A/N I told myself I wouldn't do a Star Wars fic, yet here I am

A/N I told myself I wouldn't do a Star Wars fic, yet here I am. Originally, I meant an Anakin/Padme AU. I read The Force Unleashed novel and comic book, though I have yet to beat the game. All good things come through patience, as does victory. I apologize if I get some details wrong.

Here We Go…

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

This is


Galen Marek woke up once again in a state of shock. He immediately recognized his surroundings.

'The Empirical,' He thought, 'Maybe it was just a dream.'

"He's awake Lord Vader," said the med droid standing next to Galen.

"Good," Vader walked over to his former apprentice.

"I'm alive?" The man once known as Starkiller asked, "Didn't Palpatine kill me?"

"Yes, but your original mission is still true: defeat the Emperor," Darth Vader looked over Galen, "You must learn the ways of the Force, but I am no longer your master. Rise above and defeat the Emperor." Lord Vader had realized how close he had come to dying and a flicker of Anakin Skywalker had shown through the half man, half machine. "If I ever come across you again, I will kill you."

With that Galen Marek left the empire behind, for good and for truth.

Later aboard the Dark Sword…

Galen was meditating on the ship, trying to figure where to go find the rebellion…and Juno. This ship had graciously been provided by his former Master.

'Where do I go?' He asked himself and the Force, 'Help me find them.'

Then, suddenly, he saw images of a lush green planet and Senator Organa. He set a course for Alderaan and set it on autopilot immediately making the jump to hyperspace. He mentally scolded himself for not thinking of it before.

Marek hoped Juno was there. That she had gotten away. 'Of course she got away, she's Juno.' He trusted Juno with his life, and knew she reciprocated the feeling.

He thoughts strayed to his training, becoming a Jedi and finding redemption for his past. Galen was truly sorry that he had killed so many great Jedi, Shaak Ti and Kazdan Paratus, and blinded Master Kota. Kota could train him, but would he want to? Galen needed to tell him the truth about who he was. It was important that the old Jedi knew it. Redemption was the path to the light, and Darth Revan (See author notes) had done the same as him, or so the old scrolls from the Jedi Temple Vader had provided him with had said.

Galen then decided he needed to get some rest; it had been a long day. Coming back from the dead and all…

Two hours later Alderaan's capital city, Aldera

Galen landed and sold his ship to a nearby merchant, while asking about the Senator.

"I heard he went into hiding," said the man behind him, "Poor guy. Such a good man."

"Do you know where I can find the rebellion?"

"What's your name?" the man asked.

"Galen, Galen Marek," he said, the man was the second to have heard the name coming from his own mouth. He hoped Juno had told Organa.

"Y-your Galen?"


"Well, come on, I'll take you!" The man seemed overly jubilant, which was more than Starkiller was used to.

"Why are you so excited?" asked Galen.

"You helped found the rebellion!" The strange man led him through alleyways and side streets before finally coming to a set of stairs, concealed by some Astroturf.

Galen walked down the steps; he sensed no ill will from the man. He opened the door and found a small, quiet living area where he soon saw Senator Organa and Jedi Master Rahm Kota sitting over a table looking like they were discussing battle tactics. When they heard the door open, the pair immediately reached for their weapons; Kota his lightsaber and Bail his blaster. Luckily they recognized Galen and hurriedly walked over to him.

"Is that you?" asked the Senator, "How? We were told you had died."

"It's me," answered Galen gruffly, "Vader had a flicker of goodness in him, and brought me back a final time."

"It's a miracle! Are you sure he isn't tracking you?" The Senator suddenly got defensive.

"I checked on the scanners aboard my ship, no sign of a tracker anywhere in my body, no way to trace you." He turned to the general, "General Kota, I feel I must tell you something-"

"I know boy, I know. Captain Eclipse told me everything," He reached out and found Starkiller's shoulder, "And I forgive you. It's the Jedi way."

"I want to be a Jedi."

"Just like your father, eh?" It seemed that Kota had lightened up a little since arriving on Alderaan.

"Yes," The thought hadn't even crossed Galen's mind, "Just like my father."

"Good," Organa looked him in the eye, "A new age of the Jedi is upon us."

"Speaking of Juno," His thoughts returned to his friend and pilot, "Where is she?" He didn't think it had been long since they had parted. "And how long have I been gone?"

"A week, and the poor girl has been catching up on her sleep. The ordeal with Vader took a toll on her," Bail pointed towards a door in the corner of the living area. "Go on and wake her up."

Galen walked towards the door, and was nervous. She wasn't expecting to see him again, and he had thought she wouldn't. How would she react? Were her feelings for him still there, just as his for her?

He knocked slowly and heard a muffled, "Come in." It sounded as though she had just woken up. He slowly opened the door, and walked in, only to be nearly pushed over by the beautiful pilot in her rush for a hug. He awkwardly patted her back, not knowing what to do.

"Galen," she murmured, "I thought you weren't coming back."

"Vader did it, no Anakin Skywalker did it."

"Anakin Skywalker?" Juno pulled back confused.

"Anakin Skywalker was a Jedi Knight during the Clone Wars. He turned to the dark side and became Darth Vader. Apparently he was still buried deep in there." This piece of information had come by probing lots of old records on a trip to the Jedi Temple. "He wants to overthrow the empire."

"Well, I'm thankful." She hugged him again and then said, "What are your plans now?"

"I want to become a Jedi, like my father," He paused for a moment, "and not leave you again unless I really have to."

"I'm coming with you then," She smirked, "besides, you'll need a pilot."

And she kissed him.

They were together again.

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