"Doope, doope, doope," the old man hummed as they neared the large build Nanashi had been in the first night. "Come, come," the old man ushered him up a large stairway to the school.

"What are we doing?" Nanashi asked.

"Nothing you aren't capable of," the old man said pulling out a paper. "Read this, and you'll find out." The paper was placed in Nanashi's hands as they entered the building. Nanashi started to read it.

Mahora Academy School Welcomes Next Child Teacher

Mahora Academy, known for signing in a ten year old teacher, Negi Springfield, will now host to one of the least well known geniuses of modern day, Nanashi Konoe. This was a surprise decision from the school's administration staff of Mahora academy.

Nanashi is a distant relative of the headmaster at Mahora Academy, and has arranged a temporary teaching for Young Nanashi. Nanashi will be teaching in the areas of sciences, and will be also be working in Mahora Academy's College district, where he will again, be speaking on sciences and their applications.

Further, Nanashi is planned to speak, this coming Friday, at noon, in the Mahora main Auditorium. There he will introduce himself to the Mahora Academy student body, along with announcing the plans for the up and coming weeks.

"Hey!" Nanashi said allowed. "What does this mean, I'll be speaking?" he asked.

"Exactly what it means," The head master said as he led Nanashi down a less used hall. "Though, I thought it'd look better if you had worn those clothes I brought you, but I guess you'll have a more down to earth look, for the students at least."

The echoing shrieks, laughter, and speaking of a crowd started to fill the halls as they continued. "Why?" Nanashi asked.

"Well, I thought you'd look good, and considering…"

"No, I mean, why do I have to speak?"

"Oh, yes, well…" the headmaster thought a moment. "Well… its better on most of the students if they have a heads up on what's coming, or else the complaints poor in about the action taken."

Nanashi stared at the old man, incredulously. "I'm not going to do it," he said stubbornly.

"Awe… why not?" the headmaster said, stopping in front of a pair of metal door.

"Because, its stupid… and no warning…" Nanashi said listing off the excuses.

The headmaster looked as if he was seriously considering what Nanashi was saying. "Well, at the very least, will you please meet your guardians?" he asked.

Nanashi sighed, "Just as long as I don't have to speak," Nanashi said, laying out the condition.

"Yes, Yes," the head master said, opening the metal doors, blatantly ignoring Nanashi. Inside there stood several school officers, or at least from what Nanashi could tell. "Nanashi, these are the magical teachers of Mahora Academy."

The students all cheered, and murmured around Kotaro as he sat in the grand stands. His half canine side of him would allow for sensitive hearing of any part of the crowed he wanted; if that were an option. He had heard through the student body that a new teacher was arriving today. And what he got from Negi, this person, Nanashi Konoe, was no ordinary teacher.

What he wished right now was that he could use his canine senses, then he could get the heads up before Asakura Kazumi.

His roommates Chizuru Naba and Natsumi Murakami sat at either side of him. He had left the room in the girl's dormitory before Chizuru could grab him to drag him here. But, as Hotaru had found out, it seemed she had planned on it, and once he had gotten there with his class, she had promptly dragged him over to where her's and Natsumi's class was sitting.

"So, do you think he'll be like Negi?" Natsumi asked.

"Negi said he was older than himself," Hotaru said.

Chisame Hasegawa, sat behind all three of them typing on her laptop, "I can't find anything on the internet, other than maybe he's about sixteen, but other than that there is zero information this guy," Chisame said, not caring that she was eavesdropping. Chisame had a cold voice about her, but Kataro noted the extra coldness, from an obvious lack of information on this mystery person.

The three had turned to Chisame, when she had spoken. "Maybe he's like Negi and stayed out of the limelight," Natsumi offered. Chizuru was staying silent.

"No, I would have found it by now," Chisame said biting her thumb nail. The lack of information must have been getting insulting as he, and most of the girl's knew that she was top computer whiz around. "It's almost as, maybe even more annoying than trying to find that brat of teacher." He was right.

"Hey, don't say that about Negi-sensei," Natsumi said in a timid voice.

"So?" Chisame said. Kotaro knew of Chisame's general dislike, it had been slightly heightened this past school festival, during a cosplay contest, even though she had then helped save the magical world along side Negi. "Got any information on him, dog-boy?" Chisame said in a harsh tone.

"Not really," he said. "Negi's not supposed to talk about, and since I'm a stude-"

"Worthless," Chisame said cutting him off.

"Hey," Chizuru, chimed in. "Don't talk to our Kotaro-chan like that," She said in an embarrassing, but accurate, motherly voice; it always made him blush. Chizuru, from the moment he had met her had taken a motherly stance with him, while he did find the girl attractive, it was drowned out by several warnings from Natsumi, and the fact that she for some reason still thought he wanted a 'negi.'

"Ah… Chizuru…" Kotaro sighed in exasperation. He had forgotten the proper honorific.

With a quick flick of the wrist a leek had swatted across his head, "Its 'chan' mister," she said with a death grin. She did that whenever had forgotten the proper way to speak to her, and if he did comply with what she wanted, he usually got smacked a few times with the leek; he had never let it go more than three strikes before complying.

