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Note: Alright, this one is rated T for a reason. It may not be suitable for children. It implies puberty, so be warned!
Anyway, on with the plot! I started thinking, you know, if Lucy's 10 in the first movie, she'd be 11 in PC, which would make her 12 in VoDT. And I read tht girl's can start you-know-what anywhere from age 8-14. So, what would happen if Lucy was stuck with a brother to help her through it, when she used to Susan being there. There will be more than one chapter. I plan on going on to the slavery part. Anyway, I hope you like it! Enjoy!

Tales Of The Treader

Chapter 1. Lucy The Woman

"Oh, buck up Eustace!" Lucy said with a smile.

"Ah, leave him to sulk. He'll be bringing all of us down if we pay attention to him." Edmund said.

"He has a point." Caspian said.

"You do know I can hear you?" Eustace asked.

"Yep." Edmund said, passing Lucy a piece of toast, at her request.

"You know that's not very nice." Eustace said.

"No comment." Edmund said spreading jelly on his toast.

"Hahaha." Eustace said.

Lucy tried not to chuckle, when she let out a sudden "Ow".

"You alright Lu?" Edmund asked.

"Um... yeah. Fine." she said, turning bright red, and running towards the cabin she was sleeping in.

"What's wrong with her?" Eustace asked.

"I don't know." Edmund replied.

"Should one of us go check on her?" Caspian asked.

"If she's not back in a few minutes, I will." Edmund replied. A few minutes passed and still nothing. "I'll go see what's going on." Edmund said standing up. When he got to the cabin door, he heard Lucy crying. "Lu, what's wrong?" he called out.

She opened the door a peak. "What's wrong?" she repeated.

"Yes, that's my question." Edmund replied.

"Can you keep a secret, and promise me you won't go crazy?" she said.

"I promise, and yes I can keep a secret." he replied. She pulled him in, and sat him on the bed. "Lu, what are you doing?" he asked. She lifted the pillow and pulled out something that looked red. "What's that?" he asked.

She turned around to where he could no longer see it. "Do you remember, how old I was, when I... well... became a woman, the first time?" she asked.

"Yes, 15, as did Susan." he replied.

"No, not that. The other thing." Lucy said.

"The other thing? What other... oh that other thing." Edmund said "Yeah, 12, why...y...y... oh please don't tell me." he said stuttering at why. Lucy turned around and held up the red cloth.

"Yep." she said.

"Ick! You don't have to show it to me!" he exclaimed.

"Come on, you've been through battle, you've seen blood before!" she said.

"Not from that place!" he retorted.

"Oh, shut up!" she exclaimed "If you were gonna make fun of me I wouldn't have told you!"

"I'm not making fun of you, I'm being serious!" he said.

"I know, sorry. But what do I do?! I'm on a ship full of men! I don't want them knowing!" Lucy exclaimed.

"I don't know, I've never had to help you with it before." Edmund said.

"Oh, your no help!" she exclaimed.

"Ok, you have plenty of cloths, right?" Edmund asked.

"Yeah, somehow, I don't know where they came from, but yes I do." Lucy replied.

"Ok, then go through it like you did last time." Edmund said.

"But I had bad cramps last time." Lucy said.

"You can always come to me, I can't take the pain away, but I can try and make you feel better." Edmund said.

"Oh, thanks Ed." she said, walking over and hugging him.

"Your welcome. Somebody has to help you." Edmund said.

"But, no offense, but I wish Susan were here." Lucy said.

"Don't worry, I'm wishing the same thing." Edmund said. Lucy chuckled. "Now, I believe you haven't eaten as much as you should, so get yourself back out there and eat some more." Edmund said.

"Sir, yes, sir." Lucy said.

When they walked back out, Caspian looked relieved, though Eustace was still sulky. "Are you alright?" Caspian asked.

"Yeah, I am now." Lucy said.

"What was wrong?" Caspian asked.

Lucy looked up at Edmund, a worried expression on her face. "She just started missing Peter and Susan." Edmund said, with a shrug. Lucy let out a deep breath.

"Oh, that's all?" Eustace asked "Wow, your childish." Lucy looked down at her feet, obviously hurt at what Eustace said.

"Back off!" Edmund yelled, stepping forward. Eustace backed up, with a look of shere shock on his face.

"Yes sir." Eustace said and walked away.

"What was that about?" Caspian asked, looking just as shocked.

"Nothing." Edmund said as if nothing had happened.