Ch 21: Prologue: A New Begining

Gaara knew he shouldn't dodge Naruto's blows. After all, he deserved them as much as the way he had hurt Naruto's feeling. They were in battling ground, exercising the routine like they always did in the past when every time Naruto had his visit in Suna.

Years of battling together they had come to know each other's steps very well. But, Naruto's attack was different today. It was still indeed powerful with his strikes were hard and fast as he had been doing relentless attack on Gaara, but Naruto did it in a half-hearted way and had many missteps, which Gaara was so sure Naruto did it deliberately, trying to torment Gaara's patience.

Gaara dodged and still refused to counterattack. His sand formed multiple sandy hands and parried Naruto's blows in order to protect himself, but when he saw the wide opening, he finally released his own blow.

And his attack collided with Naruto's final strike, which was too fast for his defending sand and managed to hit Gaara's chest. They both flew from opposite directions and sprawled onto the hard land.

Gaara got up from his fall, wincing as Naruto's severe blow inflicted a terrible pain in his chest. He walked toward Naruto who was still sprawling, breathing heavily as taking his sweet time to restore his energy. Naruto then sat up, wiped his bleeding mouth and grinned. "Damn, this is such a fine fight."

Gaara held his hand to Naruto, offering his friendship and trying to assist him to stand up, but he was mauled down by Naruto. They lay sprawled together, hands under head, facing the blue sky, while gaining their breaths.

"Damn you Gaara, you know how I feel about her." Naruto muttered, after in silence for a while.

"I know. I'm such a bastard."

"I should feel hurt and betrayed." Naruto sighed. "But somehow I feel relief. I know I could never replace Sasuke for her."

"Sasuke is too ambitious and calculative. That cold-hearted guy doesn't deserve someone like her." Gaara replied.

Naruto sighed again. "Yeah, I know."

"And I shouldn't make that promise to you." Gaara's voice suddenly hardened. "I should have killed him after what he did to Sakura. So rest assured Naruto," Gaara gave a warning tone. "He nearly killed her. I let him go because the promise gave to you. But I will kill him next time if he ever dares to step into my territory again. "

Naruto didn't reply for a while. "Don't worry." He finally said. "I won't forgive him either. When our final battle comes, I will put an end to his life."

"And yet you were always hesitated." Gaara replied gruffly. "How many times in the past you had let him go away?"

"He is my friend, Gaara. "

"Used to be," Gaara corrected him. "He used to be your friend, but now he is our archenemy. Don't underestimate Sasuke, ever."

"He is a loner. All this years, he has been dealing with distrustful people who only wanted his power and lineage. He had lost his pride and confidence after losing the war five years ago. Now, he needs something to prove his existence."

"You are too forgiving. That's what I hate about you. You always like to find excuses for anything he had done. Even what he did to you and Sakura."

Naruto didn't answer him. He went silent for a while, thinking about his childhood friend. "For all these years, I hope he will come to his sense and come back to Konoha." He spoke slowly. "He will be forgiven. He is an Uchiha after all. He can exchange his bloodline for his sins. After a few trials, he can walk freely. I can even give up Sakura to him. But then he chose to walk into the dark path instead." Naruto said in frustration.

"Because what Sakura said is right." Gaara replied. "He can't go back. He has taste the real power before. He is born to be a great fighter and a leader. Surrender himself to Konoha will only destroy his spirit. " Gaara said. "Because he wants something of his own. His pride. His desire. His clan." Just like us.

"Sasuke is recruiting the outlaws," Naruto said. "And I have seen reports that many women were missing from small villages after he raided them. He must be planning something big. There were several attempts of them seeking the secret site of the sealed coffins."

"Even if he managed to steal the coffins he needs five kages' seals to open them." Gaara replied.

They were in silence for awhile, thinking about their childhood years and their childhood dream, and how different the fate had turned out to be for all of them.

"But, I'm warning you, Gaara." Naruto's voice broke the silence. "Hurt Sakura, you will pay the price."

"You don't have to worry about that." Gaara said solemnly. "I love her more than anything else."

"Well, I'm glad to hear that." Naruto said seriously. "Although, a couple of blows on you might sooth my bruised pride."

Gaara just smirked and rose. He held his hand again. "Come on, it's time for me to go. I need to do a preparation for my doomsday."

"After all, I just can't hurt that pretty face of yours, can I? Sakura would be fret if she knew what I did to her bridegroom."

"You can't." Gaara grinned. "You love me."

