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Chapter 3-Apologies, Halloween, and Yay More Questions!


Shawie and Mokie enter the room. Both are a bit older as it has been awhile since the last chapter of the story was posted. Surprisingly, though, the DKC characters are the same as ever seeing as very rarely in video games do they age with time.

Oddly, though, DK is dressed as a pancake, Cranky is dressed like Steve Jobs, Swanky is dressed like NicePeter, Tiny and Kiddy are dressed like Thing 1 and Thing 2, Funky is dressed like one of the Wright brothers, Chunky is dressed like the Gangnam Style guy, Candy is dressed like a bottle of syrup, Dixie is dressed like the Cat in the Hat, Wrinkly is wearing an overcoat and a tie, K. Rool is wearing samurai armor that surprisingly fits him, and it seems someone talked Sasuke into dressing as Sasuke Uchiha.

Shawie/Mokie: What the hell?

DK: Halloween is near.

Shawie: So you being a pancake and Candy being a bottle of syrup... is that some form of innuendo?

Candy: ...No.

Cranky: Yes. Especially since she's Mrs. Butterworth syrup.


Wrinkly: ...Anyway, are there more questions?

Mokie: Yes, actually, and the first one is directed at the authoress. It's from Captain Bones and it says...

Will there be more chapters? I have some questions for Diddy and Dixie. And will we be able to ask questions to King K. Rool and his reptilian troops?

Shawie: Does this chapter answer the first one?

Mokie: And yes you can.

There is a sudden rumbling.


Sasuke: But I haven't had any lines yet!


Sasuke runs away and there is a silence.

Wrinkly: (looks at Swanky)Well that was completely pointless.

Swanky: (points out the window)Was it?

Wrinkly looks out the window. Sure enough, Sasuke is getting chased down by rabid fangirls.

Wrinkly: Huh. How about that?(returns)Next question!

Mokie: OK, so it's from Master Pencil and it says...

I would like to ask King K. Rool a question about why he wore that diaper outfit in Mario Super Sluggers.

Shawie: We would like to take this time to remind the readers that we have never played Super Sluggers so the answer may be less than satisfactory.

K. Rool: I've done some things I'm not proud of...

Klump: Awwww. (hugs and kisses him) Do you regret me?

K. Rool: Of course not.

(A/N: Happy early birthday, Vianerd.)


Shawie: (looks at the camera, raises an eyebrow)Can you tell it's been awhile?

Chunky: I haven't talked yet.

Funky: Me either.

Dixie/Tiny/Kiddy: Us either.

Shawie: Moving on! The next question is from Happymyster12.

I have a question for a Krash (I think that's the name of the mine-cart one...)

How wouldd you feel if someone manipulated you to run over Donkey Kong, and you had to say "How are ya mate!", "Hello everybody!", or "Beautiful!" with an Australian accent?

Krash: First, not to be rude, but I would ask where you got the idea for that. Then I would probably feel awesome.

DK: Well!

Krash: Shut up, pancake.


Mokie: Right. This one is from an anonymous review who only put 'Nin' as their name. There actually four questions and they are...

K. Rool, why do you always go after DK's banana hoard in every game? And why do you want to destroy their island so bad?

Candy, out of all the characters in the game, why the heck did you choose DK?

Cranky... will you send me a potion that could give me the awesome powers the other Kongs get, like in DK64?

Wrinkly, how did you die?

K. Rool: Honestly, after all these years, I've forgotten why. I want to destroy the island because they keep foiling my plans.

Candy: It was dark.

Cranky: Maybe. If you pay me. Ask me later.

Wrinkly: Chuck Norris.


Mokie: Really?

Wrinkly: Hell no! (notably hesitant) Maybe the subject is... a little touchy for me and I don't want to talk about it...

Chuck Norris enters.

Chuck: Was I paged?

Dixie: No.

Chuck: 'Kay.

He leaves.

Shawie: O... K... Our final question comes from mb7 and mb6. It says...

dk whats your opinion on the other kongs?

DK: I'd rather not say in public but I like a majority of them.

Wrinkly/Cranky: Bitch!

DK: Especially them. They're my parents.

Mokie: Well, that's all the questions we have for now, folks. Please review with any questions you'd like to ask!

Shawie: Now if you all; will excuse us, my sister and I have to go find Sasuke.

She drags Mokie out by the shirt collar.