Chapter Two: Warning from the Shadows

Green stirred and groaned as he opened his eyes. He tried to sit up, but found it difficult because his hands were bound tightly behind his back and his arms were secured to his side. All around him were chains connected to empty shackles, a couple of torture devices that looked as though they hadn't been used for ages, and moss in various areas of the damp stone floor and walls. As his eyes reached the wall opposite him, Green cried out in horror.

There against the wall, lay his three brothers, all bound in the same fashion as him, and all unconscious. Dark blood had stained parts of their tunics. It was difficult for Green to tell for sure, but it seemed to be coming from their left hands. It looked as though they'd been horribly tortured.

"At last," a disembodied male voice echoed through the room, "the final piece is mine!" An ominous wind picked up in front of Green as a figure appeared. It was difficult to make out any features, but he seemed to have pale purple skin and a strange scar under one eye. Frightened, Green tried to back up, but quickly realized that he was already as far back as he could go.

"Who are you," Green demanded, "what have you done to my brothers?"

Ignoring his questions, the man reached behind Green and felt his left hand.

"Give it to me, Green," he whispered. "Give it to me, or watch your brothers die." Looking past the man, Green saw that three other figures had appeared. They all looked the same: black tunics and pale skin, but it was impossible to determine much else. Each had grabbed a different colored Link, allowing him to rest against his captor's chest as a sword was held against them.

No, Green couldn't even think clearly. How can I . . .? His thoughts were interrupted when an indescribable pain tore through his entire body. His blood was boiling, his bones on fire, his heart being ripped apart.

"No, stop! Please!" The warrior pleaded with his captors, only extracting chuckles. Green had not noticed that a fourth identical boy had come up behind him and held him.

"Give us the final piece, Green, and it will all stop." The boy's voice was frighteningly similar to Green and his brothers', but it dripped with pure evil. Green turned his head just enough to catch a glimpse of his face. Most of it was hidden in shadow, but he could see very pale skin and one glowing red eye. He swore he saw small fangs in the boy's mouth too.

"I see. Perhaps we must simply . . . force it from him." The first figure shrugged in an uncaring tone of voice and turned to the other three boys. Green froze with horror at the next two words:

"Kill them."

"NO!" Green tried to lunge at the shadowy boys only to be grabbed by his guard. His pale hand clamped over the green warrior's mouth as he was forced to watch the horrible scene.

First was Red. He seemed to be regaining consciousness, as he was stirring and quietly groaning. He barely had time to cry out in fear as the dark clone sent his sword straight through his chest. Green burst into tears behind his captor's hand and tried to turn his head, but the boy simply yanked it back, forcing him to keep his eyes glued to his brothers as Blue and Vio were murdered in the same fashion. As the life in Vio's sapphire eyes slowly drained, Green was thrown violently to the floor. As his shadowy look-a-like held him down by the shoulders (and shook him for some strange reason), the older man loomed over him. In his hand, a dark ball of magic appeared.

"Good-bye, hero."

Green's screams of terror could be heard throughout all of Hyrule.


"He won't wake up! I'm shaking him, but he keeps screaming!"

That voice was awfully familiar . . .

"Oh get out of the way, Red," another identical voice barked as its owner shook even harder. "Green! Wake up!"

Finally Green managed to open his eyes, groaning. His vision was very blurry at first, but as it came into focus, Green saw three faces almost exactly like his own (except for the eyes, they all looked slightly different) completely overcome with worry.

"Green!" His red-clad brother lunged at him, crushing him in a hug.

"R-Red!" Green cried out happily as he realized who was surrounding him. "Blue, Vio!" He reached out and expanded the hug to them as well. "I missed you all so much! But . . . what happened . . . when I drew the Four Sword out?"

"You fainted, Green," Vio answered, sounding just as confused as his brother. "But we're not sure why. Zelda might know."

At that moment, the princess walked into the bedroom the four heroes were in. "Oh, Green, thank goodness!" She hurried over and embraced him tenderly.

"Zelda, do you know why I fainted?" Green asked, a slight quiver in his voice. That nightmare hadn't left his head yet.

"My guess would be that you exhausted yourself fighting all those monsters. Then the strain of splitting into four was just too much for your body to handle at the time. I'm so sorry, I should have let you rest first." Before Green could console the princess, Red piped up.

"Green, why were you screaming in your sleep? I know you probably were having a nightmare, but you were crying too! It couldn't have been just an ordinary one . . ."

"Well . . ." Green hesitated. He really didn't want to talk about it, but he knew he would have to sooner or later. All four of the room's other occupants looked on with concerned interest. "You're right Red, it was a nightmare. A REALLY bad one. All four of us had been kidnapped and when I woke up in the dream, you guys were covered in blood, especially your left hands."

Upon hearing this, the other Links examined said left hands, to find them without one scratch, the Triforce of Courage (passed down since the Hero of Time) glowed very softly.

"Then, a strange wind blew and a man appeared in front of me. Four boys who looked just like us appeared behind all of you and me. The man said that if I didn't give him 'the final piece', you guys would die."

"What did this guy look like?" Blue asked. Green shook his head.

"I don't know. It was too dark to see much. But I could see that he had light purple skin and a weird scar on his face."

The others exchanged glances. Nobody recognized the description.

"The boy behind me started torturing me. It was more pain than I'd ever felt before, hence the screaming." Green's eyes began to water as he recalled the still-vivid nightmare. "Then I was forced to watch the other shadow boys kill you guys. I woke up right before the man killed me." Tears silently painted trails down Green's face as he ended the story. Embarrassed, he wiped them away with his black sleeve. "I'm sorry, guys. I just don't think I could stand it if I lost you."

"Hey, what are brothers for?" Blue winked and sat next to his distressed sibling and wrapping an arm around his shoulders. "You won't get rid of us that easily."

"So, Princess, what's happening?" Vio asked. "Before Green drew the Four Sword, that Shadow Link's voice whispered that he was coming for all of us. What could that mean?"

"I'm not sure," Zelda replied sadly. "He might mean that Vaati has escaped again and is going to try and exact revenge on you. While Green was unconscious, I went back to the sanctuary and the Royal Jewels are missing!"

"What? How are we supposed to reach the Tower of Winds?" Red cried out.

"The seven medallions should work just as well. The Hero of Time collected six of them as he awakened the five sages. Water, Fire, Forest, Light, Shadow, Spirit, and Wind."

"Wait, Wind?" Blue asked, confused. Zelda nodded.

"The seventh medallion was the most well-hidden, and least known. It harnesses the power of wind, similar to the green jewel. Its legend has been passed down by the Wind Tribe for ages. But there are only a few members left today."

"Where should we start looking?" Green asked.

"Lake Hylia is close by. Maybe we should try the Water Temple first," Vio suggested. Zelda nodded.

"It's late though, and Green still needs to rest. Why don't you stay here tonight?"


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