"Hell," the blonde Hokage muttered. "Perhaps, I love both of you too much."



Hinata felt miserable. There were whispers and rumors about her, and she could even catch up pity glances from other people. She didn't want to come here, but Sakura was her friend and she kept insisted Hinata to come to her wedding.

Despite what people said about her, she was not a nice girl. Deep in her heart she was secretly relief and happy that her rival finally married to the other guy. But Naruto haven't spoken to her since the day she had issued her marriage proposal to him. She was not certain whether he mad at her because of her bold action or because he lost Sakura to the Kazekage. And now, Hinata felt dreadfully unhappy and hurt when she heard another gossip about Naruto wanted to postpone their union.

She was currently in a waiting room with Ino and Tenten, watching Sakura putting on her tsunokakushi; a wedding kimono and was being fretted by an old lady. Sakura's beautiful face looked so radiant, and the way she laughed and smile, everybody knew she was so much in love. Hinata was so happy for Sakura despite her own depressing state.

"Damn, him. He just could not keep his pant on, could he?" Tenten muttered while looking down through the window. Neji was being assaulted by his fan girls from Suna. The girls were giggling, and when he said something, they sighed in adoration. Tenten snorted.

"If you talk about Neji, he is the most eligible bachelor after all." Ino spoke while watching Sakura being dressed up with the help of Butsu-baachan.

Tenten just shrugged. "But he still should know better that flirting with those women."

"Come on. You know how the guy is. You both are adults. Your on-and-off-relationship amuses us more that you know. And…" she added slyly. "You do have your own harems as well."

"Well," Tenten sighed and braced her chin on the window sill. "I thought that what he wants. I have been waiting for him to change, but, now I know he won't give up his lifestyle. Maybe we are not meant to be together. " She said while still watching the new chief of Hyuuga Family with bitter expression.

"Tenten," Hinata said softly. But she knew her cousin so well. Unlike herself, Neji was so popular among the opposite genders not only because of his handsome features and his mysterious glittering silver eyes, but also his aloofness along his strong aristocratic lineage that attract girls well.

But Neji was never the type of guy who liked to flirt with girls openly before. Unless he wanted to show off to someone he cared enough. Namely, his own teammate who now was watching him green with jealousy.

If only they both stopped being stubborn and openly admit they were in love with each other…

"I think it is time you forget about the guy. He clearly does not want you." Ino replied. "And that can apply to you as well, Hinata."

"Ino!" Sakura warned. But Ino just shrugged. "What did I say wrong?" She challenged. "Naruto clearly doesn't want her even when she boldly proposed to him."

Hinata trembled and squirmed uncomfortably. She certainly hated herself when people began to talk about her infamous misadventure.

"Naruto cares about her." Sakura said while standing up to put the kimono on her body. The old woman helped her getting the belt to be tied up around her waist.

"Give Naruto time, Hinata." Sakura looked over her shoulder. "Some guys are like that. They will only appreciate something when they lost it once. You even gave up the House of Hyuuga because you want to marry him."

"So says the woman who ran into the Kazekage's arms, when the Great Hokage of Konoha is clearly smitten with her. Such a romantic story to tell to our next generation." Ino mocked.

Sakura's green eyes glittered dangerously as she glared sharply at Ino. Ino just shrugged off innocently. Then Sakura sighed and look at Hinata.

"Naruto does not love me, Hinata. He felt guilty about what happened between Sasuke and me three years ago. And he has mistaken that for love. You know we would never be happy if we together. So, please, don't give up on him."

Hinata smiled sadly. She knew she could not compete with Sakura's beauty, Ino's outspokenness and Tenten's daring acts. But she wanted Naruto to be happy. And if the tie that bound them both will make him miserable, she would gladly relinquish their bond.

"Okay," she said softly. "But, please stop arguing, both of you. Today is Sakura's wedding day. I-I don't want you to argue because of me again."

Sakura looked at Ino.

"Why are we arguing again?"

"Because you miss me," Ino grinned.

If that will make him happy…



The bride was so beautiful when she came down from a palankeen and was led to be taken to the groom's side. The Fifth Kazekage was clearly smitten by his bride's appearance. The couple and the guests were gathering in front of the red and gold shrine, where they then heading into the main building to complete the marriage ritual. The most prestigious guests, including lords, kages and elders from other countries and villages had already taken their seats on the both sides of the main hall.

