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Sakura were sent by Naruto the Hokage to deliver an important news to the Kazekage. It is about Gaara's bride, Hyugaa Hinata. Will Gaara take the news well? And why Sakura, the lover of the infamous Sasuke Uchiha is allowed to go out from Konoha?

Welcome to Suna

"A messenger from Konoha has arrived and is asking for permission to speak with you, Kazekage-sama" one of his own guards reported. The 21 year old guy lifted his head up from his paper work. He had been sitting on the official seat earlier this morning, when one of his guards had knocked the door of his office to report the news. Now, the guard was standing in front of the kazekage. The man's hands clasped behind, shoulders straighted, head held high and perfectly still; as he posed like a true ninja. The only thing that separated them was a large, old burgundy office desk, full of unfinished paper work waiting for his signature of approval. Gaara gave a nod, giving his approval. The guard gave a salute before leaving.

Gaara frowned, pondering at the news. Was there any new event other than the recent problem that was brewing between Konoha and Suna? He was glad that it was Naruto who had taken over the Hokage's hat from Tsunade two years ago. The elders of Konoha had proven to be as difficult as ever when dealing the issues involving the two villages.

He had been working for too long until his body began to feel tense. His back was aching terribly, and he massaged his tired black eyes with two fingers. They should give his body a break. This never ending work had to stop sometime. He could not even remember when the last time he had been to the House of Pleasure to relieve himself. The guard, who had left several minutes earlier, returned with a person who covered with a brown cloak and hood, from head to toe. Gaara kept frowning; this wasn't the standard messenger Naruto had sent most of the time. The small person bowed to him before removing the hood to reveal herself.

There, in front of him stood a beautiful woman with mesmerizing green eyes. Gaara didn't think he made a sound, but he wasn't certain. The sight of her took his breath away. She was truly a beauty, but her behavior was somewhat contradictory as her calm gaze held steadily against his. There was nothing coy about the way she held her head high. Even her posture was proudly showing that she was an experienced ninja.

The only imperfection that he could ever notice was her wide forehead that was covered with her long bangs. Her shoulder length pale pink hair was bound in the back, but several tendrils had worked loose and fell gently to the sides of her face.

Pink hair.

Was this Naruto's tomboyish former teammate who had become one of the most renowned medic-nin in the Fire Country?

"Haruno Sakura, I assume?" His question made her smiled, pleased that he remembered her name. His throat tightened, and his mouth went dry. All his thoughts vanished at a single glance of her smiling face.

"I'm here to bring you a message, Kazekage- sama. It is about your bride, Hyuuga Hinata."

"What about her?" Gaara frowned again. It took several seconds for him to focus back on her words. Now he remembered what she was talking about. Hadn't he sent both Kankuro and Shikamaru to fetch his bride from Konoha several days ago?

"She went missing seven days ago. We got a report that she might have been kidnapped by a certain group. My Hokage sends an apology for the delay." The woman bowed her head.

"Explain the meaning of this kidnapping." Gaara put both of his intertwined hands on the table, thinking how the hell a strong force like Konohagakure had could let a mere rebellious group kidnap a woman that came from the most prominent family in the village.

"She, ah, ran away from the village a day before your envoys had arrived. While Naruto had sent a large group of ninjas searching for her, there was a report that someone from the village had witnessed that she was kidnapped by several men on the outskirt of the village forest. Right now Naruto, along with Kankuro and Shikamaru have joined the group. Naruto sent me to apologize to you for the delay that has been caused on our side. He said not to worry; the agreement between our villages is still on."

Gaara nodded at her quite detailed explanation. Tell that to the elders, he mused. The one who came up with the wedding plan was not him. After several months of the elders prodding him with the idea, he finally gave in and agreed to the terms that had been set by the elders. After all, the marriage was for convenience only. Besides, if the marriage could strengthen the already strong bond between the two villages, who were he to disagree? After all, the product of the marriage would be the perfect offspring that came from both prominent families of the villages. A truly exceptional benefit to Suna.

Still, his gaze was turned back to the woman before him. Her explanation still didn't include the reason of her presence here instead of the usual messenger. This low class mission was obviously not for a high station medic like her.

"And, the reason you are here?" He lifted his absent eyebrows.

"I came here as a request from Shikamaru-san. He was worried about the condition of his pregnant wife as he might not be able to be here if Temari-san gave birth earlier than the expected date." Gaara nodded at her clear explanation. He knew that Shikamaru had requested several times for the presence of Konoha's head medic- ninja here.

Temari was diagnosed with a complication in her pregnancy and was going to have a difficult birthing. None of his medics was skillful enough to ensure the safety of both mother and baby. Two of the medics had even dared to suggest an abortion, and as the result, Shikamaru had lifted each man by his neck, and sent them both flying like old sacks to the nearest wall. Temari, as stubborn as an old goat, was determined to keep her child. Now she was in her seventh month of pregnancy and had been waiting for the due date.

"Well then, thank you for coming. I will arrange your accommodation".

Sakura shook her head. "That won't be necessary. Shikamaru invited me to stay in his house. "

"Well then, please ask the guard to show you where her house is." The woman took a bow again at his dismissal before leaving. The ugly brown robe she was wearing covered her body from his view, but it still couldn't conceal her beauty.

"Haruno." The woman stopped at the door and turned to him.

"Did you come here alone?" The question had been bothering him from the beginning. She just smiled and shook her head politely.

"No, I was escorted by two ANBU. They probably have already returned to Konoha by now. " Gaara nodded his head. She bowed again before closing the door behind her.

Gaara stared at the door for several seconds, letting his mind searching for dimmed memories of his earlier years.

Haruno Sakura, a kunoichi from Leaf village. The girl who had soft pink hair like the colour of sakura flower that was blooming so vividly during Konoha's spring season. Those large green eyes like fresh grass in the morning, that he always gave a deep inhale whenever he came to visit Konoha village.

Naruto's former teammate and Kakashi's female student. Not to mention she was Tsunade's medic-nin successor that had surpassed her master in dealing with poisons and medicines.

All these years, she was still Naruto and Lee's love interest. But every ninja knew about the infamous story of her notorious outlaw lover.

The special medic-jounin as well as the head of Konohan medical ninja who was well respected by the other villages.

Even though she was a prisoner in her own villageā€¦


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