Empty by AndromedaMarine

When Vala peered into Daniel's office, she was very surprised to see it empty. No Daniel, to start with. Then no artifacts, which puzzled her, and finally, no books. All that remained was his desk with a single sheet of paper on it.

Curious, she pranced over and snatched it up, looking behind her to see if anyone had witnessed her deed. Smiling, she peered at the sheet, only to see a jumble of strange symbols that (earlier) Daniel had identified as Russian. It looked like a letter, but Vala couldn't be sure, since she'd never written one before.

Finally she decided it was code for something and was sure Daniel was to be shipped to Russia. Or something of the sort.

Vala bolted out of the empty room and ran as fast as she could to the control room, where she saw Daniel shaking hands with Generals Hammond, O'Neill, and Landry. She was surprised to see the first two. Vala blanched.

Launching herself at the archaeologist she looped her arms around his neck. "Oh, Daniel, sweetie, don't go to some awful place in icky Russia, leaving me here to rot away under all this concrete with Muscles and Cameron! If it's something I did I'm dreadfully sorry, just don't go to Russia..."

Daniel couldn't get her to stop talking (and he had no intention to go to Russia) so he did the only thing that would shut her up: he kissed her.

"Vala, I'm not going to Russia," he said, seizing her shoulders and peering at her through his glasses.

"You – you're not?"

Daniel smiled and shook his head. "Nope."

"Then why is there a Russian letter on your desk?" she interrogated, earning lifted eyebrows from all three generals, but O'Neill's was the highest.

"Because I'm telling the Russian government that they can't keep sending in requests for me."

"Why – why not?" Without waiting for him to answer her first question she continued, "Oh, Daniel, that's wonderful and all, but why is your office empty?""

"Because we're moving to Atlantis." He waited for it to sink it.

Vala's trademark smile appeared. "Is that why my quarters are empty too?"