"Okay, Chizuru-chan," Kotaru said a little embarrassed. The other girl's didn't seem to notice the big loving hug Chizuru had followed with. He guessed, it was old news now, not even the class representative of 3-A would say anything, but she would give him a dirty look if she saw them.

"Isn't dog-boy supposed to be sitting over on the other side?" Chisame asked after watching Chizuru's hug for a few seconds.

"No, No," Chizuru said in a mixed up accent, as she hugged him tighter. "He's going to sit wherever he wants, and that's with me and Natsumi." Chizuru said, as her hand reached up into Kotaro's hair. The scratchings she gave were amazing, or at least to him and was enough to melt him into submission of her. If he was in his wolf form, he'd surely be waging his tail, or lying across her lap without intention of ever getting up.

Natsumi had put a palm to her forehead knowing how subtly controlling Chizuru really was. Kotaro had witnessed a few times that Chizuru could get Natsumi to do things that she wanted, but most of the time Kotaro himself was the focus of all Chizuru's plans, so he rarely saw it happen.

The crowd of students suddenly became quiet. Kotaro looked up to watch the head master walk across the stage to a podium. The older fellow, who had graciously allowed him to the school, seemed to be excited, with an extra normal walk to the podium.

"Ladies and gentlemen," the headmaster started. "We've had some of the greatest staff, and students, walk these halls. And now it's with great admiration, that we shall have another wondrous mind walk the halls of this school.

"For a few years now, we've been petitioning colleges from around the world, and asked if they could send a representative and show the beauty of their campus and ways of life. Now, a student of the sciences, quiet literally, has come out of the North of Japan, from the Hokkaido's Institute of Technology, comes Nanashi Konoe."

There was the sound of furious keys being pressed. Chisame was back at her computer searching the net as she now had new information. The crowd began to applaud, as a young youth stepped out onto stage.

Nanashi stared up at the large crowd; he had had no idea how large the student body was. Nanashi raised his hand waving to members of the crowd. He was embarrassed; he didn't know what he was going to say or anything. He reached the podium and shook hands with the head master for show.

"Don't worry, it's not all of them," the head master said.

"And that's supposed to make me feel any better?" he said as his voice was amplified over head. The crowd stopped. "Uh…" He turned nervously to the crowd. He didn't know their reaction to what he had said.

"Uh…" He started again putting his hands in his pockets. "Hi," he said nervously. A few of the female students shouted out, though jumbled it did sound along the lines of cute.

Nanashi took a deep breath. "Hello, I am Nanashi Konoe," He began calmly trying to keep it nice and smooth. "I am a student of the science arts," he said, making it up. "I come from the northern island of Hokkaido. I have previously studied in whales England, with a certain young teacher here today." What seemed to him a few classes jeered at the mention of their teacher, Negi Springfield.

"Yes, anyway, as I can't speak English, that didn't last long," he said scratching his head now. "Uh, anyway, I guess what I'm supposed to do is tell you what I'm doing here…" he said not sure.

"Uh… yeah… um…" he wasn't going to last; the jeers of the girls weren't helping either. "Uh… From what I understand, I will be partaking in teaching a class of science for most of the grades and then again coming before you all and telling you about how great Hokkaido is."

"But anyway," he couldn't do it. "That's all for now."

The headmaster had stood nearby to take over the podium anytime. "Thank you Nanashi." The head master continued on as Nanashi walked back to the backstage where the magical teachers sat.

"There's absolutely nothing on him," Chisame said. Kotaro, Chizuru, and Natsumi all turned to Chisame. "There's no record at all, of a Nanashi Konoe at the 'Hokkaido Institute of Technology.'"

"You sure it was there?" Natsumi asked.

"It's the only place I could find that could even come close," she said, shutting her computer. "Dog-boy make it look like your talking to me,"

"Uh… oka-" Chisame had pulled out a magical contract card, she had received from helping Negi out.

"Hey, brat, you there?" she asked.

"Oh, um yes?" Kotaro started.

After a few seconds Chisame nodded a few times. "Yes, who is that Nanashi character?" Chisame asked.

"Uh, he's the speaker that will come to our classes," Kotaro answered.

Chisame nodded. "Fine, keep your rules, stupid…" she added before removing the card and pocketing it.

"Uh… what did he say?" Kotaro asked.

"That little brat said, he hadn't known him, they had just met this past week." She said angered. Kotaro wasn't sure if it was the lack of information, of just the loathing she had for Negi and him not being able to tell her.

The headmaster had finished speaking and was already releasing. Kotaru's class had already left. "Ah! Chizuru, you should have told me that they were leaving!"

Chizuru hummed a no. "I like Kotaro here."

"No, I got to go!" he said jumping up and quickly crossing the row of girls; not with out a few shrieks for his rudeness. Kotaru was out the door in under a minute.

"You know Chizuru," Natsumi started. "You really need to stop torturing that boy.

"Am I that bad?" she pouting cutely; Natsumi knew her tricks and would buy it.

"Yes," she said as their class was released.