Chapter 1: Chat Room

Chapter 1: Chat Room. September 13 8:00 p.m. BPOV

I unlock the door to my Seattle townhouse and walk in, relocking the door once inside. I turn around and breathe in deeply. Smells like home.

I kick out of my heels and take off my unnecessary coat. Today was a long day, and I want a long bath.

I walk through my house slowly, instead of running upstairs quickly. I admire the whiteness of it, and how well all the pieces work together. When I get to the bedroom, I love the blue of the bed, which I lay on when I get my vampire headaches. My power does that. If I try to shield too far, especially when I'm thirsty, my head hurt horribly.

Today was my 'birthday', and I had to eat the cake that the employees made for me. It was gross, and I'm not looking forward to coughing that up.

I look at the bathroom for a minute, with the blue carpet, and just relax for a minute. Then I remember that I wanted a bath. I start the water and light some candles for fun. The water relaxes me even more, as I just sit there.

After my half an hour soak, I become board. Not needing to sleep has its advantages and its disadvantages. I can work for long hours, but then when it's all done, then there is nothing to do.

I switch on my blue laptop before dressing. I put on a silk night gown because it is soft, and comfy. I sit down in my white chair that sits in front of the blue and white desk. I login to my email, only to find I have one message. It is from my secretary, and she wishes me a happy birthday again, and saying that another book wants to be published.

I am president of the huge publishing company here in Seattle. I do most the work myself because I have the time and nothing better to do (hence no sleeping).

After I email her back, there is nothing to do again.

"Let's have some fun." I say out loud to absolutely no one.

I get to Google and type in vampires. My laptop loads, showing about 24,500,000 sites. I look through the random pages that had shown up. Anything from Halloween costumes to Myspace pages.

I come across a site called

VAMPS Chat Rooms

Hmmm… might as well. I clink the link. As it loads, I ponder. I have been on the earth since 1923, but a vampire since I was 22. I have very distinct memories of my life as a human, like when I was 14 and my cousin pushed my out of a tree. Or when I was 18 and I went to be a nurse during WWII. Or when I was hit by a car three days before my 23 birthday on my way home to Forks Washington, where my family was, and was left for dead.

The page screams at me. The kind of scream you hear in a horror film, where the damsel in distress screams and runs from the monster.

I turn off the sound, and begin to read.

Welcome to Vamps Chat Rooms. Talk with people about the creature of the night. Join Now Free!!

Why not? I clink the link.


Hmm… I know!!



This is easy.



I click submit and the page shows up. It shows many tables to chat at. Some tables have one person at them, some have twenty. I click through all the pages looking for someone interesting.

On page 244, I find one called:


"What the Hell! I might as well check this out." I mutter as I click the link.

A second window shows up saying they are asking the host if I can join the chat. Since he's by himself, it must be a very lonely chat.

When the bubble expands, I wait. Soon a "hey" shows up near the top.

Now what do I say? Hello, hey, hi or … I got to say something.

Hi, I write,

So…you like vampires?

I love them. I type while smiling at myself, if only he knew.

Me too… what's your name?

I know your not supposed to give out personal information, but if this person turns out to be a stalker, I think I can protect myself.

Bella. I live in Seattle Washington as a book publisher/editor. You?

My name's Edward. I'm in Chicago as a doctor.

Edward… doctor. Hmm… so he can't be a vampire. With all that blood around, only a few vampires can handle it, myself included. Oh well.

Are you happy? Like with life?

I had to think for a minute, but replied


When nothing happened, I was wondering if I scared him off. Like he thinks I'm so Emo human who cuts them selves. I should say something else.

Let me elaborate. I have no one. No family, very few friends. No pets, nothing.

Are you allergic to pets? He asks.

Something along those lines. I reply.

Well I'm the same way. I just have my job, a few friends, and my piano.

You play well?

Others say so, but…

I bet your good. I type

You've never heard me play before. He accuses.

It's a gut feeling.

And we chat for hours about our favorite color, favorite animal, what we do in out spare time. Stuff like that.

I look at the clock, seeing it says 4:00 a.m.

Edward, it's 6:00 a.m. in Chicago. I'm sorry for keeping you up all night.

It's fine. I don' need it.

Yes you do, what if your doing surgery and you fall asleep with a scalpel in your hand.

Bella, that won't happen. What's your email?

Still skeptical, I type, klutzsince1946 at . You?

dammed4ever at . What is with the 1942? How old are you?

I'm not going there. I'm 22, and do you know it is extremely rude to ask a woman her age?

Yes, well good night Bella

Good morning Edward. Have a good day at work

Will do



I hit the red 'x' in the corner of the box. As I re-login in to my email, I wonder what Edward had meant by him not needing sleep. The body, well…the human body needs sleep to function properly.

I have two messages. One is from Rosalie, a vampire I met many years ago when I was a new born. She and her husband, Emmett, taught me about the 'vegetarian' diet vampires could have.

The message asked what I'm doing this weekend. Mount Rainier has a bear problem, and Emmett is just itching to go.

I reply saying that I would love to come, and that I'll be there Friday after work.

The second is from Emmett personally asking me to com. I reply by simply saying ask Rose.

By now it's 5:30, and I need to get ready for work. I change into my dress suit, and head out to work. But, today, I feel like walking…

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