Bachelor Turned Father

Chapter 1: White Haired Seven Year Old

Yu Kanda was a handsome bachelor. He was twenty-five and just graduated from Oxford with the highest grade possible. His home were several segments of combined mansions and gardens, and of course over one hundred servants. He manages a large corporation, and makes fifty billion for an income. Yu Kanda, was every girls dream. That is if you didn't count his horrible temper and crude mouth. On the morning of the 29th of March, Kanda started his day like all others; grumbling as he wakes up while giving the death glares, slumps to his oversized bathroom, brushed his teeth, and slumps to eat breakfast. However what he did not know was that this morning was unlike any other day, for it would change his life forever.

"WHAT?!" Yu Kanda stared at the informing letter in his hands, unbelieving what he was reading. What is all this? he thought, Are those bastards serious? Yes, they were. The letter before him was informing him that it was his turn to take care of a boy.

A child! exclaimed Kanda as he gave the letter the death glare, as if it was it's fault. I never took care of a plant! And now those fucking, old, baldies wants me to take care of a seven year old? Are their ages getting to them?

The raging, coal, black-haired bachelor glanced (most like glared) at the bottom of the letter, to see a "P.S.".

"P.S. The boy is coming over at ten, good luck."

"GOOD LUCK, MY ASS!" roared Kanda as he tore the letter into a million pieces. He huffed hard as he finished, veins popping all over, and gave whoever was near, glares. The bachelor ran to his room and slammed the door open. He grabbed the sword that was displayed on a decorated stand, and rushed downstairs.

He was going to kill them, yes, kill them. Those oldies should just die, rather them putting everything on him. Yes, he was going to go to their houses and slice them up with his Mugen. Yes, he would have done so if it wasn't for the appearance before him.

Kanda's main mansion's door was open, his butler was there, one hand was on a small suitcase, the other was holding a hand of a white, haired boy. The boy had a red mark on his face, a pentagram above his eyebrow with a messed up cross below his eyes. His eyes were misty gray as he stared up at raven haired bachelor. Seeing Kanda's fierce face, then resting on the sharp sword, the albino backed behind the old butler, crouching.

It was silent at first, and Kanda was the first to break it, "Are you Allen Walker?"

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