This will be my first SG-1 fic, although I have loads wrote up on my old computer this is the first I've written in a really long time but it is based on one of my old ones. So I just hope its okay.

Takes place with the original SG-1 – Jack, Sam, Teal'c and Daniel back in about season 8. Janet, Pete and General Hammond will also be in this story.

Spoilers: Grace (slight spoilers), Unnatural Selection, New Order part one and two. (Anything with the Replicator's really.)

Summary: After Fifth had let her go, (New order part two) Sam had thought she was free of the replicators, on a personal level at least. She had no idea how wrong she was. Fifth had done something to her beyond her knowledge, something beyond her control, something that would tie her to him for the rest of her life.

Disclaimer: Not mine. I wish they were though.

Chapter 1

Hammond stood in the gate room along with a group of armed men, all pointing their weapons up and the spinning Stargate.

"It's SG-1 Sir," the gate technician, Walter, shouted.

"Open the iris!" Hammond ordered.

The moment it was open the room was lit up by the bright pool rippling within the gate. Suddenly Daniel jumped through. "We need a medical team!" he yelled, almost hysterical.

Hammond was completely shocked. SG-1 had been sent on a mission to a safe planet, they were simply going to check up on friends. 'What could have possibly gone wrong' he wondered.

Suddenly Jack jumped through closely followed by Teal'c who was carrying Sam. Her cries of pain echoed around the huge gate room. They ran down the ramp and the wormhole closed behind them.

Hammond quickly ran over to them to check on her. She was clutching her stomach and screaming in pain. "Get her to the infirmary." he ordered.

Teal'c hadn't got far down the corridor with her in his arms when he met Dr Frasier and a team of medics. They had a stretcher ready so Teal'c carefully placed Sam down. She rolled straight onto her side and continued crying in pain as she held tightly onto her stomach.

"Sam, sweetheart, can you tell me where it hurts?" Janet asked her friend.

"My stomach…ugh!!" she could barley tell Janet before pain ripped through her body again.

Jack followed behind. His heart pounding as he heard her screams. He hated this. He had no idea what was wrong with her. He couldn't help but think maybe something had gone wrong when they first went through the gate. Behind him he could hear Daniel explaining to Hammond how they had stepped through the gate and had began making their way to the village when Sam fell to the floor in agony.

As he continued to follow behind, Jack silently prayed to any God listening to him that she would be okay. He couldn't lose her. He wouldn't lose her.

Finally in the infirmary Sam's stretcher was pushed right over to one of the beds.

"On three," Janet informed everyone, "One, two, three," she said. Everyone helped to move Sam onto another bed. Then the stretcher was pushed away.

Straight away Janet set to taking Sam's weapons and uniform off. Jack stood in the corner biting his lip. He watched as Janet pushed Sam's top up. She was about to feel for areas where it may be swollen when something inside Sam's stomach suddenly moved. Everyone jumped back, their first thoughts being 'symbiote' but Janet however, not about to let her friend suffer began to feel Sam's stomach, something she knew added uncomfortable pressure. Sam couldn't help but whimper in pain as Janet continued to prod her.

Jack couldn't take it anymore. He barged his way over to Sam and grabbed her hand that was now gripping onto the bed sheet beneath her. He held onto it tight and held it against his face as he crouched down above her, resting his forehead on hers. "You're gonna be fine Carter. The doc's gonna sort you out." he said to her.

"Get me an ultra sound machine." Janet ordered to no one in particular.

Within seconds one was pushed over to her. She quickly turned the machine on and poured some cold gel onto Sam's stomach. She quickly began to move the dial over Sam's stomach. Suddenly the thing inside her moved again, almost knocking the dial out of Janet's hands.

"What the hell is that?" Sam cried.

Janet tried again this time getting a very clear picture of what it was. "Oh God, Sam, honey, you're pregnant and your baby is very distressed." Janet said to her.

"What? I can't be. I…Ugh…please Janet do something…" Sam cried.

"Will someone help her!" Jack yelled.

"I need to get her to the OR." Janet said as she began to move the bed, quickly assisted by others.

Sam tightened her grip on Jack's hand. Truth was she was scared out of her mind right now and she felt safe when he was there. She needed him and she'd happily admit that.

- - - - - -

By the time they were all set up in the OR Sam was still in a world of pain. Nothing they had given her was working. It was like her body was rejecting everything they tired to give her.

"Jack, how has this happened?" Sam asked.

"I don't know." he said as he stroked her head. He just guessed that Sam now had some good news to tell Pete.

"Sam I'm gonna start the procedure. I need to get the baby out quick. Hopefully those painkillers will kick in because this is really gonna hurt otherwise." Janet said, knowing it wasn't the slightest bit comforting but she had to prepare her.

The pain killers hadn't even begun to work yet.

"Ready?" Janet asked, she wasn't even sure if she was ready for this.

Jack was sat in a chair at the head of Sam's bed. He was holding both her hands and had his cheek resting against hers. He wasn't a scientist, definitely wasn't a rocket scientist but he knew enough to know that a caesarian was going to hurt like hell without painkillers.

Janet silently counted to three in her head then braced herself for the pain she knew Sam was about to feel. As carefully and but as quickly as he could she made the cut. Sam screamed in pain. She desperately tired to hold it in and tried to just control the pain with breathing but it was too much. She turned her face and nuzzled it into Jacks.

"Come on Carter. I'm right here. Your strong you can do this." he said as he wished this whole thing over.

She had taken shots before, broken bones, been hit with staff weapons; she could sit all day and list the pain she had put up with through her life but this was by far the worst pain she had ever experienced. She wondered if natural child birth hurt this much without painkillers.

Suddenly the room was filled with crying, a baby's crying, bringing Sam out of her thoughts. She looked up and through her tears could see the most perfect little baby ever. "It's a girl." Janet said, nearly in tears herself as he placed the tiny baby down onto Sam's chest. Sam quickly held onto the baby out of fear she may fall off. She was wriggling and still crying. Janet placed a blanket over her while her medical team began fixing Sam back up.

Sam could feel it all still but looking into the eyes of the tiny baby in front of her made all the pain go away. Really go away, she didn't feel a thing anymore!

"Sam she's beautiful." Janet said as looked at her.

Sam couldn't help but agree. She had had no idea that this little person was inside her growing and living. Going on the same adventures she had been. She still couldn't see where she had come from though. She and Pete were always careful. She was on the pill and well frankly they never actually saw that much of each other, plus the monthly annoyance women suffered from had still been bugging her for the last god knows how many moths that she could remember. She didn't understand it but the more she looked at the baby, her baby, lying looking up at her the less she seemed to care.

She wanted to talk, to say something but she didn't know what to say. She looked at Jack he had a huge smile on his face as he gently stroked the baby's head. "Well done Sam." he said.

She smiled back at him before turning back to look at her new baby. She may have had no idea she was going to be arriving but she was happy she was here now and she didn't want her going anywhere.

Although Sam and the others may not have known about her someone else did, someone who had known about her from the start, someone who was making a very, very speedy journey to get to her…Fifth.


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