Today had been horrible. First period my cell phone was confiscated by Dean Ike (Which is a 25 fine), second period Ms Callendrelli made that walking vagina Ronnie Pats my partner for some God forsaken mythology project, third period I knocked over and broke a podium with my boobs, fourth and fifth period I spent battling with a nun over my pro choice beliefs (An hour and a half detention... Stupid bitch and her detention giving ninja skills...) , and sixth period I realized that I wouldn't have enough money for cigarettes after paying my phone fee.

But now as we walk down the alley Jet and I are passing back and forth a cigarette between the two of us and Rose is counting the pennies in her purse.

"So far we have three dollars and... thirteen cents..." Rose ruffles her brow as yet another penny falls to the floor.
"We could split a monster?" I offer as smoke escapes my nostrils.
"You? Share a monster? HA!" Rose laughs sarcastically and rolls her eyes.
"I share!" I pout defensively.
"Yea, but your share is always on the bottom." Jet muses and I punch him in the shoulder.

I can't help but feel as if someone's watching me. It's a strangely intense feeling that just wont seem to go away.

"Aves, look!" Rose elbows me and points to a snowy white owl in the distance.

The owls eyes meet mine for what feels like an eternity the eerie feeling gets stronger every second I stare into those eyes. For a second I thought that one of them was blue and the other brown...

"Avery... Hello?" Rose waves her hand in front of my face, "Anyone home?"

"Yea... I'm here..." I reply dumbly mind still stuck on that owl.

"You're cell phone's ringing..." Jet gives me an odd look.

I look at the screen, It's mother dearest.

"Yea?" I don't even bother to say hello anymore.
"Avery Christine Williams! I waited for you for an hour after school was let out! And why didn't you tell me that you had a project with the Pats girl?"
"Well I had to wait an hour just to get my cell phone back. And besides I didn't want that back stabbing slut anywhere near me!" I soon regret my last sentence.
"Get your ass home now! Why can't she be more like Ronnie?" Is all she said before she hung up.

I growl and slam the phone shut and into the bottom of my purse.

"The whole 'Why can't you be like Ronnie?' jib again?" Jet flicks the cigarette at the nearest moving car.
"Yea! Like I'd really want to be like a sperm slurping slut!" I nearly shout.
"I thought they were on Vacation?" Rose asks as she drinks down the rest of the monster
"No, they're leaving at five..." A brilliant idea pops up in my mind, "We should have a little sleep over tonight."
"Do you still have Rocky Horror Picture Show?" Jet asks trying his hardest not to say yes off the bat.
"Of course. And a 64 inch television to watch it on." I smirk slyly.
"I'm in!" He says and grabs Roses and My hands and drags us towards my house.

"You guys wait outside for a bit..." I say as I walk down to block towards my house,

"I'm Home!" I shout as obnoxiously as possible.
"Yea, two hours late!" She scrapes her teeth at the end of her shouting.
"Sorry! I totally didn't realize that Ronnie was here..." I say as I just realize that Ronnie is sitting on my couch and texting her friends.
"Avery!" She gets up and pulls me into an oh so unnecessary hug, "I'm so glad we're partners! It'll be like 8th grade all over again!"

'Yea, except this time I don't have a boyfriend for you to sleep with...' I plaster on a fake smile, "Yea, me too..."

"Well you two be good. Ronnie, make sure Avery doesn't get into any trouble, would you?" My mom quickly walks out the door and into my fathers Nison Quest.
"Guys, It's safe! The wicked witch has left the building!" I shout out to Jet and Rose from the porch. They quickly scurry inside as rain begins to pelt the street and harsh storm clouds brew up above. I look out to see the same white owl from earlier this time perched in a tree right outside my house.

"Wierd..." I shake it off but the feeling of being watched intensifies.

"Aves, Why the hell is Ronnie here?" Rose whispers in my ear and I just shrug my shoulders.

"Avery, how about you go up to your room and get all the supplies needed for our little project and I'll stay down here and chat with your friends!" Ronnie nearly commands me and waves with her fingers for me to go.upstairs.
"Chop, Chop!" Jet adds, sarcastically rolling his eyes.
"Isn't she lovely?" I ask through gritted teeth as I head up the stairs to my room.

I throw all the supplies needed on my bedroom floor as I fall back in my bed and squeeze the life out of a stress ball. I breathe steadily for a few minutes, listening to the persistent rain until I finally open my eyes to see a very familiar snow white owl perched on a tree branch right outside my window. I stare into it's eyes, unblinking, and strangely serene.

