Inseperable is my sequel to Lovebug, which continues for a second year of camp. I do recommend you read it first, before this, so that it makes sense. I have done a mini-catchup below.


Brown found out about Lucy's promise ring and got drunk before confronting her in front of her friends and family, on her eighteenth birthday. She told him she loved Nate very much and she was no longer a baby, and her mom agreed. Caitlyn got some compliments from the guys at Lucy's party, as she was dressing more girly than usual. Mitchie and Shane had their first dance and had a saucy chat! Jason and Bethany promised each other that a long distance relationship would work.

Tess smirked. "This term is going to be entertaining.".. let's see, shall we?

Two weeks later... two days before college...


Sierra sighed as I packed my swimsuit.

"What's up?" I asked my oldest friend.

"You're going away. It really sucks."

"So are you! I wasn't even going to college! You got into Havard, remember!?" I packed my school uniform. I hadn't been able to afford college, so it was just as well that I'd won a scholarship!

"But, you're gonna be in Canada!" She whined. "I hate that you're dating a celebrity."


"Because otherwise this wouldn't happen. California is closer to Havard than Canada is!"

"Well, sorry, but I love Shane." I said, truthfully.

"You do!?" She gasped. "And it only took you, like a year to work that out!"

I hit her with one of my pillows. "It so didn't!"

"You always denied it, but I knew you really liked him!"

I picked up my phone and sent a text to Lucy. How's the packing coming and how's New York?


My phone beeped and my best friend, Katie snatched my phone off of me. "Hey!"

"Is is Nate?" She sighed, sliding open my Samsung G900. "It's Mitchie."

I snatched the phone back off of her and sent a reply.

I'm just sorting out my shoes. Could take a few hours, but I've gotta fly over to dad's tonight. New York is hot and sweaty like it usually is. Sigh

I sent the text and looked up to see Katie staring at me. "What?"

"How come you aren't in all the papers?"

I sighed; people had been friends with me in the past, after finding out my cousin was Shane. Luckily, Katie had been there when I'd made headlines and what not. "Well, Nate kinda didn't tell the press yet."

"Aww that's so sweet."

"He doesn't want paparazzi following me or for me to recieve death threats."

"You really must miss him."

"I do."


I smiled as I looked at my photograph of Lucy with me at her eighteenth birthday party. I missed her so much. At least I would see her in a few days time.

"Nate, honey, can you please show me your uniform." My mom called from downstairs.

I sighed and pulled on my black v-neck jumper over my white t-shirt. It was hardly a school uniform- jeans, a white t-shirt and a black jumper, which had a musical note on it. The girls all had to wear tartan skirts, but they weren't so bad either.

"Do I look okay?" I asked my mom, walking down the stairs.

"My little boy is all grown-up." She chirped, taking a photo. Good grief. "I will take my camera when I drop you off on Monday."

"Okay." I shrugged, disappearing up the stairs, but her hand stopped me.

"What's that." She pointed at my finger. Oops, something I'd forgotten to mention about Lucy.

"Erm.. a promise ring." I replied.

"Do you mean a purity ring?" She raised an eyebrow.

"No am promise ring, mom."

She took my hand and exammined it. "What does it mean?"

"Well... you know I said I really loved Lucy." I smiled and she nodded. "It means I would like to spend the rest of my life with her."

"I never understand kids these days. So it's an engagement ring?"

"No.. look, it's kinda pre-engagement."

"Oh, I see." She looked a little hurt.

"Mom, I wanted to tell you, it's just Lucy's dad acted pretty badly to it so I wasn't sure about you."

"I would never act badly. I've never seen you happier. I just hope I get to meet her on Monday."

"You will."


I was waiting at the airport, wearing shades; I didn't want girls screaming at me. Whilst my mom sorted out last minute things, I was staying with Uncle Brown and he had asked me to pick Lucy and her mom up from the airport.

"Hey!" She ran to hug me, clearly still in a good mood.

"Hey, Lu." I hugged her back and then looked at my aunt. "How's things Aunty Leigh?"

"Very good thanks, Shane." She dragged her suitcase, but I took it off of her and we walked out to my car.

"Wow, nice ride!" Lucy gasped, admiring my silver mercedes

"I had a bit of cash left over." I shrugged. "Looking forward to seeing Nate?"

"You bet she is! He's all she talks about!" Leigh laughed.

"Mom." Lucy whined. "What's with the dorky shades?"

"Well it was so I was able to pick you two up in one piece."

"You need a stylist." My cousin giggled, getting into the back of the car.

My cellphone beeped, so I pulled it out of my pocket.

Is Lucy there okay? Nate

I laughed and sent a reply. Chill dude, she's fine.

My phone alert went off again.

Dude, do we really have to wear school uniform? Jason


I took off the tie; it was too much. Bethany sat on the end of my bed, smiling. My phone beeped.

Yes, you have to wear uniform. It really isn't that bad! Shane

"You look cute in your uniform." She smiled.

"And you look cute not in uniform." I replied, laughing.

"I'm gonna miss you." She looked down, but I moved her chin upwards, using one of my fingers.

"I will miss you too. But remember, you have a record contract with our company so you can come visit." I leant forwards and kissed her passionately.

"I will. I promise."

Not too exciting, but it's like a little prologue/intro. Will update soon, I promise!