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"It just had to be Dagobah, didn't it?" Juno complained. Galen had dragged her to the far ends of the galaxy, and now they were on their way to Dagobah, perhaps one of the most secluded planets in its galaxy. More than one on this trip she'd had her boyfriend promise her a nice, long vacation someonewhere nice, like Naboo.

"It's a great place to hide, really," rationalized Galen, "I can feel negative energy emanating from the planet, but there is something more hiding behind it."

"I can only feel the darkness," commented Luke, "Are you sure that this is Dagobah?"

"Yes," said the former Sith apprentice.

The Rogue Shadow landed tentatively on one of the few spots of land. It was surrounded by fog and marshes.

"I don't think that I'm going to be able to land properly," Juno stated, surveying the land through a window, "There's not much solid ground. All I see is marsh."

"What about there?" Luke pointed to a large patch of land.

"Looks big enough," Juno replied, "I'll go down slow, so if we start to sink, I can come up quick."

"Alright, then," Galen sat down and buckled, "Luke, sit down and buckle up. I have a feeling its going to be a bumpy ride."

The Rogue Shadow landed gracefully on the land, and its pilot smirked, "You've really got to have more faith in me. I landed it perf—"

The back of the ship sank into the marsh.

"You were saying, dear?" Galen, though worried that they wouldn't be able to get out of the marsh pit, teased his girlfriend.

"Oh shut up, you," she glared.

The humans and PROXY left the ship, both to assess the damage and, more importantly, to find the Jedi master. The Dagobah system was a downright gloomy place with very few signs of life and not substantial enough to eat for dinner.

The group poked about for a bit before re-boarding The Rogue Shadow for dinner. They had just sat down when the creak of the boarding ramp was heard.

"What was that?" Juno asked.

"I dunno," Galen reached for his lightsaber, "Juno, stay here. C'mon, Luke."

"I'm not staying here while you go and fight," Captain Eclipse glared at her boyfriend as she reached for the blaster on her hip, "PROXY, stay here."

The trio went to the boarding ramp, expecting to find a large monster. Instead, there was a small, green creature staring, in awe, at the ship.

"Oi, you!" Galen yelled, "What do you want?"

"Want, hmm?" The creature hummed, "Food I want. Have you food?"

Galen nodded slowly, "I'll get some." He summoned a loaf of bread with the Force, "You can have this, but you have to tell me where I can find a Jedi Master."

"A Jedi master, hmm?" the creature hummed, "Looking, you can stop. Found a Jedi Master, you have."

"What?" Luke asked, "Where? Where is the Jedi?''

"Right here," The creature raised a small, withered hand and Force-lifted Luke into the air, "Yoda, Jedi Master, I am."

"Jedi Master Yoda?" Galen couldn't believe it. He'd heard legends about Yoda, though he'd never seen a picture and nor had he imagined him so small, "Of the old Republic?"

"Yes," the creature chirped.

"We need training, Master," Luke pleaded, "Master Kenobi sent us."

"Ah, sent by Obi-Wan, you were," He nodded slowly.

"Master, how did you survive?" Galen asked.

"Imprisoned in this star system is a dark spirit, and gives off dark Force energy it does. It hides my presence," Master Yoda smirked, "Begin your training, let us."

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