Chapter 3

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Chapter 6

Sirius was bored! Sure it was great being out of Azkaban but….he was still cooped up in this miserable house. Its not that he didn't like the Weasley's. he did. Its just that he wished Harry was with them, it wasn't fair that Harry had to go back to those bloody muggles. Dumbledore was very adamant that Sirius stay indoors and don't leave the house, which would've been fine if it wasn't so depressing!! He had to many bad memories of this house and he didn't want to dwell on them. And of course he was still recovering form being in Azkaban for twelve years. Sure he had been out for about two years now but he had been on the run most of the time and hadn't had the chance to build back his physical and mental state. He wished the nightmares would stop but he knew that wasn't likely to happen soon. He was grateful that Remus was staying here alto more now. Although even when they did get together they both just ended up in the memories of past things now unattainable. He knew it had been hard on Remus, he could see it in his friends eyes. Remus missed Harry as well. He was they're only living link to they're old friends. James and Lilly. They both felt the need to protect their godson now more than ever. They were the only remaining members of their pack left, Mooney and Padfoot. Sirius was bored!! He didn't want to help molly clean up his ancestral home. He didn't care to go through all his family's dark possessions. He noticed that Remus seemed to share his view on that. Sure his wolfy friend talked to the Weasley's, he even helped with a few house hold chores, but other than that he tended to stick to himself. Whether it be in the Black family library pouring through ancient books, or sitting in an unoccupied room by himself. They both wished they could have the youngest member of their pack to protect. He was their godson, their packs cub. He needed to be protected, and how could they do that if he wasn't here? It was very frustrating to both men. Harry was all either of them had left. And this was why he hated having so much time to himself…he ended up thinking to much and that just lead to him realizing he was bored shitless!! It was quite disturbing having so much time to himself now that he was out of Azkaban. His memories were still jumbled up from the dementors interference. He ended up dwelling in past memories. Before his imprisonment, his life had been focused around his friends. James, Lilly and little Harry, Remus and Joyce….wait a minute…JOYCE!! His sister!! The love of Remus's life…how had he not thought of her sooner? He hadn't seen her since before James and Lilly's deaths. He hadn't even thought to ask about her, probably because she lived in America the last he'd herd…his head was spinning with questions…was she still married to that ruddy git of a muggle? Did she believe he betrayed James and Lilly? Had she contacted Remus about Buffy? Buffy! Little Buffy…his niece…Remus and Joyce's daughter…did Moony even know about her? Or was Joyce still hiding? He had so many questions…he had to talk to Remus…now!

He looked at the clock which read 6:30 pm. That meant Molly would be serving dinner about now. He didn't usually eat with everyone else, preferring to be by himself. He didn't feel all that comfortable around to many people quite yet. He was still recovering after all. But he knew Remus ate with the Weasley's when he was home. He always was the polite one, never had Remus been rude unless it was towards Snape. So Sirius headed downstairs towards the kitchen knowing Remus would be dinning there with the others. As he got closer to his destination, the sounds of many people talking happily above the clinking of cutlery and dishes reached his ears. He realised this wasn't a convocation he wished an audience to hear, so he would have to get Moony away from the gaggle of redheads. As he walked into the kitchen, everyone turned to stare at him. He hardly ever ate with them and most were shocked to see him out of his room. Molly was the first to speak, and everyone went back to their previous conversations and food. "Sirius dear, would you like some supper?" she asked, ever the hostess. " no thanks Molly, I'm actually just here to speak to Remus. Do you mind if I steal him from you for a bit?" Sirius asked, trying not to sound to rude. "of course not. I'll just keep some food warm for the both of you." Molly smiled kindly at them and then went back to feeding her family. "thanks Molly, you're a legend" he smiled charmingly at her while Remus rolled his eyes and followed him out the door. Once they were sitting in one of the many sitting rooms, the two friends just sat in a somewhat uncomfortable silence which Remus was the first to break. "Soo…not that I particularly mind Padfoot but would you like to tell me why you stole me away from my dinner?" Remus asked, amusement clear in his voice. " erh, yeah sure, sorry, erm…" now that he was here Sirius wasn't quite sure how to broach the subject of his sister. He decided to just be straightforward about it. "Remus…have you heard from Joyce at all in the last twelve years?" Sirius asked hesitantly. He knew how hard it had been on the werewolf when Joyce had married Hank so soon after she left. Sirius of course knew why she did it, but that didn't mean he wasn't a little angry at his sister for hurting his best friend. At hearing the name Joyce, Remus's whole body tensed and he was taking deep breaths with his eyes closed as thought counting and trying to stay calm. "No, I haven't. when you were put in prison I heard she had tried to get custody of Harry, but the court turned her down. They claimed 'their saviour' would never be safe in the hands of a murderers sister. Your family's reputation was held against her. As far as I know she went back to the states and hasn't been back since. I'm actually surprised it took you this long to ask about her." Remus's voice seemed devoid of emotion. But Sirius knew his friend well and knew Moony was just hiding his hurt and jealousy. "you miss her, don't you?" Sirius asked knowing his old friend to well. Remus seemed to sag in defeat under Padfoot's knowing gaze. "yes. I miss her terribly sometimes. But she's been gone for fifteen years now. You'd think id be over it by now" he gave a dry chuckle that was empty of emotion. Sirius let the subject drop. The two decided to join their company in the kitchen for some dinner.

