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Tales Of The Treader

Chapter 6. Home

"When will he get here?" Lucy asked bouncing on the couch.

Edmund rolled his eyes, walked over to her, and put his hand on her head, trying to stop the bouncing. "In... a... while." he said calmly. She sighed and sat back.

"Well, I'm off." Susan said walking towards the door.

"Your not even going to welcome Peter back?" Edmund asked.

"I'll see him when I get home. But Kenneth is taking me to the cinema." Susan replied.

"Kenneth, Kenneth, Kenneth, is that thing all you ever think about? Edmund asked.

"He's a boy, Edmund. And no, he's not. There's Roger, and Daniel..."

"Oh dear Aslan." Edmund muttered sitting down beside Lucy.

"Susan, can we please not talk about other boys. Their not my favorite subject right now." Lucy said uncomfortably.

"Lucy Pevensie! That is just a game! Will you get over it already!" Susan exclaimed.

"It is not a game!" Lucy exclaimed standing up.

"Easy Lu." Edmund said pulling her onto his lap, trying to calm her down.

"And it did happen! And your such a bad sister you don't even recognize it!" Lucy exclaimed before burrying her head into Edmund's neck, trying not to cry. She hated fighting with Susan, but this was just one issue she could not stand to let go unnoticed.

Edmund sighed and rubbed her back as Susan slammed the door. "Don't worry Lu." he sighed.

She calmed down and sighed. "Sorry Ed." she said.

"It's alright Lu. Don't even give it a second thought." he said gently.

She smiled slightly. "I'm going to go get some water." she said getting up and starting towards the kitchen.

Edmund sighed and layed down across the couch, only to hear a familiar "Psst" a second later. He looked up and saw Peter standing by the doorway to the kitchen. Edmund made a face, trying to understand what Peter was doing. Peter put a finger to his lips, telling Edmund to stay quiet. It was then Edmund realized what Peter was doing, but by the time he did, he was to late to stop him.

Lucy came walking by, and Peter grabbed her, making her let out a blood curtling scream. Shocked, Peter let her go, and she ran over to Edmund, crying hysterically. Peter's eyes were wide and Edmund sighed, pulling both arms around her. "Lucy, it's Peter." he said gently, already catching the look of sadness in his brother's eyes.

Lucy gasped and looked up. "Peter, I'm sorry... I didn't know it was you." she stuttered.

"What happened?" Peter asked right away.

Lucy looked down and Edmund sighed. "Well, it's a long story..."

"I have time." Peter interupted him.

"But Ed, I don't want him to know what nearly happened." Lucy said quietly.

"What happened?" Peter asked stepping closer.

As he did Lucy shrinked closer to Edmund, and Peter stepped back. "Remember when I wrote you, and said Lucy, Eustace, and I had went to Narnia?" Edmund asked.

"Yes." Peter replied.

"There were a few things I left out." Edmund said.

"And what 'few things' would those be?" Peter asked.

"Well, for one we're never going back." Edmund replied. Peter nodded, afraid to do or say anything, not wanting to scare Lucy again. "And the other... maybe we should go talk in private." Edmund sugjested, feeling Lucy tense up.

Peter nodded again and walked into the kitchen. Lucy sat down on the couch and Edmund followed Peter. She pulled a pillow up against herself and curled up on the couch. She was trying to listen, but Edmund was talking to low for her to hear exactly what he was saying.

"WHAT?!" came Peter's yell throughout the house, causing Lucy to flinch.

'Well, he had to find out sometime.' she thought.

A minute later, he came out and sat down beside her. "Are you ok?" he asked. She nodded her head. He pulled her tight against his chest, but this time she didn't pull away. Edmund walked out of the kitchen and sighed before walking over and sitting beside Lucy. She glanced over at him before pulling him close against both her and Peter.

"Ah, our lovely group hugs." Peter said, making Edmund and Lucy laugh. The front door opened, then slammed shut, and a flustered Susan walked in.

"Home so soon?" Edmund asked, raising an eyebrow.

"That jerk stood me up! He never showed!" she exclaimed.

"Truthfully, I think you got what you deserved." Edmund said standing up.

"And what is the supposed to mean?" Susan growled, stepping toward him threateningly.

But he didn't even flinch. "I 'mean' that lately you haven't been paying a bit of attention to Lucy's skiddish behavior, or even made an effort to try and comfort her. Mum's been busy, and I'm sure a female figure would have helped alot more than anything I could do. But yet, you went on to your party's and date's." Edmund replied.

"I invited her to..."

"That would have done no good! It probably would have just scared her more. She's barely stepped foot out of this house, do you truely think she would want to go to a party, and be around boy's?" he interupted.

"GIVE... IT... UP! It's a game! Nothing happened to her and you know it!" Susan exclaimed.

Edmund blinked a few times, but not out of fear, out of disbelief. "If Narnia is a game, how do you explain this?" Edmund asked, lifting his shirt just enough to remind her of the scar that was there "The Battle of Beruna... and you think it's a game. You think me getting stabbed is just a game! You think Peter risking his life for us over and over AND OVER again is just a game! You think that Lucy, nearly getting rapped is a game! What happened to you?! Edmund exclaimed.

