Bachelor Turned Father

Chapter 4: Introducing Others

It was a bright morning. The sun was incandescent, while the vast blue sky emphasized it. The singsong birds lilted relaxing melodies, making maidens sing along. However, in this happy morning there will always be a grumpy one. Under the sun, the blue sea, and between melodies, laid a home that was the size of a small village. In the middle of this "village", was the main mansion, where our grumpy person was.

Allen Walker was going through his fifth scrambled eggs with dark eyes. The servants around his table were shocked that the glutton was losing his appetite so soon. Besides the songs the small birds were singing, the dinning room was strangely silent. Allen scrapped the plate with his fork, eyebrows twitching. He didn't want to admit it, but without the straight-cut, the mansions -filled with over 100 servants- seemed empty. Allen's eyebrow twitching became wider and more noticeable. If that girly-face were ever to find out about that, thought Allen reluctantly, I will never hear the end of it. The thought of Kanda smirking his smirk and saying, "Oh~? Is that how you think of me?" made Allen curl up in his chair and give off a depressing aura.

"Oh dear, what do we do?"

Allen twitched at the sound of Tiedoll's old voice.

"Geeze, Master, to forget an important document at home."

This time it was Marie's voice. The seven-year old looked back to see the two servants sighing. Allen gulped.

"I'll take it to-" started Allen, but was cut off when Tiedoll and Marie turned to him, grinning. The albino knew he fell for the trap.

"Fufufufu.....oh~what a nice boy you are, Master Allen," Marie and Tiedoll said at the same time, eyes sparkling.


Allen was given the large envelope of paper and shoved through the main door leading to the outside, and then through another door into an expensive car. The albino slammed his hands at the car's window, face filled with horror as he squeaked, "Eh?" at the two servants waving in unison.

"Have a nice trip!" said Tiedoll.


"Don't forget to give Master the documents!" said Marie.


"Be a good boy and give your father a welcoming hug!" the two said together after the now speeding away vehicle.


Allen stood in front of the large, clean building. Fancy and huge letters were plastered on it reading, "The Dark Order." Three thoughts occurred to the seven-year-old. One was, "This is large,"; then it was, "Damn that straight-cut is better than I thought,"; the last one was, "HOW THE HELL DO I FIND HIM?!"

Allen groaned miserably and stood there as people passed him.

"Okay," said the albino, hands slapping his cheeks in unison, "Let's get this over with!"

"Another day of just sitting at a counter. I'm going to get fat this way," said an adult woman as she watched people coming in and out of the entrance door.

"Ayumi, don't slack, okay?" said the lady beside her.

"Yes, yes," sighed Ayumi looking through various amounts of paper, "This sucks, if it wasn't for the nice payment I wouldn't be here. I wish some rich bastard would just fall for me and marry me."

"Um...Excuse me..."

"Yes?" acquired Ayumi as she looked upward to see who it was. Nobody was there. Ayumi blinked and decided she must be imagining things.


Ayumi looked up again. Nobody. "Great," she thought, "Not only am I getting fat, I'm going crazy."

"Um...Down here..."

Ayumi leaned over the counter and looked down, and to her surprise, there was a boy. The boy was quite extraordinary, petite (well, that's normal), with misty-gray eyes (that too), and white hair (the "extraordinary" part).

"H-how may I help you?" smiled Ayumi kindly, while actually thinking, "Why is a little BOY here? And why the hell does he HAVE WHITE HAIR?!"

"I'm looking for straight-cut," said the young boy with a complete innocent tone.


"Yes, um..." the albino scratched his head, thinking hard, "Ah! Yu Kanda, I'm looking for Yu Kanda!"

"Yu Kanda...You mean Mr. Kanda?!" squeaked Ayumi.

"I think so."

"What? What?" thought Ayumi, "How does this boy know our boss? What is their relationship?! Wait, then that means..."

Ayumi looked hard at the white-haired boy, "By straight-cut, do you mean Mr. Kanda?"


There was pause of silence, only the foot steps and chatters of fellow workers were heard. Then there was a "pfffft."

Ayumi collapsed in her chair laughing. The lady that was sitting next to her was shocked and told her to pull it together.

"Sorry, sorry," Ayumi managed to say after she controlled herself. She looked back at the boy who was now giving her a weird look, "May I ask who you are, what is you relation to Mr. Kanda, and your purpose in finding him?"

The albino boy's eyes narrowed, "I'm... I'm," he stutters as if he was facing an ordeal of confessing that he had cheated on his wife. Gulping, he said clearly, "I'm Allen, his son, and I've come to give him an important document."

"Oh, is that so. Take the elevator to the top floor, then turn right. After that turn left and go straight. You should be able to see his office by then," smiled Ayumi.

Allen beamed, "Thank you Miss!"

