I Am Home by AndromedaMarine

Comforts of home include a snoring husband that goes by John, the smell of fresh coffee wafting from the miniature table that's also covered with paperwork, Tinker Toys scattered on the floor, and the smell of the ocean.

I am home. I am where all it takes is a look and he'll gather me up into his arms where I know I'm safe. I'm where it's a miracle to even be allowed to have a relationship with my second in command, let alone have a child as a result. I am where everyone is considered family. My daughter has the great fortune of being raised on the legendary City of Atlantis.

Home is where my friends are – where my family is. Where I'm not far from comfort when I worry. Ah...worry.

Home is where the worry lies: worry that John will never return from a mission. Worry that we'll never be free of the Wraith. Worry that Camille, our daughter, will perish by some yet unknown means. Worry that IOA will remove one or both of us from post.

But with all of it, I know I am home, and because of that the worry – the fear – is a little less. Because at the end of the day, all I need is John and Camille.

I am home.