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The Clique

Chapter One


I glanced at myself once more; just to see if I was presentable. It was the first day of school after all; and it's always good to make a nice first impression. I tugged at the end of my grey tee shirt; trying to get it as straight as I possibly could. I took a deep breath as I pushed some of my chocolate brown hair behind my ear. 'Stop acting so nervous, Courtney. You look perfect,' I nodded at myself in the mirror; and headed downstairs to the kitchen.

The kitchen was very modern. The walls were white; a few black and white pictures were hanging on the walls. All the appliances were silver and black; you could see your reflection almost everywhere you walked. The kitchen was also very clean, that's the way mom likes it anyway.

I walked to the fridge to see a sticky note posted to it. I glanced across it with my onyx eyes. The note read:


I have a business meeting in town today. I won't be back until late.

Have a good first day of school


I rolled my eyes; crumbling the note in my hands. I tossed it into the nearby trashcan. I sighed. It was always like this anyway; Mom was never home. She was a successful business woman; she was always working. That was one of the reasons why my parents divorced.

Dad was an office worker; yet he was always home when we needed him. Mom was an office worker as well; but she was never home. She was committed more to her job than her own family.

Dad's now off somewhere in Florida; living with a new family. I wish that I was living with him sometimes.

I shrugged the depressing family matters off my mind quickly as I grabbed a yogurt out of the fridge. I took a seat at the table; and finished it off soon enough. I tossed the empty yogurt container into the garbage bin.

I slid my perfectly white and new sneakers on as I slung my grey bag across my left shoulder. I inhaled a deep breath; and opened the door. I walked down the side walk; a rythmed beat coming from my sneakers as they slapped against the cement. Walking started to make me feel better; and more determined. I couldn't wait to see Bridgette and Gwen again.

Bridgette and Gwen were my best friends; we're basically an alliance. Bridgette is the surfer girl and the tree hugger. She has long blonde hair that's usually tied in a sporty ponytail. Her bangs framed her face nicely. She also had a pair of golden colored eyes. She's a true friend; and she usually comes to me for advice. Gwen on the other hand isn't very outgoing. She likes writing and drawing; and she's amazing at it! She has black hair; some parts were dyed a dark blue. She also had onyx/blue eyes that almost matched mine. She's also into music.

I smiled when a mental image of my best friends went through my mind. They would probably cheer me up we could finally talk again. We've all been busy over the summer: Bridgette was out surfing and doing community service, Gwen was helping her brother work at a music store, and I was stuck at my Dad's house all summer while my mother worked.

I looked up after a few more minutes of walking. George Town High. It looked just the same as last year. It was a light brown, bricked school. It was large; but it wasn't really new. You could say the school was about ten or eleven years old now. I love being at school; there were so many things I could actually do. I wanted to become class president, I wanted to get good grades, I wanted to be on the yearbook staff, and there were so many things that would give me college credit!

There was about a handful of other students in the courtyard; talking with their friends. I glanced around the area for Bridgette and Gwen until something knocked me over. I hit the hard cement painfully. "Watch it," I knew that cold, snobby voice.

I looked up; wincing to see Heather; the drama queen of the school standing over me. Her arms were crossed; and her eyes were filled with disgust and hatred. Her long, dark brown hair was as perfect as always. Her brown eyes were dull, fierce, and just plain evil. Heather had her own alliance; one that rivaled my own. We were enemies ever since the sixth grade. And now, we're sophomores.

"Look, Miss Goody two shoes; I asked you to get out of my way. I need to get in the school asap," Heather demanded coldly.

I ignored the throbbing pain in the back of my head; and I got up from the ground slowly. I glanced around to see a crowd forming around the two of us. I groaned inwardly; this is not how my day was supposed to start. I glanced to the left to see Gwen shoving past some people in the crowd to get to the center.

"Courtney!" She gasped; "What happened?" I smiled weakly in return.

"I-"I started; though Heather cut me off.

"Goody two shoes, Goth girl, get out of my way now!" Heather screeched.

The throbbing pain in my head started to feel worse after her shriek. "Agh fine," I moaned, as Gwen pulled my arm; leading me out of the annoying crowd.