And the boy took off, Ayumi waved after him, but something occurred to her as if somebody had brutally slapped her face.


Allen was now on the right track, and was currently riding the elevator to the top floor. People around him was glancing at him with curiosity. Allen didn't really care, or more like he didn't notice. His thoughts were focused on what he had said earlier, "I can't believe I actually said it," he thought in disbelief. He had openly announced that he was that straight-cut's son.

The elevator door opened to the top floor and Allen got out, muttering, "I hope he never hears about it," Allen followed the lady at the counter's direction and turned right. When he got to an intersection, Allen turned left. While all along he was walking, he passed open-door rooms filled with white-clothed people at desks pilled with paper. They seemed to be either too focus or too tired to notice a small albino boy passing by them. As Allen continued to walk, he passed more of those rooms until he saw a shiny door labeled, "Mr. Yu Kanda" on it. He was about to open it when...

"You there! You can't go in there without permission!"

Allen looked behind him to see a young, Chinese woman holding a tray of filled coffee cups. The lady was between twenty to twenty-three, wearing a black mini-skirt, a silky, grey blouse, and a stylish, black blazer. Her dark hair was put in a bun, while parts that were slightly too short, were set loose. The worse part, the part that occurred to allen the most, was that she was glaring at him.

"Who are you?" Allen asked in a meek voice.

"I'm Kanda's secretary, Linalee Lee. Now tell me why a boy is here at the Dark Order's most important floor?"

Allen gulped, and was about to answer when there was a girly scream behind the two. Linalee and Allen, even the people in the open rooms looked to see the origin of the noise. It came from an Asian man that looked like he was in his thirties, clothed in white and wearing a beret. He also seemed shocked and was pointing at Allen.

"What is it, Chief Officer Komui?" said a man with slightly pointy hair.

"Nngh!" The man, Komui made an uncomprehending noise, then there was a sudden burst, "LINALEE! IS THAT YOUR SECRET SON?! YOU HAD A CHILD WITHOUT TELLING ME?! YOU'RE NOT EVEN MARRIED! LIIINAAAALEEEEE!"

The secretary sighed, "Brother, that is-"

"IT IS?!" Komui's eyes became dark and his mouth parted in a smile that would appear in horror movies (it's also similar to Allen's "Black" side), "Who is it~? Tell your dear older brother who the bastard is. I'll kill him, no, I'll torture him first for years and years, then KILL! Ah! Is it you, Reever~?"

The man that asked earlier what was wrong, backed away, "No! Not me! I'm not interested!"

That seemed to be the wrong thing to say.

"Not interested? You don't find my sister attractive? You think she's ugly?!"

"No! That is not it! I-"

"So you do find her attractive. Who wouldn't, she's cute, pretty, and absolutely adorable, and when she says, 'Big brother, I love you the most-,'"

Komui couldn't finish because his younger sister threw her high heels at him with all her strength.

"Brother, please stop your nonsense," said an irritated Linalee.

"But, but, you have a son!" cried the sister complex brother.

Linalee threw her other shoe at him.

"So you're Allen Walker?" acquired Komui


"You came to give Kanda an important document."


"And you also so happen to be his adopted son, am I right?"


Komui took a sip from his bunny coffee cup.

"See! I told you he was not my child!" retorted Linalee.

"Ah, yes, I see. Sorry there, I'll always believe you, I'm just tired for pulling an all-nighter."

The floor was back to how it was when Allen arrived. Reever and fellow workers were at their paper-covered tables groaning from the lack of sleep. Allen was alone with Linalee and Komui.

"Anyway, Allen," said Linalee bringing Allen's attention from his cake (that linalee so kindly gave to Allen) to herself, "What is this important document?"

Allen handed the document to her, "So where is he?"

"He's at a meeting, he wouldn't be back for a while," Linalee took the papers out of the envelope and look over them.

"Um, Allen"

"Yeah?" said allen as he bit into his cake.

"This is next week's stuff."


"What wrong with the bean sprout?" asked Kanda as he handed his coat to Tiedoll, looking at the blob of depressed aura.

"If you're talking about Master Allen, he went to your workplace, but did not see you, so he's sad," answered Tiedoll.

"That not-" started the boy.

"Guuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrgle~!" came from Allen's stomach.

Kanda blinked then snickered, "Is that so?"

"No!" retorted Allen.

Grinning, Kanda walked over and picked Allen up onto his left shoulder.

"Put me down! Put me down!"

"Hell no."

"Put. Me. Down."

"We are going to eat dinner, what do you want?"

"....twenty bowls of rice, five chicken salad, ten mash potatoes, thirty meat buns, four curry fish, fifteen........"

uh yeah, that took awhile, sorry.

I decided to write more when I started to have trouble sleeping from nightmares...........

There's not a lot of Kanda/Allen, but I kind of wanted to introduce the other characters of -man.