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Bella answered her phone and listened to the person on the other side. I wasn't sure who called though. After a minute, I look of terror came upon her face.

"Bella! Bella, what's wrong?" She dropped her phone. I picked up her phone. "Who are you and what did you say to her?!" I shouted at the mystery person.

"This is Charlie, Edward. I'm sure Bella is about to burst into tears, so I will tell you. We need her to testify in court. The judge and jury need to hear her side. The pictures are working so far but, they need more proof." Now I can see why Bella has the look of terror on her face.

"Do we need to get her a lawyer," I asked.

"Nope, I already got one. He is the best one in the state of Washington. I know we will be able to get James locked away for a long time with his help." Thank god we don't need to find one, though my family's lawyer is really good to.

"Can you tell me who Bella's lawyer is and James's lawyer please?" I had to know.

"Bella's lawyer is Aro Volturi. I trust him with my life. James's is Victoria Harper. She put's up one heck of a fight." Wait, did he say Aro Volturi?

"I know Bella has the best lawyer because he is actually my family's lawyer. I am so glad that she has him." I will have to make sure to tell Carlisle.

"Well I be darn. Any way's, he wants to talk to her tomorrow afternoon during lunch. I'm sure you can stay with her since he knows you. Plus, we might also have you testify since you did beat James up. We will have to talk to Aro about that tomorrow."

"Ok Charlie. I'm going to go calm Bella down. Call and let me know where we are meeting."

"Will do Edward. Tell Bella that I love her. Talk to you later." He hung. Bella was still on the bed. I know she is in shock.

"Bella, sweetheart, please say or do something."


My body felt paralyzed. I couldn't move, heck, I could barely think. Charlie called and said I had to court to testify. That means I would have to see James. I-I can't see James. I barely noticed that Edward was talking to Charlie. I had no clue to what they were saying though.

"Bella, sweetheart, please say or do something." That was Edward's voice. I looked over and saw his greens pleading with me.

"I-I can't do it." I broke down and started to shake violently. Edward enveloped me in his arms trying to call me down.

"Shh. Calm down love. I won't let him hurt. He won't be near you. If even says one word to you, I will beat him again." I just kept on crying into his shirt. I didn't know what do.

"Do I have to do it?" I managed to ask.

"I'm afraid so. We are meeting with your lawyer tomorrow at lunch. Charlie and I will both be there. Plus, Charlie said I might have to testify too since I beat the crap out of him."

"I'm so sorry to get your family involved." And I did feel guilty. They shouldn't have to deal with all of my problems.

"Nonsense! They all love you and want to help. Please, don't feel guilty." After he said that, I started to fall asleep. "I love you, my Bella. Please dream happy dreams."

In a very muffled voice I said, "I love you too."


Bella fell asleep quickly. I ran my fingers through her hair just thinking about tomorrow. It was going to be a very stressful day for the both of us. Hopefully James will be locked away for a very long time.

I looked down at Bella. Their was a small smile playing on he luscious lips. She must have been having a good dream. That made me happy.

"Me, wife, hmmm." I heard her mumble. She must have been dreaming about our wedding.

I leaned down into her ear and whispered, "I love you soon to be Mrs. Cullen." I kissed her forehead, and fell into a blissful sleep.

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