The 150 Drabbles.

I have challenged myself to write 150 Drablles all within One hundred words, all based around an original character of mine and the entire TDK cast, please tolerate my randomness and stupid drabbles. Some will be connected some won't. I will warn you ahead of time so please read my AN or be confused by the middle...Here's the first one all about my OC.

Chapter 1: Renka Kusanagi

Renka was a pretty girl. She could've had anyone. Every man in Gotham tried to get her attention. Every woman in Gotham competed with her. No one was half as beautiful as her with her long ebony hair and porcelian skin. Her perfect dark eyes staring out into the world dragging everyone in with their deep loneliness.

Harvey Dent didn't know who she was or anything about her family. When they met it was because he hit Renka's limo. When he saw her he asked her out and when she saw him she said yes. Harvey never pressed charges or tried any cases against the Kusanagi yakuza.