We Are Three

A Ninja Turtles fanfic

Chapter 4


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Raphael glared. And glared some more. And glared even more after that. He finally let out a sigh as he realized the doors weren't getting tags.

He reached up to the headset over his ears and pressed a button. "Yo, Don."

A moment of static, then... "What do you want!? We're busy!"

Raphael let out a snort. "Careful there, that's my job." He looked around the long, white hallway and took a few strides forward. "So. There's a lot of doors. Any people tellin' you which door is the one with the plans?"

A loud crack came from the earphones and a soft scream. "No. What were you expecting, a big sign that said, 'Way to shut down large amounts of Stockman's mousers at one time'?" Donatello let out a little sigh. "Sorry, just not having a good day."

"You're telling me..." Raphael muttered, then continued, "So do I just open random doors until I find something?"

"..." extremely loud static answered him. Raphael grunted in annoyance and turned back to the hallway.

"Well..." He guessed there were about fifty doors, evenly spaced. His eyes landed on the one not-so evenly spaced door. Extremely long spaces on either side of the door was empty of everything. His beak bent into an interested smirk. "Well, hello..."

He practically bounced over to the door, and swung it open, thinking a moment too late to pull out his sais. For a moment he looked like an idiot, flinging open a door then struggling with his belt. However, this was remedied in a moment, as he placed himself in the most threatening position he could, complete with his most lethal death glare, daring anyone to laugh at the guy with the pointy things and the will to kill.

It was all in vein, however, as he noticed no one was in the room. He groaned and began to leave when he heard something...

"...Who are you...?" it rasped.

Raphael spun around, again fully prepared to defend himself. Once again, he didn't see anything. He finally decided to remain in the room, then looked around.

It was pretty much the most empty, sterile room he had ever seen. Everything was pure white. In the middle of the room was a large wall, about up to his waist. Up from that it was just an extremely thick looking pane of glass, so clean that the only reason he knew it was there was because he could see his reflection. A table protruded from the wall, containing not even a single paper. Four pristine white chairs sat against the table. At one side of the wall with the mirror a door lay, a keyhole evident, but still as white as could be.

As he took in a breath, Raphael noticed something odd about the air, and proceeded to sniff the air again. His expression curled somewhat as he realized that there was a thick overlaying scent of blood and medicine.

Raphael carefully began to approach the pane of glass, then paused. Why am I acting like I'm in a horror movie? He rolled his eyes and slouched a bit, walking a lot more carelessly towards the glass.

"Hi!" Something green popped up in front of him, violently destroying the silence.

"WOAH!" Raphael shouted out, taking a step back and ungracefully tipping over. He promptly bounced back up and confronted what exactly had dared to surprise him.

His eyes darted back up and to the person. Green. Carapace. Edge of shell. Amber met with sapphire.

Complete silence.

On the other side of the glass wall, the other let out a weird croak noise. "Y-you're..." It took a step back, eyes as wide as could be. "You're like me."

Raphael numbly lifted a hand up to the headphones. "G-guys? You're gunna' want to come over here."


As he ducked a hit from one of the frantic scientists that had somehow entered the fray, Leonardo hit the butt of his right sword into his chin, effectively knocking him backward. As he turned to the next one, he felt something.

A warm feeling filled him and caused him to slow slightly. However, despite the fact he was slower, he was even more efficient in his fighting. Leo's dark eyes softened, and for some reason he felt like he had accomplished something great.

The sound of static attacked his ears and for a moment he wondered what the hell was happening. Embarrassment attacked his senses as he realized it was just the headphones. He began to worry, however, as he heard the words.

"G-guys? You're gunna' want to come over here." Raph's voice wavered, and Leo was sure it wasn't just interference

Shoving a sword into the belt around his waist to free a hand, Leo continued to block every weak or strong attack from around him with his remaining blade and brought up a hand to press the button. "Raphael, what's wrong?"

Leo had the distinct feeling that his younger brother was shaking his head or ignoring him completely. "Jus'... come over here. Please."

It was then that Leonardo understood the urgency of what was happening. Their red masked brother never actually asked things, he more demanded them. "Leave the door open so we can find you."


Donatello was a step behind Leo, so when Leonardo froze in the doorway, he had absolutely no idea what it was about. Then again, with the way his oldest brother had become horribly rigid, he wasn't too sure he wanted to know.

He gently nudged Leo aside, whom didn't even give a light protest, just kind of leaned into the door frame. Donatello gave him a strange look and turned to the inside of the room. Raphael sat on the floor, head against the wall and his eyes closed. His arms were crossed over his chest as he attempted to keep his breathing in check.

Don finally turned to the center of the room. First, he thought it was only his reflection. Then he realized his 'reflection' was sitting on the ground, had a more blue complexion, and wasn't wearing a mask.

"W-who... what..." his oddly doe-like eyes had widened to what seemed the largest they could.

Raphael suddenly snapped his neck back down and glared at him. "What do you think?" he growled. He turned to look at the door.

Their oldest brother promptly unfroze. "It may just be an experiment of Stockman's." He gave the figure on the other side of the glass a light glare. "It might just be a trap."

Its blue eyes heated up. "How do I know that you aren't the trap?"

Donatello jumped. "It can hear us?"

"That's 'he', thank you very much," he snapped furiously, suddenly extremely angry, then promptly went limp. "I've had enough tests done to be sure of that..." a grin promptly came to his face. "So who are you guys?"

"I'm Leonardo, that's Donatello, and that's Raphael. Who are you?" Leo said, his words clipped off.

The turtle inside stood up and wiped himself off from some imaginary dust. "I'm Subject one." His grin deepened. "Then again, I'm the only subject, so my title is kind of weird."

Raphael piped up, "You don't have a name?"

Subject one tilted his head up to presumably look at the light above him. "Nah. I'm just a turtle, why would they give me a name?" if anything, it sounded like he was just parroting something someone else said, and bitterly at that. He then gestured to the group of three on the other side. "Then again, look who I'm talking to." The glowing grin faded into odd bitterness. "But then, who can tell if you're even real? If I'm even real..."

"That's a depressing thought," Raphael muttered sarcastically, more or less completely disregarding the comment.

Subject one let out a strangely ostentatious laugh. "Well I've had a lot of time to think about it."

There was an uncomfortable silence. Awkwardly, Don asked, "How long have you been in here?"

"Not too long," one said sarcastically, "Only about fifteen years." He looked to be in thought. "I do go into the hall pretty often, heard a lot about 'outside', but never been there."

Complete silence. Subject one looked nervous. "What did I say?"


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