A few words before we begin.

As promised, here is the new-and-WAY improved (if I do say so myself) Vaati's Revenge. Since this kind of threw people for a loop last time, I am still making Shadow Link a villain for three reasons. One, in every Zelda game that he's appeared in, he's been a villain; two, he was a main villain throughout most of the Four Swords manga; and third (and I can't stress enough how key this point is) because I simply like him much better as a villain. I'm not trying to upset those who see him as another hero, this is just my view on this. If you like to write about Shadow being a hero, more power to you, I respect that. Just don't try to force it on me. Just to clear this up now, there will be NO yaoi in the story.

Alright, I'm done ranting. Enjoy the story (and don't forget to review!)

Prologue: The Winds of Darkness

The night sky. A gigantic bluish-black blanket with tiny diamonds woven in. With the soft green grass rustling quietly beneath him and around him, Link sighed deeply, releasing every care that he'd ever had. Sometimes he would fall asleep and wake up the next morning soaked with the morning dew while birds chirped above him. It was nights like this that he loved: a cool breeze, a clear sky, it was so peaceful that it made it hard to remember that only months before he'd fought two of the greatest evils that had ever plagued the land of Hyrule. Vaati the demonic wind mage, and Ganon, an evil pig-like giant. But nothing could completely distract him from those who had aided him during the quest. In order to rescue the kidnapped Princess Zelda, Link had been forced to draw the Four Sword from its sacred pedestal, but in doing so, he had released Vaati and all his monsters. Upon drawing the blade, Link's body had split into four, each sporting a different colored tunic and a different part of the original Link's personality.

Green – the original Link. Green had kept every aspect of his personality. Aggressive, motivated, and determined but always willing to go out of his way to help those in need. Before drawing the sword, Green had been a one-man team but during his adventure, he'd learned how important it was to work as a team.

Red – the happy, optimistic Link. Always innocent and cheerful, Red always managed to cheer his allies up when things looked bleakest (although he was a bit oversensitive and cried easily.) There were many times when the Blue Link would pick fights with Red (as well as Green) but in the end, it was clear that they all cared deeply about one another.

Blue – the short-tempered, overconfident side. Especially at first, Blue would argue and fight with Green, even demanding that they switch tunics and make him be the main hero, and he would often get physically violent with his Red counterpart. But deep down, Blue's heart was as gold as his hair, refusing to tolerate treachery of any kind towards those he cared for and risking his own life on multiple occasions to save his friends.

Vio – the most collected of the four. Vio was calm, intelligent, and at times, mysterious. In the beginning, he had looked down upon his clones somewhat. But after a boating accident had thrown the Links far from each other, it appeared that Shadow Link had brainwashed Vio into believing that the darkness could give him much more than his companions could. As it turned out though, Vio had tricked Shadow Link and operated undercover to learn how to destroy the darkness, putting himself in mortal danger in doing so. After he'd been rescued from drowning in the lava of Death Mountain, Vio revealed that he had learned that wisdom and brains were very different, and that his love for his brothers was more important than anything.

Brothers. Tears came to Link's – no - Green's ocean-colored eyes as he realized what his companions had truly been to him. They weren't just mere clones. The very thought was an insult. Those three had cared for and supported him (not to mention drove him up a wall) just like family, and not a day went by that Green didn't miss them with all his heart.

Closing his eyes, Green let his memories consume him, barely noticing a strangely strong gust of wind.


Deep within a hidden region of Hyrule Castle lay the Four Sword Sanctuary. At the very end of the long corridor in a stone pedestal stood the mighty Four Sword itself. For six months it had remained undisturbed, sealing away the wind mage in his prison in another dimension.


"Cursed brat," a man whispered to himself angrily. He had pale skin with a slight purple tint, lavender hair past his shoulders, wore a black tunic and cape (which was blowing in some non-existent breeze along with his hair), a black cap with a large ruby in the middle that matched his eyes perfectly. Under his right eye was a strange scar.

"To think that I, Vaati, the greatest sorcerer of all time was defeated by those worms! But not for long," Vaati's face melted into a smirk as a glowing red stone appeared between his hands, levitating as the hypnotic aura surrounding it cast a red shade onto the mage's body.

"I have finally completed the necessary Ruby of Shadows. With this, I can control whatever I wish. And soon, when I escape this forsaken realm of nothingness . . ." the glow grew blinding as its reach suddenly extended, "the four heroes shall belong to me!" As Vaati vanished from the realm, a loud sadistic cackle rang eerily throughout the sanctuary.


Well, any better at all?