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Chapter #4


Jareth's POV

I smirk as I watch her fall into the oubliette. It's been amusing to watch her fumble around in my labyrinth. So amusing that I want to up the stakes a bit.

"How about an ultimatum?" I think out loud in my chambers, lying on my bed with the crystal in hand, "No, I've already done that with the last one to make a wish..."

I ponder whilst ruffling my brow, "Send the spawn of Glorguraut?"

"No... Those brutes don't have enough brain power to hold her seeing as how she escaped Venus..." I stare into the crystal as she uses her lighter to illuminate the hole, "I could send the Cyclops of Kenheborac... But not even I'm that cruel..."

And then suddenly the most perfect idea formed inside my head, "That's it." I smirk, "Pix will lead her strait the Riddler!"

"Pix!" I call out with a wicked smirk on my face.

"WHEEE!!!!!!!!!!!" She flies through the room and bounces off the walls, as usual, "Is it time to meet her? Is it? Is it? Is it?!"

I grab her foot as she flies past me in an effort to slow her down, "Yes, Pix, But you're going to do more than just meet her."

"Really!?" The hyper fairy nearly shouts, "Can I braid her hair?! Or! Or! Or-"
"I'm sure you'll be able to braid her hair as soon as she forgives you," I smirk, "But in the mean time you're going to introduce her to an old friend of ours."

"Humph!" She whines, crosses her arms, and hovers in front of me, "I thought I was gunna' make a friend!"

"Oh, my dear Pix." I chuckle at her innocence, "You'll have plenty of time to befriend her when she fails and holds up her end of the bargain."

"Really?" I see a smile form from her pout, "She's gunna' stay?"

"Of course." I smirk at the fairy child, "That is if you take her to the Riddler and stall her for as long as possible."

"Then she'll stay?" She smiles whilst her short blue hair falls in her face.

"Of course, Pix." I smile and softly brush away her messy hair, "Now, do you promise to do your best to keep her away from the castle?"

She nods her head yes rather hastily, "Yup!"

"Good. Now go off and help her out of the oubliette. You'll know where to go from there."

I smile and watch her fly off into the distance. For the longest time Pix had been my protégé. She's the only one in my kingdom that I would fight for, though I would never say it. Although I will never tell her, she knows. She knows how her innocence warms my heart and how her childishness can make me smile. She knows all of that. But I will never admit it...

"My lord Jareth..." One of my minions opens my door.

"What is it?" I scowl and sit up in my bed.

"That Jet boy... He says he wants to make a deal..."

"Excellent." I smirk whilst heading towards the door.