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Mokie: Sup! I'm Mokie!

Shawie: And I'm Shawie. We're the younger versions of two of the actual authoress's pennames.

Sasuke: And I'm Sasuke! I appeared as one of the transformations from the original version of another story called A Quest in Time.

Mokie: Soooo this is an updated chapter.

Shawie: And here to explain why is the actual authress herself.

Alex: Sup! I'm MushromWings. You can call me Alex tho.

Sasuke: So Alex, why have you decided to update the first two chapters?

Alex: Well, to be frank, I made this story back in 2008, which means I wasn't as mature as I try to be now. In fact, I'm quite surprised this story got reviews at first at all. I guess people are suckers for chances to ask characters things. I reread this story after I checked the reviews, and I was just so appalled. I actually really want to slap my thirteen-year-old self so bad it's unreal.

Mokie: And what's gonna be changed?

Alex: I'm taking out all the authoress questions. That's a big thing that made me so disappointed in myself. I know it was space filler for the first chapter but in the second one it was just so unreal. So all that is being taken out. Now, chapter four IS coming. It's almost done, it's just not coming down until the updates for chapters one and two have been official for a little bit. I'll try to post it on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Shawie: And is there anything they need to know about chapter four?

Alex: The title for chapter four at the time is Memes and Dick Jokes. When you see the chapter, you'll understand why. But! If anyone wants to beta the chapter before hand to help decide if any changes should be made and a title change is necessary, which it probably will, that would be MUCH appreciated and you'll receive a special mention. Also, the story Sasuke mentioned he was from is being rewritten because again... I desire to slap my younger self.

Sasuke: Considering you were barely eleven at the time.

Alex: Yeah. But, as a result, he is being given his own role as an actual person instead of just a random transformation, so those of you who have read A Quest In Time and know what Sasuke looks like from that, imagine him now as someone who would look like a cross between a mage and a warrior from World of Warcraft.

Mokie: (giggles) What does that look like I wonder?

Alex: I don't know, but I intend to draw what I at least think it would look like! But yes, that was the update. Chapter two's update will come shortly after this one, I promise. I just have to type it and post it. (groans) What I wouldn't give to be able to have that file... It would be a lot easier...

Sasuke: Oh, and one more thing, Alex.

Alex: Yes?

Sasuke: It's um... It's a little over a year past when this edited chapter was first made. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day of 2014 has already passed... as has that of 2015.

Alex: ...

Alex: I'll have it up by Valentine's Day.