Here's a quick sneak peak at the sequel, Saving Grace.

Summary: Grace is taken again, this time by corrupt scientists who want to use her for experiments. They want to turn her into a super soldier…or kill her trying…

"What do you mean?" Jack asked Sam.

"I mean, I want her to be a happy average teenager, hanging out with friends and listening to music, talking about boys and the prom. Grace doesn't even want to go the prom." Sam said.

"First of all, Grace is better than average, she's one of a kind, Sam and secondly she does hang out with her friends, us. She listens to music, she talks about boys…" Jack began

"The one's she knocks out with a left hook does not count." Sam said matter-of-factly.

"Right…it was a right hook." Jack corrected mimicking the punch, "And besides Carter, did you do all that when you were her age, did you go to your prom?" he asked.

Sam sighed, it was her way of saying no. How could she make him understand she just wanted Grace to be able to live a normal, safe life…


"Hold on!" she told Grace as she tired to floor it again. The car behind gained on them quickly. Sam was confused as it began to take over, coming alongside her. She tried to look in to see who it was but car swerved, hitting them side on.

Sam's small car was no match for the bigger apposing vehicle and her car quickly ricochet off of it. It hit a pot hole in the road and flipped over, multiple times before it slid across the room, the sound of metal being grated along the hard road surface deafening both Grace and Sam. It slid right to the edge of the road before it began rolling down the bank, flipping, becoming more and more crushed, until finally it came to a stop as it slammed into a tree.

Sam felt herself immediately begin to drift in and out of unconsciousness. She looked over at Grace who was lay lifeless, a big bleeding cut was on her forehead and her nose and lip were bleeding. Sam guessed her lip was bust too from the blood she could taste in her mouth. Her leg hurt like hell. When she looked down she could see it was trapped beneath crushed metal. Although Grace didn't appear trapped, Sam could clearly see her arm was broken.

She was about to give in to unconsciousness when the door was ripped open on Grace's side. She watched as two men reached in. One pulled a knife out the other a gun. "What are you doing?" Sam asked in panic.

The men stayed quiet. The one with the knife used it to cut Grace's belt, he then began pulling her out of the car. "Don't touch her!" Sam yelled, "Leave her alone, please." she begged as tears stung her eyes.

She struggled but could do nothing to stop the men as they ripped Grace from the car before leaving. She still tried to get free knowing she couldn't, she had to stop these people taking her daughter…


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