"Courtney! What the hell happened back there?" Gwen asked; concern and shock filling her voice.

"It was nothing," I said, waving my hand out as a signal that I was fine, "Heather just knocked into me"

"Heather," Gwen growled, "That evil little cow always has something coming to her. She just has to make a scene on the first day of school,"

"We both know that she's going to do just as much as she's always done," I replied, "She probably has some new tricks up her sleeve,"

"No doubt about it," Gwen stated, rolling her eyes. We started walking inside the school; we were headed for the gym for the little principal's speech about the new year, etc.

We were trapped in a sea of other students who were also headed to the gym. Gwen kept her hold on my arm so we wouldn't get separated. "We're never going to find Bridgette in this mess," Gwen groaned when we walked into the gym.

The many bleachers were filled with people; there were only a few spots left to sit. Gwen and I headed to the very back; where no one else was sitting.

"Be on the lookout for Bridge," I stated; glancing around the gym for my friend.

"No luck," Gwen stated after about five minutes. The gym was filled with laughter and noise; which added to the hurting on my poor head.

All of the sudden; we heard the screech of a microphone.

"Hello; and welcome back to George Town High!" The principal announced. Everything was now quiet; only one or two people were clapping; one kid yelled 'boo' at the principal. I rolled my eyes.

The principal went on with her speech; it was about the dress code, the rules, the guidelines, where you should go if you're lost, etc.

The boy who yelled boo before; I just noted had piercings, a green mohawk, and icy blue eyes. He winked at me in a smug manor; and I glared back. He smirked.

"Hey, Court? Something wrong?" Gwen asked, looking up from her sketch book.

"Everything's just peachy," I exclaimed dully, "I'm going out for a walk, "I walked out of the gym without being noticed; and I started to wander the halls aimlessly. I froze in sheer shock when I heard footsteps behind me.

"So, princess is ditching?" I hear a smug voice say. I turned sharply on my heel.


So; I was totally shocked to see princess run out of the gym like that. She didn't look like the type to go around ditching things like that. She was your average prep; and I usually liked to flirt and mess around with preppy girls like her.

"So, princess is ditching?" I asked smugly. Most girls like her would back away; they usually get scared of me. But to my surprise; the girl turned on her heel. She was glaring at me. She wasn't backing down.

She looked hot when she was angry. Her large, onyx eyes were narrowed.

"Who gave you permission to call me that!?" She snapped.

"I did, just now," I said with a smirk. This girl was fun.

"Agh! You are such a pig!" She girl replied, "Don't follow me!"

"Eh, I've been called worse," I stated, following the girl as she tried to storm away from me.

"A person like you would ruin my reputation!" The girl complained as she tried to get away from me again.

"You have a rep?" I asked, "Seriously babe, you'd rather have a reputation like mine,"

"As if," The girl replied; her nose in the air. She put her hands on her hips, "A reputation like yours would put someone in jail,"

I simply smirked. "It's better than a stuck up princess with a pole up her but," I insulted.

"I am not uptight!" She snapped. I laughed.

This was going to be a fun school year.


I was still in the gym as the other students were piling out to their first classes. I was looking around for Gwen and Courtney. As I was doing so; something or someone bumped my shoulder by accident.

I looked up to see a blonde in a pink shirt. He had a rather large cowboy hat placed on his head; and he had the most beautiful blue eyes. I blinked in shock. The boy looked at me; flashing me a concerned smile.

"You okay?" He asked, snapping me out of my thoughts, "Sorry about that,"

My golden eyes were twinkling. He was a really nice guy plus he's kind of cute.

"I'm fine, thanks. I should have moved out of the way anyway," I replied, smiling back at him, "I'm Bridgette," The boy's smile grew a bit larger.

"Geoff," The boy replied. I nodded.

"Geoff? Okay, I think I have it planted in my head now" I responded with a small chuckle. I looked up around the gym. The last of the students were leaving the gym; so it was basically empty.

"Hey, I have to go meet up with my buddies; I'll see you around later, right?" Geoff asked; he looked hopeful.

"Yeah; maybe we'll have a class together," I agreed. Geoff flashed me another crooked smile.