The next night there was to be an Order meeting held at Dumbledore's request. That day Remus, Sirius (disguised as Padfoot), Arthur, Bill and Charlie Weasley, Mad-Eye Moody, Kingsly Shacklebolt and Nymphadora Tonks were told to be the escort party to retrieve Harry safely from his relatives and bring him back to headquarters. Dumbledore told them to use a portkey to Privet Drive and to just go up and knock on the door after dark. So at about 7pm the group showed up on the doorstep to number four and Remus was chosen to ring the doorbell. When Mrs. Dursly opened the door, she took one look at Sirius, who was now suddenly in human form, and screamed. Footsteps could be heard from another room and a big beefy man with to much moustache came waddling into the room. "Petunia! What's the problem? Has that ruddy boy done something wrong again…oh." He stopped mid rant when he saw the assortment of wizards who had now made their way into his entrance way. He eyed them all and sneered "they're bloody freaks like him aren't they? What do they want now? Isn't it enough having one bloody freak here?" he seemed to not notice the way Remus and Sirius tensed as he said this. Of course Sirius having much les control than Remus, whipped out his wand and pointed it right at Vernon's face. "I wouldn't be insult-full if I were you muggle. Your in a room full of fully trained wizards and I can guarantee most of them wont have a problem showing you just how trained they are!" Sirius spat at the lager man. "now, where is my godson? He'll be coming with us." Sirius said. It was Petunia who answered, her husband seemed to have lost the ability to speak and seemed to have gone a rather grotesque shade of purple. "h.h.he's his with that r..ruddy bird" she said rather shakily. Remus decided to go upstairs and get Harry. That way he could explain things to him without any confusion. Walking upstairs Remus found Harry's room easily and was angered to see the lock on the door that were thankfully not latched. He knocked on the door and herd a gruff "come in" so he entered. Harry looked up from his book to see which of his relatives was going to bother him, and was quite shocked to see Remus walk through the door. Realizing that he must be here to collect him he jumped up exited to see his godfather again. "Remus!! When did you get here? Who else is here, is Sirius here? Where are we going?" he managed to get out in a rush. Remus chuckled fondly at his cub and hugged him and then went on to explain that Dumbledore had sent a group of order members to collect him. He then explained all about the order and headquarters. "alright, so can we go now?" Harry was very eager to be out of the Dursly's home. Remus just smiled at him before flicking his wand at Harry room and then all of Harry's things were safely tucked in his trunk with Hedwig's cage (with the owl inside) floating behind it. "al done cub. Lets go make sure your godfather hasn't broken anything. Downstairs, Sirius was bounding through the house trying to make as much chaos as possible. Petunia was following him at a safe distance presumably to make sure he didn't mess up her 'lovely' house. It seemed that Sirius was back to his jolly jokester self now that he was near Harry. He was currently pretending his wand was a sward and was waving it threateningly at Dudley who was waddling away from him with his hands on his large bottom. As they came down the stairs Remus just rolled his eyes at his friends antics while Harry laughed loudly when Dudley let out a very loud "AAARRRGGHHH!!" and then thundering footsteps as Dudley came running as fast as his body wait would allow him, into the room. When he saw Harry and Remus who were now at the bottom of the stairs, he squeaked and then hurried past them up the staircase. Turing bewildered faces to each other they turned they're attention to Sirius who had just entered the room with an entirely to innocent look on his face. "Sirius!" Remus scolded. "what did you do to Harry's cousin?" Sirius putting on a mock offended look just said "Me? Nothing! Why would you assume that I would…okay, okay! I may have transformed and then peed on him…but he deserved it!! I swear!" Sirius now had a smug grin on his face, Remus was trying to look stern but the corners of his mouth were twitching up in an amused smile. Harry was laughing so hard he'd had to sit down. Sirius winked at him before pulling his godson into a one armed hug. It was Mad-Eye who brought everyone back to the matter at hand. "alright everyone! We're running late, there's an Order meeting in an our and we still haven't left the muggles house! Lets get gone." Everyone came to attention at once. They all gathered around Kingsly and Moody, Remus grabbed Harry's trunk, bill grabbed Hedwig in her cage while Sirius grabbed Harry as though afraid he might not be able to touch the portkey himself. Mad-Eye then told them all to touch the portkey (a feather) and then counted to ten. The next thing Harry knew was a pulling sensation at his navel and then they landed in a heap at Grimald Place.

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