The couple then was taken to sit next to each other in front of four large statues of former kazekages that were lining up in front of the wooden altar, along with sacred relics and nuptial sake cups, as the waiting priest nodded, signaling to others to begin the ceremony.



Hinata stood watching as the couples were receiving congratulatory greetings by other guests. It was such a beautiful evening; where so many shinobi from other villages were gathering together in order to give their respect to their former Commander General.

Sakura has changed her attire to a beautiful red and gold kimono for the wedding reception. She smiled and laughed when someone had said something to her. The groom was busy having a conversation with the tsuchikage.

Naruto was nowhere to be seen. After the marriage ceremony ended, which was held in the shrine hall, where only the most influential leaders were invited in, she hadn't seen him came out from the building.

She never realized that she was standing next to Darui, who was staring openly at her, while her thought was so busily occupied with Naruto's whereabouts.

Darui stared at her. "You are a Hyuuga." He stated.

Hinata nearly jumped. "Err, yes." She replied and turned her eyes way from him and pretending to watch the bride.

But she could feel the dark man was still gazing at her intently. She began to panic and planned to leave.

"So, I heard this was supposed to be your wedding."

Hinata let out a small gasped. The nerve of the man! How dare he mention that so casually?

But Darui slanted his gaze on her lazily before he was back to observe the couple.

That's it. Hinata thought. I won't stay here anymore. I will ask Sakura to give this letter to Naruto.

"Hey! Where are you going?" the tall man followed her.

"Just, leave me alone, please?" She said, proud of herself for not making her voice trembled.

"Hey," the guy frowned. "Did I hurt your feeling?"

Which part of words he didn't understand, when she had said to leave her alone?

"Well, it's getting dark." He said and watched the sky. "I should go back to my village tonight." He muttered to himself more than to her.

"Wait," Hinata said. Darui looked at her, frowning.

"Are you going back to Cloud village?"

"Yeah, I can't stay here long, and I have paid my respect to the kazekage." He shrugged. "So I need to get back to my village."

"Can I, can I go with you?"

Darui's eyes went in surprise. "Well, you know you can't go without your hokage's consent."

"Oh, don't worry about that," Hinata said quickly. She took a medal from her purse and showed him. "With this and a letter to Naruto, h-he will give his permission."

"A Hyuuga family emblem." Darui nodded. "A permit which is recognized by any allied village. Very well then, let's go now." He started to walk.

Hinata hesitated at first, began to worry, but when Darui stopped and glanced at her, she smiled determinedly. " Okay" she said softly. "Lets' go."

If this will make him happy….



"So, all went well." Said Tsunade while helping herself another cup of sake. Sakura looked at her master worriedly.

"Shishou-sama. You know you had enough of sake tonight."

But the older woman just shrugged. "It is not every day my student gets married." She said and poured into another cup of sake. "Tonight is special. So, even an old hag like me entitled to have fun too."

Old Hag? Sakura watched the fifth hokage's beautiful face. She still looked like a woman in twenties despite her real age.

"How are you shishou?" She asked softly. She never thought she missed the older woman so terribly.

"Never felt better." She said. "Although, why our village choose to hand you over the arrogant brat is beyond my understanding."


"I know, I know, you love him." Her hand waved impatiently. "And I can see his people treat you well. But it is better if you married to someone from our own village." She let out a hiccup. "Ahh, I think I'm getting a headache." She rubbed her temple. "Damn, sometimes, I do feel old already."

Sakura gestured to Natsume. "Can you please assist my master to her room?"

"Yes, Sakura-sama."

Sakura frowned. "I told you not to call me that."

But Meme just beamed. "But that before you became our mistress, Sakura-sama." She said cheekily and led Tsunade away.

"She is back to her old self again." Matsuri said.


"It is kind of you, to forgive what she did."

Sakura sighed. "She didn't have much choice, right? She loved that guy. After all, it was Kuroki who brought her out of the brothel and took care of her."

"But your husband has another opinion."

Sakura tried not to wince. Gaara's method of ruling his village was a bit harsh and sometimes ruthless. But he meant well for the sake of the village's safety. He didn't forgive the girl's crime and was planning to send her on a mission out of the village for a year.

"Sakura," Ino and Tenten came toward her.

"We can't find Hinata."




I'm sorry for making your life miserable lately. I really blame myself. I really do.

I don't even know how to write this, to express my own feeling because I am not really good with words. But by the time you read this, I am far from here, away from you, away from my painful memories.

I know you are a busy man, so I am going to make it short and simple.

