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After talking to Edward and his boys I went back to Alice who was looking at me with an eyebrow raised. "Tell you later," I mouthed to her. She accepted it but I knew she wouldn't forget which meant that I would have to spill about my actions sometime or another. It's not that I was ashamed of giving my boyfriend head, but it would be just embarrassing to tell Alice like that.

"Come on girls," I said. "Let's go show you guys the cabin. They tittered excitedly and followed Alice and I up the hill to our cabin. Other counselors were doing the same and we waved to the ones we knew and the girls screamed and hugged the girls or boys they recognized. I laughed at their excitement. It was always the same way I felt when I came to camp.

We got to the cabin and everyone split up to claim their bed. I walked in last and sat on my bed, content to watch my new campers rush around and laugh at one another. This is why I loved camp. Everyone had just met but they were acting like they had been born together. Finally everyone had found their luggage and had unpacked enough so that we had room to walk around in the little space we had. It was almost time to go to lunch and then some session programs so we gathered them up and headed down to the dining room. Lunch was rather uneventful. We sat with our cabins mostly, Edward and I giving each other fleeting looks across the tables. Alice kicked me once when I stared too long.

The rest of the day went by quickly and was a flurry of welcome speeches and cheers. Finally after dinner it was time for Alice and I to make our first real counselor tasks. I let Alice start. "Alright girls!" she squealed. "First we're going to do a little mixer to get to know each other so come and sit over here." All the girls picked their way across beds, and suitcases and the stuff that already littered the floor of the cabin to make their way to the cleared space in front of the bunk bed that was Alice and mine.

"So, I know a lot of you have already been to camp before right?" Most of the girls nodded their head to my query. I grinned; this was going to be a cinch. WE quickly established the mixer. Alice and I took out a roll of toilet paper and told each of the girls to take as much as they used. Some of course joked around and took lots. The ones who knew what was going on took one or two pieces. The rules were you had to say one thing about yourself for every square you took. After Alice and I went we got to sit back and watch our girls do it. I sighed as I looked around. Even these older girls loved being here, doing this kind of thing. I was perfectly content to sit on my bunk bed and watch magic happen.

That is until we got a knock on our door. The girl closest to the door went to open it and was bombarded with water balloons! The balloons flew inside until all of our girls were drenched! The only reason Alice and I weren't was because we had ducked into the relative safety of our bed at the first sign of trouble.

Our girls were screaming and yelling and laughing all at the same time. "Girls!" I whisper-yelled to them. "I'm going to go out and see who did this to us. Alice you stay on guard at the door." I quickly scramble to the door and peered outside. Whoever it was had either left or hidden. The day was quickly coming to a close so the shadows were lengthening. I crept out the door and crouched outside behind a chair.


The yell came out of nowhere. I jumped and ran inside as water balloons flew at me from all directions. I was soaking wet from head to toe when I got back in the cabin. I was grinning like a maniac when everyone turned to look at me though. I had caught a glimpse of a bronze covered head behind the window of a car that was parked by the cabin as I had bolted back inside.

"Girls," I said. "This means war." They all started clapping and laughing and I turned to the doorway where I knew my boy would be framed. Edward looked at me with his lopsided grin and my stomach did a flip flop. I gave him a smile and shut the door on his face.


God I couldn't wait for this day to be over. The guys in our cabin were great and I could tell we were going to get along really well but god. I wanted to see Bella! I needed her. I shook my head at myself. I had only known this girl a week and already I needed her. I had lusted after girls before but this was on a level I didn't think even Emmet had felt.

After dinner Emmet and I took the boys back to our cabin and told them about our cabin time for the night.

"We decided to welcome the girls to camp properly," Emmet started. He grinned letting the boys know this was going to be fun.

I gestured to a tub that we had set up by our back porch. "I hope they're wearing swimsuits." I smiled then too. This was going to be fun.

"All right!"


"No way!"

"So cool!"

I looked at Emmet who grinned at me. "Oh yeah," he said. "This is going to be a great summer."

We watched the boys swarm around the tub and each pull out as many water balloons as they could carry. "We figured this would be a fun mixer for the night boys," I told them and looked on as they discussed who they wanted to target first. "The cabin we will be bombarding tonight is 2M. The two counselors there are Bella and Alice."

I laughed as their faces lit up. They obviously remembered the two girls from this afternoon activities. Probably they remembered their low cut tank tops as well.

We headed up the hill towards Staff row, where the girls cabin was located. We went up ninja style as Emmet put it. Sneaking up in exaggeratedly sneaky movements. I was the one who was going to knock on the door to get them to open it. I quickly did so and then hid behind a car parked close to watch. A girl opened the door and I gave the signal. Ten loads of balloons flew through the open door towards the helpless girls and their counselors.

We waited a second to reload and then Bella came outside. I grinned. She was wearing a big white shirt over her pajama pants. "FIRE!" I yelled as loud as I could. She jumped about a foot in the air and then was instantly drenched under dozens of well aimed water balloons. I got a good look at her as she bolted to the door in her now see through shirt. I got hard just thinking about it. I motioned for the boys to retreat since we were out of missiles and signaled Emmet to take them back to the cabin. I stopped in by a tree on the other side of their front are and watched as Bella talked to Alice and her girls, her shirt dripping on the floor.

"This means war," she said and turned around to look straight at me.

I gave her my lopsided grin as I looked at her. She wasn't wearing a bra and if my pants were already constricting now they were cutting off circulation. She of course couldn't know that so she smiled back at me with a wicked gleam in her eyes. I had no doubt that she and her cabin would get us back for the stunt we just pulled. I gulped but I can't say I wasn't excited to see what Bella could come up with.

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