"I grew up! I grew out of it!" Susan replied.

"Well, I hope you enjoy adulthood. But I'd rather spend the rest of my life on some street then live my life without my memory's, however horrible they may be." Edmund said.

"If you do that you'll have a miserable life." Susan said.

"Then I will if I have to." Edmund said, narrowing his eyes at her. She glarred at him. He turned around and sat back down beside Lucy, who gave him a slight smile and rubbed his arm.

"You three are pitiful." Susan said.

"At least we believe." Lucy said.

Susan stood back in shock Lucy had spoken up, but walked away a second later.

Peter cleard his throat. "Who wants to go out?" he asked.

"And what would we be doing?" Edmund said, glancing down at Lucy.

"I'm thinking, supper." Peter said smiling.

Lucy smiled. "Sounds good to me." she said.

"Sure, the little cafe downtown is open." Edmund said nodding.

"Good. Grab your coat's and let's go." Peter said. Lucy jumped up and bounded over to the coat closet. "She's in a better mood." Peter said smiling.

"You have no idea." Edmund said standing up.

Once he got closer Lucy threw his coat at him. He didn't know she was going to and it landed over his head, making him run into the wall. "Ow." he said as she laughed.

Peter walked over. "Eh, you have a hard head, you'll get over it." he said.

Edmund smacked him. "Thanks Pete." he grumbled.

This only made Lucy laugh harder. She pulled her coat on, still laughing.

"Now surely we could not let a queen of Narnia walk all the way to the cafe." Edmund joked looking at Peter.

"Surely not." Peter said smirking. Lucy glanced between them, trying not to laugh. They turned around, their backs to her.

"Pick a back, any back." Edmund said.

Lucy tapped her chin. "Oldest brother, or older brother. Tough decision." she said, still trying not to laugh.

"Could you just pick one so we can go eat... I'm hungry." Edmund said.

"Your always hungry." Peter said.

Lucy stiffled a giggle and continued tapping her chin before attacking Edmund. "We have a winner." Peter laughed as Edmund struggled to stay standing. Lucy let her laughter go as Edmund staggered a bit, trying to stand straight.

"Lucy, your choking me!" he said hoarsely. She loosened her grip.

"Are you ready now?" Peter asked, leaning against the wall.

"Give me a minute." Edmund said still staggering. He hadn't been expecting her to literally jump on him. "Alright, I'm good now." he said a few seconds later.

"Better?" Peter asked.

"Yup, and Lucy, never jump on my back again." Edmund said, looking up at her. She only smirked.

Peter opened the door and bowed. "M'lady's." he joked.

Edmund smacked him over the head once he freed on of his hands and walked out, Lucy still on his back.

"It was worth it." Peter smirked rubbing his head "And I call carrying her on the way home."

"Maybe, maybe not." Edmund said.

"It's only fare, besides, I don't mind." Lucy said.

Peter smiled. "Haha." he said.

"Oh shut up." Edmund said, but he was smiling.

Lucy rolled her eyes and leaned her head on the back of Edmund's.

"Remember it?! I'm suprised I lived through it!" Peter exclaimed.

Edmund snorted. "Just because you nearly got hit over the head by the minotaur, doesn't make it a near death experience, especially in our case." he said.

Lucy nodded slightly, but ended up yawning. "Ed, do you remember the look on Peter's face when he met Mr. Tumnus?" she asked.

Edmund laughed. "Yeah! He didn't know whether to smack him for kidnapping you in the first place, or hug him to death for saving you!" he said, still laughing.

"I was still confused at the idea we had won the battle!" Peter said, trying to defend himself.

"Sure, blame the ending of the battle." Lucy said tiredly.

"Plus, I had just watched Edmund die." Peter said.

Lucy opened her mouth but shut it. "Ok, that you can use as an excuse." she said quietly.

A nock on the door brought their minds out of Narnia. "Come in." Peter called.

Their dad walked in and he cocked his head when he saw how they were. Peter and Edmund were slightly leaning on each other, but Lucy's head was in Peter's lap, while her legs were laying across Edmund's lap.

"Alright, time for you three to go to bed." their dad said, shaking himself.

"Can't we stay up a bit longer?" Peter asked.

Their dad sighed. "15 more minutes, and that's it." their dad said walking from the room.

Lucy yawned. "Though I think this one could manage going to be right now." Peter said tapping Lucy's nose.

She smiled tiredly. "But I'm quit content right here." she said closing her eyes.

"Yeah, but I don't think dad meant you and Ed could sleep in my bed. He meant your own beds." Peter said.

"He never specified." Edmund siad curling closer to Peter and pulling Lucy up between them.

Peter sighed. "We're gonna get in trouble." he said.

But Lucy didn't hear since she was already asleep.

"Oh... well." Edmund said in bewteen a yawn.

Peter sighed, and smiled, pulling his arms tight around both of his siblings. Edmund soon fell asleep, and not to long after Edmund did, Peter did too.

15 minutes later their dad walked back into Peter's room, and ended up smiling. "At least their asleep." he mumbled closing the door again.

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