tightly in her fists and snapped, "WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU THINK I WOULD WANT A PAIR OF MY FRIEND'S DIRTY PANTIES?!"

"...I thought you liked LIKED Lucy...you know, LIKE that..." Natsu muttered, suddenly looking thoughtful.

"W-Well, I don't!" Erza proclaimed, her face as red as her hair.

"That's weird," Natsu explained, "I was told by Gray who was told by Jubia who was told by Makarov who was told by Loke who was told by Happy who was told by Cana who was making out with Mirajane when Levi told her about you being in love with Lucy! I thought it made perfect sense, actually..."

"What? Really?"

Natsu nodded. "Yeah. You've ignored my advances, Gray's advances...every male in the entire guild has flirted with you once, and you've never returned our feelings. Plus, you seem to really like hanging out with Lucy, so we all suspected you two were gay for each other."

Erza was completely vexed by the situation. "Natsu...when did you flirt with me - actually, you know, forget it. I don't give a goddamn fuck. Just...go away, okay? I'm worried I might try and kill you soon, so just go..."

Natsu bowed and quickly turned tail. Once she made sure he was gone, Erza grinned mischeviously and stuck her face right into Lucy's panties, taking in a deep breath. Letting out an elated sigh, Erza leaned back and relaxed, the underwear still covering her like a mask.

'I'm sure Lucy will be glad to get these back when we meet again tonight...heh heh...'