Summary: Bella, Rose, Alice, Emmet and Jasper have been going to the same sleep away summer camp for over 8 years

Summer of Heaven

Summary: Bella, Rose, Alice, Emmet and Jasper have been going to the same sleep away summer camp for over 8 years. What happens when Edward is thrown into the mix?

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I let out a sigh of contentment, I was finally here! As a counselor life just couldn't get any better. No sooner had I stepped out of my car when I was drowned in a sea of screaming girls.

"Bella! Bella! Bella!" they cried.

I laughed and said "Jeese guys! Let a girl breathe." The two assaulters stepped back and pouted at me. "Awww get back here," I relented. They laughed along with me as I flung my arms around them once more. "Alice! Rose! I missed you guys so much!" The two girls stepped back once again. "You guys look great,"I told them. They did too. Alice was short and pixie-like, with short black hair that was spiked every which way, while Rose was tall, blonde and had a body that a supermodel would have traded for anything.

"We missed you Bella!" Alice told me.

"It has been way too long since we've talked face to face," Rose said

"Come on we've been waiting for you! There's so much to tell!" Alice grabbed my back and started lugging it up the hill to our cabins.


"I cant believe you guys dragged me here." I stared moodily out the tinted window.

"Awww, come on Eddie! It'll be fun!" My cousin Emmet told me. He clapped my shoulder heartily, which coming from a guy his size was quite a blow. I grimaced both from the slap and the name; I hated it when anyone called me Eddie.

"Its not going to be that bad, our best friend Jasper said. "We come here every summer and it's a blast."

I snorted, "Yah I can totally see why you spend an entire summer holed up on these grounds, babysitting a bunch of brats because their parents didn't want too!"

"Dude, lighten up! Were almost there," Jasper had this gleam in his eye when he said it.

Hmmm I wonder what that's about

Emmet saw the gates first. His booming voice filled the car, "YES! We're here! This is going to be the summer of our lives!"

I groaned, now I actually had to actively participate. We passed the staff parking lot in time to see a group of girls having a reunion. Great, even better, hordes of screaming girls to chase off.

We checked in, and got our cabin numbers. Emmet was my Co and Jasper was next door to us. After leaving the Administration Offices, We drove back down the hill, and parked next to the lake here at camp. I made a face I looked into the toxic green of its water. Jasper pulled my car into a space next to a huge, rusty Chevy truck. I looked at it critically, "This thing should have been made into scrap metal years ago."

Emmet laughed, "Hey Jasper, looks like Bella never did get a new car."

Jasper chuckled with him. "She loves that car though; she won't even let Alice drive it."

I looked back and forth between the two of them. "You guys? Who the hell are you talking about?"

"Don't worry dude, well introduce you to everyone. All the counselors know each other you know? It's because we've been coming here so long," Emmet flung his arm around my shoulders as he talked.

Ever the responsible one, Jasper spoke up, "Come on we'll introduce him to the girls later. Grab your bags we have staff welcome in like 45 minutes."

The girls? Even Emmet looked excited at the mention of them, maybe that's why Jasper was all excited earlier.

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