Thank you for saving me last time. Thank you for being patient with me. And thank you for being my friend.

Today, I have decided to end our engagement. We won't see each other again, so please don't worry about me.

You are a great man, Naruto. Someday, you will find some who is worthy enough for you to get married and fall in love.

Yours truly,


Naruto reread the letter again, couldn't believe his eyes. Something deep in his heart clenched terribly. He felt some light had lost inside him.

He turned to the Suna nin who brought the letter.

"Where is she now?"

"She left the gate two hours ago…"

Naruto grabbed the shinobi's collar. "You, you gave me this letter after two hours?"

"Naruto," Gaara warned. Naruto let the man go. The shinobi coughed unstoppably. "I'm sorry Hokage-sama. But I only followed her instructions."

Gaara nodded. "It is only two hours. She is still not far from here."

Naruto questioned the guard again. "Where is she heading to?"

"She left with Darui-sama of the Cloud Village. So I think that is where she heading to."

"Darui?" Jealousy was eating him up inside.

"Naruto." Gaara said, watching his friend's dark mood.

"Darui will be the successor of the fourth Raikage and you know that." Gaara warned him.

"What do you want me to do? Ask him politely to return what is mine back to me?" The blonde asked exasperatedly.

"You are a Hokage now, Naruto." He said. "You should act accordingly. You know you have to walk a thin line when dealing a problem with other villages."

He stared at Gaara grimly. "Yeah, just like you did when you stole Sakura away from me." He turned and went toward the main gate of the village, leaving the Kazekage alone.

I'm not going to lose another most important person in my life again.

He never felt so lonely before.



Sakura was finally able to leave the banquet room after getting several well wishes from the guests and went to find Gaara. He was giving some orders to a group of shinobi , and they bowed before disappeared.

"Gaara? Something wrong?"

Gaara stared at her and pulled her into his arms. Sakura watched his face, tried to read his troubled expression. "What happened?" She asked worriedly.

He sighed. "Naruto. He still doesn't want to let it go, does he? His up and down emotion is sometimes really getting on my nerves."

Sakura twisted the buttons on his front clothes. "What is going on?"

Gaara looked at her. "Do you happen to encourage you friend Hyuuga Hinata to break up her engagement with Naruto?"

"What? No, of course not. I asked her to give Naruto one more chance." She frowned. But I do have several friends who encouraged her to do so."

Gaara rubbed his face. "You Konoha people, always full of surprise." He then told her everything. "I never thought that docile friend of yours has a wild side."

"Well, she is a Hyuuga after all." Then, she stopped, remembering something. "Docile, huh, isn't that one of your requirements when you were looking for a wife?"

Gaara smirked and pulled her into his arms again. "Sometimes I do regret not having a wife who meets my requirement standards."

Sakura scowled. "You mean like meek, timid and docile wife who follows your orders without asking any questions at all?"

He grinned. "Just imagine if I have that type of wife. Wouldn't my life be simpler? I don't have to worry where I misplaced my wife because she is always on the place where I put her."

"Are you having a second thought now, kazekage-sama?"

Gaara grabbed her back and pressed her on his hard-on crotch and rolled intimately. "Ahh, what do you think?"

"Kage-sama! The Hokage is fighting with Darui-sama right now!" An abrupt voice tore them apart from their intimate cares.

"What?" That idiot, Gaara cursed. Darui is the future Raikage. Any misstep Naruto made as a Hokage could lead into a new war with Cloud village.

What the hell he is thinking?



Hinata watched in horror as Naruto pummeled Darui endlessly.

"Stop," Hinata said. She wanted to cry. She had never seen Naruto like this before. Naruto was so cold and dark aura enveloping him like a second skin.

"No, don't Naruto." Please, she pleaded him.

A burst of sand separated Naruto and Darui apart. Naruto fell onto his back as the fist of sand blew him away. Hinata ran toward him.

"Naruto," she whispered.

But Naruto didn't pay any heed toward her as he glared at the new arrival and wiped his bloodied mouth.

"Naruto." Gaara stared grimly at them. "We have been working so hard to keep our alliance from apart. You know we need the unity from all villages because we never know how long this peaceful time will last. So, I won't let you ruin what we have built for five years just because you couldn't control your emotion. "

Naruto rose from his fall and stared at the kazekage. Then, without a single word he turned and walked away.

"Hinata," Sakura called softly.

Hinata read Sakura's expression and nodded. She went to Darui and bowed, apologizing.

