A/N I've been toying with writing this for a couple months. And I just wanted to put it out there that I don't have my book with me right now and I can't for the life of me remember the name of the guy that they meet at the end of the book so I decided his name is Nate. haha :) enjoy

It all began with a thunderstorm. It was one of the biggest that I had experienced in the caves. Jeb said because it had been so hot lately there was heat lightning in addition to the rain. It didn't matter to me whether it was a sprinkle or a torrential downpour, I just wanted the opportunity to stay in the game room. Although my room with Ian was everything I could want and more, I would never turn down an opportunity to share my space with Jamie, and to have Mel and Jared sleeping nearby. It was comforting and reassuring to have all the people I loved sleeping in one place.

It had been about 3 years since I gave Melanie back and was placed into this body. I had learned to love it, although accepting its limitations was difficult. I loved Ian more than ever and Melanie and I were practically inseparable, the best of friends. Jamie had grown from boy into man. It was hard to believe the way he towered over Mel now. And he enjoyed that a little too much, setting his chin on top of her head from time to time, just to rub it in.

The rain had started in early morning so we had all day to make preparations for the evening. It was Ian and Kyle's task to move mattresses and cots to the game room and I followed behind carrying pillows (and still very annoyed by the limitations placed on me by this body). We set down our first load and Kyle headed back to get a second. I turn to follow but Ian grabbed my arm. I turned and before I knew what was going on we were in a passionate embrace. I pulled back, a little confused. "What's gotten into you?" I laughed. He wrapped his arms around me and I felt totally safe.

"I was just thinking about the first time we slept in here together. Remember, right after you became Pet?" He was very reflective and his sapphire eyes were deep.

"How could I forget? That was probably the best night of my life," I whispered.

"I love you, Wanda. I don't think I say it enough, but I do. I would do anything for you." He looked deeply into my eyes as if he were searching for something.

"You know that I know that. And I feel the same way." I tried to kiss him again but he was still talking.

"Good, because I wanted to ask you a question." He was suddenly very serious. I became nervous that he was going to ask me to stop going on raids. He knew that I would never agree, but there had been a close scrape on the last one; we met a seeker who asked a lot of questions. I was very thankful my lying skills were sharp. But the way he was looking at me was different than when he asked me not to go on raids. This face was more hopeful, making me believe that what he was going to ask was something he truly wanted and hoped that I wanted too. I waited for him to take a deep breath, and then he blurted out, "What do you think about having a baby?"

I was taken aback. I was not expecting this. It wasn't something I had ever even contemplated. It always seemed irresponsible to even think about bringing another human into the world while there was still this chaos and confusion. But things had gotten better recently. We had added members to our group thanks to the contacts that Nate had provided to us, both humans and souls alike. Our raids were few and far between and when we did go we were able to stock up enough for months at a time. Since there had been no suspicious activity in our area for awhile, the Seekers had stopped patrolling and life was as calm and unremarkable as you could expect it to be while hiding from aliens in an underground 

cave. So the wheels in my head began turning. I remembered on my first real raid, watching the soul parents playing with their human child, and the longing I had felt at the time. I had originally attributed it to wanting to see Mel human again, but now I knew there was something else there. I never thought I had the mothering instinct. After all, if I had wanted, I could have been a mother to millions of souls at once. I now knew that I would love this one human child more than I could possibly love a million of my own species. And the reason for that was Ian. If our child turned out to be one tenth as kind, generous, and self-less as Ian, it would be lightyears ahead of every other child. How could I deny the prospect of spreading Ian's kindness as far as it would go? Of course I wanted to have a child with him. I couldn't believe the thought hadn't occurred to me sooner. Then I had another thought, "Do you think everyone would be OK with it?"

A smile spread across his face. I hadn't said no. "I know that they would. I've heard people talking, just casually, that they miss seeing Freedom discovering new things all the time. I mean 5 is still great but I think quite a few people would enjoy seeing a baby around."

"That wasn't quite what I was talking about. I think that would be the case, but don't you think everyone would be happier if it was Mel and Jared or Andy and Paige who had a baby? Two humans, making a human?"

"Yes and no. At first they might think that but we just have to remind them that you are human, Wanda. You just weren't born one." That made me smile. I loved when he called me human. "And besides, you aren't allowed to tell Mel this, but you would be a better mother than her anyway. She's too violent." We both chuckled. That was true. Mel hadn't calmed any, even after having the experience of sharing her body with a soul. She would always be confrontational.

"There's a millions reasons why this is a bad idea," I told him.

"And there's another million why it's good." He was staring at me with a fire in his eyes. He really wanted this. I smiled; I wanted it too.

"If I say yes, you have to tell Jeb," I made my face stern, letting him know that there was no waving on this condition.

"Of course." The smile that had been slowly creeping onto his face was now fully there. He was ecstatic.

"Well, let's do this then." I tried to fall backwards onto one of the cots we had carried in, pulling him on top of me, but he didn't budge. This stupid weak body. It took him a second to figure out what I was trying to do but when he did his smile got even bigger. He leaned in to kiss me then let me pull him down.

So that was chapter 1. I have the whole story mapped out, it's just a question of when I find the time to write it with my ridiculous schedule the next couple of weeks. Reviews are always greatly appreciated