"Avery!" Ronnie calls from the bottom of the stair case.
"What?!" I growl and pop my stress ball, "God! I wish someone would take you away! Right now!!"

The lights flicker off through out the entire house as lightning strikes next to my window. I jump up in fear and run for the door, but as soon as I get near it it slams shut and sadistic giggles can be heard from outside the door and from inside of my room. My lungs constrict and my heart's playing a beat you can almost dance to as the owl from before nocks into the window over and over again and the pitterpatter of little feet can be heard from all corners of my room.

Within an instant the window bursts open and the owl is flying around my head making my heart beat spasmodically. With a flash of bright light I nearly fall back down onto my bed.

My eyes finally re-adjust and I'm absolutely dumb founded at what I see. A beautiful stranger with wild dirty blonde hair, one celestial blue eye, one earth mother brown, and was dressed in a midnight blue leather cloak, a white ruffled shirt, and it's hard not to stare at the tightness of his gray tights.

I open my mouth trying to say something along the lines of, "Who the hell are you? How the fuck did you get in my house?" But I just draw a blank and swiftly shut it feeling my face grow red.

"Well It's nice to finally meet you, Avery." A cocky smirk runs across his gorgeous face and starts walking towards me.
"Who the hell are you?" I stutter as I fall backwards on my bed.
He simply leans over me, hands above my shoulders, lips inches away from mine, and says, "You know verry well who I am."
"No..." I blush profusely as my eyes grow wide, "It couldn't be!" I glance over to my bedstand to see the book, The Labyrinth, flipped open with a giant gust of wind.
"But... Fairy tales... Aren't real!" His smirk is starting to titillate me... I mean... piss me off...
"Of course not. But this, my dear, is no longer your fantasy."
"What do you mean, my fantasy?" I try to sound pissed off but just end up stuttering.
"You know the one. The one that leaves you sweating in your sleep and grabbing at your bed sheets." He smirks, his hot breath against my lips.
"How would you know?" His lips get closer to mine and I just stare into his eyes unblinking.
"I know everything about you Avery. Especially how you fear getting intimate with another but continue to please your virgin self."
"Fuck off!" I push him off of me and roll off the bed.
"Now, now, Avery. You know that's no way to treat a King." He puts his hands on his hips and walks towards me.
"What do you want from me? Where are my friends?!" I hold back tears and try not to let this pedophile of a man get the upper hand.
"You know very well where they are." He points behind me to his Labyrinth.

I turn around and nearly gasp at what I see. A gigantic maze with twists and turns that would make anyone give up on sight.

"Do you still want them back?" I feel his hot breath on my ear.
"Of course..." I can't give up... I just can't!
"Then you have 13 hours in which to solve my little labyrinth or else your friends are mine."
"How about this..." I turn around sheepishly, "If I get to the center I get my friends back... If I don't..."
"Go on." He cocks his eyebrow.
"You get to keep me instead..." I close my eyes and wish this would all just go away.
"Interesting..." He smirks, circling me and hovering at least two feet above me, "But how do I know you'll keep your end of the deal?"
"You're the magical king! Can't you think of something?" I roll my eyes blatantly trying to piss him off.
"Well... I could take the one thing you treasure most..."
"And that would be?" I smirk knowing that I hold nothing close to my heart.
"Your purity," He smirks causing mine to be wiped away, "You're heart."
"You couldn't!" I stutter once again.
"I am the magical king, of course I can." His sly smile mocks me, "But you will get it back, once you pledge your life to me." He reaches his hand out for me to shake.
"Fine..." I grab it to settle the deal but then realize I'm in far too deep for a painful electric feeling runs from my chest into his fist.
"Damn..." I fall to my knees, quickly regaining my composure, "You don't have to be so fucking rough!"
"I thought you liked things rough," He pulls me up off the floor and pushes up my sleeve, "If you didn't you wouldn't have scared your beautiful flesh."
I huff, trying to refuse the urge to rip his gorgeous face off, "So I guess I'm getting something in order to make sure you keep your deal?"
"Well, now, what do I have that can hold me accountable?" He smirks.
"Well I'm guessing your penis isn't detachable..." I mutter as he uses his finger to lift my chin and force me to look at him.
"You would love that wouldn't you?" He smirks, his English accent sending shivers up my spine.
"In your dreams!" I slap his hand away, "Now lets just get this done and over with! I expect my heart back when I get to the center!"
"Such a pity." He smirks and fades away into air.