"I'm sorry for causing you trouble." She said. Then she ran toward Naruto.

Sakura sighed and went toward Darui. Her green chakra flowed onto Darui's chest as she healed his wound.

"Naruto is different from his old self today, eh?" Darui stated.

"Yeah." Sakura replied. She gave him a tight smile. "I'm sorry for my Hokage's action, Darui-sama." She said.

Darui stared at her. "I never thought Konoha has many interesting females." he said.

Sakura blushed. Gaara watched their display and quickly pulled her away from Darui. He scowled at the dark man.

"Is the apology accepted?" Gaara gave him an intimidating glare.

Darui just gave him an amused, lazy smile. "Sure."



"Naruto!" Hinata called. "Naruto! Wait up!"

But Naruto kept walking, leaving her behind.

"Naruto-kun," she pleaded. "Please, hear me out."

But Naruto was still angry when he finally stopped and glared at her. Hinata could not help but felt shivering inside.

"Do you have a feeling toward Darui?"


"Please explain the meaning of this." Naruto shove her letter.

"I-I thought you the one who wants to end our engagement, Naruto." She said softly.

"Damn you, you want to leave me too?"

"No. I thought that is what you want." She replied "You didn't even talk to me, Naruto."

Naruto stared at her. "I was busy." He said shortly. He turned from her, staring into the darkness.

Hinata was heartbroken when hearing his cold answer. She wanted to weep in dismay. What am I to you? She always wanted to know that. She felt so depress with her heart felt so heavy inside.

That's it. She turned to leave him.

"Don't go." He said quietly.

"Naruto, you are always being too unfair to me." She said while tears began to run down. "I know you love Sakura, and I could never replace her."

Naruto looked at her. "I love her. But not in the same way a man loves a woman. I thought I was. But I was wrong. I don't have that feeling."


"Yeah," he was silent for a moment. "After Gaara's proposal, I went away because I need to sort out my feeling toward Sakura. Then I realized something. The truth is, I was actually obsessed with him." He looked at her. "Uchiha Sasuke. I liked Sakura, but ever since we were children, I always obsessed what Sasuke had. How people always looked up to him. His special place in Sakura's heart. I wanted them to be mine."


"This is the dark side of me." He said broodingly. "Do you still want me?"

Hinata gave a sad smile. "I guess everyone has his own obsession. You are my obsession. Ever since we were children, I always admire you. The strong, bright child, who never give to get what he wanted in his life. You are outspoken and strong and-and your smile is bright like sunshine. That-that is why I always admire your strength, and the admiration has turned into love."

Naruto grabbed her. "You are sweet and beautiful. And so soft spoken. You are too innocent for someone like me." His head rested against her shoulder. "I don't deserve you at all."

"I'm a shinobi, Naruto. I'm not innocent as you think. "

"Hinata, please give me another chance."

She tilted up to looked t his blue eyes. "Yes."

Naruto kissed her. "I want you."

Hinata flushed and trembled as his breath warmed her cheeks. He kissed her throat and slid his callused fingers into her kimono to undress her.


"Damn baby, you feel so good."

"This-this is my first time. So-so please be gentle with m-me."

Naruto groaned on her skin. "You are killing me, you know. Not innocent, eh? Some shinobi you are."



Gaara stroke Sakura's bare skin, while thinking about the latest incident. Sakura sighed contently, moved to adjust herself. He kissed her rounded shoulder and pulled her against him.

"Gaara," her voice broke the silence. "This is our wedding night, and yet you don't look too happy." She rolled to her side to face him. "Why you are so restless?"

He stared at the ceiling. "Naruto said something about how I stole you from him. If he intended to make me feel guilty inside, he is so darn well succeeded."

"Naruto and I, we don't have that relationship. You know that."

"It is not what I mean," he interrupted her. "You, Naruto and Sasuke. The three of you have the special circle that links your fate to each other. And now I broke that link between three of you because I stole you away." He rose nakedly from the bed and looked out the window.

"I should have known." He said again. "Naruto and Sasuke, for the past five years they always fought viciously against to each other. And yet they never made a killing. I thought it was more like a game to them."

"Because Naruto understands him better than anyone else. They were bound together by fate. They have this brotherly love-hate relationship that I could not even describe to you. "

He stared at her. "No, the reason is you are the one who pulled in their reins from killing each other. They are totally opposite. Naruto is bright and shine. Sasuke is dark and moody. And you were there to balance them. You are the one who controls their emotions and sanity.

