Ask The DKC Characters!

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Mokie:Welcome to Ask The DKC Characters!I'm your host,Mokie!

Sasuke:I'm Chosen One Stage One,Sasuke!I originated from Manax of Konoha's A Quest In Time!

Mokie:Alright,so we already know the one's you can ask(i.e.,all characters from DKC to DK Barrel Blast),so let's get started!First off,our authoress,Manax of Konoha has some questions.

Sasuke:Alright,Mokie,first question from her please.

Wrinkly,your appearence has been the same ever since King Of Swing.Why?

Wrinkly:You're always wondering that!

Shigeru Miyamoto:Actually,when King of Swing came out,I had finally made a decision to keep her like she is today.

Cranky:Where'd you come from?

Everyone from games DKC2 to DK64,what would be the most idiotic and stupidest thing you would ever do?

Funky:I'd get a life.

Lanky:Me too.

Chunky:I'd get some excercise.

Wrinkly:You'd have to let me think about that.It's very sudden!

DK:I'd buy a banana.

Sasuke:DK you have a very bad obssesion over bananas!

Cranky:I'd stop being mean to DK.

Mokie:It's your whole occupation(sp?)!

K.Rool:I'd stop trying to destroy DK Isle and do the same thing as Chunky.

Everyone dies of laughter.

Kiddy:I would start talking more often then people want me to.

Sasuke:Remember,Kiddy,children are to be seen and not heard.

Dixie:I'd stop being such a tomboy.

Tiny:I'd date Funky.

Funky:Don't give me images...

Diddy:I'd dump Dixie and date Tiny.

Sasuke and Dixie:That would get you killed.

Candy:I'd dump DK and date Funky.

Sasuke has to splash water onto Funky and DK to wake them up.

Wrinkly:I'd stop scolding(sp?)Cranky for being mean to DK.


DK,what made you want to save your father from Mario?Everyone knows the series would be better without him.


DK:Well,I knew he was in danger.Besides,I had been a coward,and was always pushed around by Funky and the other kids that were around my age and called "chicken blood" because of it.But the inccident(sp?)with Mario made me snap.Put Cranky in danger and your dead meat.

Funky:Dude,I would never call you that nor would I push you around!

Wrinkly:Oh,really?As I recall,I always had to get you off his back!Almost literally one time...

Cranky,why are you less annoying these days?

Wrinkly:Yes,why is that?(gives Cranky a confused look)

Cranky:Because your dead.

Wrinkly's jaw drops(anime-style).

Mokie:Alright,so before things get a little weirder...(looks at Wrinkly and Cranky)

Sasuke:We're goin' to close up for the time being!Bye!

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