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It hurts…

More than anything in this very world.

Why did it have to end up this way? All I had wanted was a few friends and for my subordinates to play "Kick The Can" with me. However I ended up in a predicament, good or bad I cannot say, however I bet the latter.

I had gone to the Host Club, notorious for the being the most well-liked students in all of Ouran Academy. They would surely know why I did not have friends, and how I could get them. They did not have quite the answers I needed at first…

Then I met her…though at the time I thought her was a him.

At first I thought that "he" looked a lot like a girl, with glowing skin and some of the largest eyes I had probably ever seen on a boy. It almost seemed unnatural in a sense seeing a boy who looked just as pretty as a lot of the girls at school.

Then I found out about her. She was in debt for the Host Club, and that's why she had to be considered a boy. I was really embarrassed, after I caught her undressing. However that quickly turned to fear (which is never becoming in a future Yakuza) after the Host Club members threatened me for seeing their own personal "princess".

I couldn't help but think how beautiful she really was though…

It wasn't her looks, even though she was very pretty. It wasn't her impressive grades which got her into Ouran Academy in the first place and had secured her a place in the A class. It was her….for lack of a better word…light.

Everybody seemed drawn to her. Just like me. She was the first person in general to not shy away from me. The fact she was a girl made that fact seemingly more impossible to believe.

And for a moment everything seemed good. My subordinates understood my true feelings, and perhaps I had gained a few friends in the Host Club.

Then the rumors began.


It made me feel quite embarrassed yeah, but what guy wouldn't be embarrassed. Even if he knew for a fact that "he" was indeed a she. However I didn't care. Especially the day I tried to tell her my actual feelings.


That was what that pretty girl had dubbed me as. I didn't mind though, no matter how much it hurt me, and no matter how cruel life seemed at that moment, and no matter how much I wanted to burst out crying at that moment. I got to be near her. And for this moment that was enough…

But damn does it hurt...

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