"They didn't kill each other before because of you. Now I stole you away, all hell will break loose."

"Gaara, what are you implying by that remark?"

He looked at her agitated state. "That I should steal you sooner."

Sasuke stared at the pink petals that he was rubbing. The hawks had whispered some disturbing news from Suna. So, he finally lost Sakura to Gaara. The kaleidoscope of emotions was burning inside him. These painful feelings, he felt lost of something precious in his heart. But somehow he felt relief. The entire barriers were lifted off, and now he was free.

A maddening sound of baby's crying broke the silence of the night. That annoying sound irritated him to no end, made him felt so restless and agitated. The burst of amaterasu came out and burnt the nearest trees.

"Shit." He still couldn't control his newfound power. The crying sound was still deafening, made him wanted to destroy the building.

"Kabuto! Karin!"

He entered the noisy chamber. Kabuto was putting something onto the baby's head. It was still crying painfully before abruptly stopped.

"My lord." The old man bowed. His old robe was so stink, Sasuke struggling not to kill him.

"What the hell are you doing? You know I hate them crying."

"But the pains will activate their powers." Kabuto replied calmly and put the baby back into the empty glass container. The green liquid filled the container until it full. The baby was breathing using tubes that attached onto its mouth and nose.

"This is the baby whom the mother you had killed yesterday."

Sasuke shrugged. "She was useless."

"These babies need their mothers."

Sasuke looked at the other glass containers, distastefully. Babies of different sizes and ages were floating in the green liquid, with tubes attached to their bodies, and all slept in the same position.

His children. He had fathered them all.

This is his clan. His future soldiers. The carefully selective mothers from other bloodline limit. Some of the women were given drugs to produce multiple twins.

Kabuto might be old and senile, but he was a masterpiece. He had been experimenting with the children since five years ago. Many of them had died, couldn't stand a chance on his cruel methods, but some had survived and showed the early of their incredible powers.

"I told you before. We need a woman who can be these babies' matron." Kabuto said cynically. "You have yet found the right one."

"Silence!" he hissed, shaken. The small black flame burst again.

Kabuto's smile turned sly, noticing his struggle. "Perhaps we need a good medic to help you to control your power fast. And the children need a decent mother, you know. "

"We have Karin to do that."

Kabuto snorted. "That woman is too eager to be in your bed. Her jealousy toward other women is too annoying. And she is slightly above average. We really need a high skillful medic that can help you control your power."

"Leave me."

"As you wish, my lord." Said Kabuto. "By the way, our shinobi have just returned from raiding a small village in the west. They have found a new woman for you tonight. I hope you will get entertained." He gave his sinister smile. "After all, I heard the woman has a long pink hair. Your favorite one." He chuckled and bowed to him, before leaving.

Sasuke's teeth clenched. Kabuto was baiting him again. They always played this psychological game against each other. They walked on a fine line between distrust and need to use each other. Unfortunately, Kabuto knew his weakness very well. That is the real reason why he had to let Sakura go three years ago. Because he won't let the old guy using her to take advantage on him.

He entered the bedchamber, where the woman was held captive. She whimpered in fear when realized someone entering the chamber. Sasuke snorted in disgust when noticed the woman was chained loosely to his bed.

But, like any other females in his vicinity, the pink hair woman began to sway toward him, fascinated by his look. She was young and beautiful, her long pink hair was soft, just like he preferred. But her eyes-

"Blue. You have blue eyes." He stated. Not the emerald green that he favored so much.

The woman startled. She flushed when hearing his voice. Her lips parted. "Yes, oh yes."

"Undress." The woman obeyed his command willingly. Sasuke was hard when looking at her plump breasts and her pink fleece. He quickly removed his trousers and pulled her head toward him, forcing her mouth to take him fully. She nearly gagged, tried to fight him, but he wouldn't let her, moving himself in and out, hissing at the feel of his sensitive skin rubbing against her warm tongue.

He finally jerked, spurting his seed onto the woman's face. She shrieked in dismay, but he didn't let her go. He rubbed her hair onto his face, inhaled the scent of the pink hair. She wasn't Sakura, so did the rest of the women he had bedded. But this was enough for now.

Because today was her wedding day, the day when she was supposed to be his, not Gaara's, not Naruto's and not anyone else. But his. She was his to keep. He wanted to howl at the moon, wanted to scream of this world unfairness.

Until we meet again, Sakura.

Because one day, he would have her again.