"Can't wait," Geoff replied, "See you later than, Bridge,"

I watched as he walked away; a light flush across my cheeks. He didn't seem like one of those guys that were total jerks.

Then I felt a pencil tip poke my arm. I yelped lightly in pain; darting my eyes over to see who was poking me.

"Bridge? What's wrong with you? No one's in the gym; and you're blushing like crazy," One of my best friends; Gwen stated.

"Eh it's nothing…," I started nervously, "Where's Courtney?"

"She said she wanted to take a 'walk'; and she's been gone ever since," Gwen explained. I crocked a brow.

"That's not like her; she never misses these things," I replied with concern for my friend.

"I know. But something happened with Heather this morning; that may be the reason," Gwen started. She sighed "Let's go look for her in the halls,"

Gwen and I walked out of the gym; joining the sea of other students in the halls.

"We'll never find her in this-"Gwen started; but she was cut off by a scream.

"Duncan; you are such a pig!" We heard a familiar voice ring. Gwen and I exchanged a glance.

"Who's Duncan?" Gwen asked. I shrugged.

"I don't know, he must be new," Bridgette replied.

"Aw come on babe, you just ruin my fun," We hear a smug voice call out.

"Well in your eyes I'm an uptight princess, so it doesn't really matter, does it?" We heard Courtney's voice. There we saw her; Courtney was pushing her way through the crowd quickly; she didn't seem to notice us.

Gwen and I exchanged another confused glance; and then we rushed off after her.

Courtney walked into the girl's bathroom. Gwen and I followed.

"Courtney, what happened back there?" Gwen asked.

Courtney turned in delight "Bridgette!" She exclaimed; running over to hug me. "I haven't seen you all summer,"

"Hey, Court." I replied happily, "We can talk about it at lunch… What happened back there?"

"Some pig who calls himself Duncan followed me around making sarcastic remarks," Courtney complained; looking up at the ceiling.

"What kind of remarks?" Gwen asked; raising a brow.

"He called me princess," Courtney replied dully. Gwen and I couldn't help but giggle. That name did suit her well, "Well what nice friends you are," Courtney replied sarcastically.

"Hey, Bridge? What were you blushing about back there; you feeling okay?" Gwen asked with curiosity. Courtney glanced up, just as curious.

"Well, I met this guy," I started. Courtney squealed in delight.

"Bridge; that's awesome," Gwen said with a smile. I rubbed the back of my head sheepishly.

"What's his name? I might know him," Courtney asked, placing her hands on her hips.

"His name's Geoff," I answered weakly. Wow; these guys get so worked up…

"Aw; he's a nice guy, Bridgette. Hopefully you'll be in a class together," Courtney stated as we left the girls bathroom.

"What class do you all have first?" Gwen asked, looking at her class list.

"Oh I have Health first," Courtney stated, looking up from her sheet.

I glanced at mine. "I have Chemistry," I replied; disappointed that Courtney and I didn't have a class together.

"Chemistry," Gwen said. I smiled in slight delight that Gwen would be in that class with me.

"Okay," Courtney stated; her tone a little disappointed, "You guys go have fun in Chemistry… I'll be in the Health room if you need me," And with that; Courtney disappeared through the halls.

"Let's go then," Gwen said, leading me to the Chemistry room. The teacher wasn't in, so people were goofing off.

All the sudden; a brown blob came in contact with my face. It fell quickly; and I blinked my eyes open.

Geoff was standing there; without his hat. He picked it up off the ground. "Ah! Sorry about that, Bridge," Geoff stated in concern, "Are you hurt?"

So; I'm guessing that was his hat that hit my face?

"Yeah, I'm fine. It didn't hurt at all," I replied. Geoff smiled.

"Those guys were throwing my hat around the room… and…," Geoff started.

"Its okay, Geoff. It looks like we have a class together," I said with a smile. Geoff smiled as well.

Gwen stabbed me in the side with her pencil again as a sign to get going. I rubbed my arm from the slight pain.

"Well; I'm going to sit down, Geoff," I stated; following Gwen to one of the empty science tables.

We both took a seat; talking a little about the summer.

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