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Chapter 1: Awkward

Ever felt awkward when you had to sleep in the same room with someone of the opposite gender? Excluding couples…

Unluckily, Raven has to go through these… With Aqualad…

"You've got to be kidding…" Raven lamented as she received the news – she has to share a room with a guy, and not just any guy, it's Aqualad. The Titans East had moved over to the Titans Tower for a short stay. Their tower suffered a surprise attack by some group of villains.

Bumblebee shared a room with Starfire, Speedy with Robin, Mas y Menos with Beast Boy and Aqualad with… Cyborg said there were some repairs in his room and having another person in there might be inconvenient, so, Aqualad has no choice but to share a room with Raven!

Soon, the rooms were allocated and Raven brought her new companion to her room.

"Well, this is my room… I don't usually let other people in here, let alone sleep here, but this time, it's an exception." Raven commented. Aqualad shrugged and stepped into the dark bird's room. He put down his luggage.

"Looks like you need some windows here." Aqualad said under his breath. Raven turned around. "What?" "Uh, nothing… I didn't say anything, really." Aqualad reassured the Goth. Raven raised an eyebrow and turned back.

"So, you'll sleep on the floor. My bed is kind of out of bounds, if you know what I mean." Raven told him. He nodded. "What if I accidentally, uh, you know, climb onto your bed by accident?" the fish boy asked half-innocently.

Raven almost blushed a little but managed to conceal it with her hood. "We'll see if that happens." Aqualad smirked and crossed his arms. He would never know that this would be the girl that he would be head over heels in love with. (hint!)


Robin approached Raven who was sitting on the couch.

"Uh, Aqualad's sharing a room with you?" Robin asked. "Yeah." Raven replied. "And you're jealous, right?"

"I… I'm not…"

Raven smirked. " I know, don't deny." She leant her head on his shoulder.

"Will we remain like this?" Robin asked.


"You know, we're like together now, can we remain like this in future?"

Raven remained silent and looked up at Robin before speaking. "Robin, look at me." The leader stared into dark bird's amethyst-blue coloured eyes. "Of course we can remain like this," Raven said.

"We can. I promise."

Robin smiled and gave her a small hug...


Raven felt warm. Warmer than usually she would feel on mornings. Slowly, she opened her eyes, not knowing what was in store for her.

"Aqualad? Why is he…? Wait a minute…" Raven started to realise Aqualad was right beside her and she let out a yelp, which awakened Aqualad. Raven started to blush.

"Aqualad! Why are you on my bed?" Raven flared.

"Raven? Uh, on your bed…?" Aqualad sat up and realised the same thing too.

"What the…? I don't know how I got up here! I…" Raven didn't seem too pleased with Aqualad's explanation. "Okay, sorry."

Aqualad noticed Raven blush and smirked. "What are you smirking about?" Raven demanded. "Oh, nothing…" Aqualad denied. Raven gritted her teeth and nudged him.


"Friend Raven! Have you slept well?" Starfire asked cheerfully. Raven replied, "Mostly."

"Waffles for breakfast! Raven, you want some?"

"Ask that to Beast Boy." She replied. The waffles versus tofu wars were on again.

"We're eating waffles, and that's final!" "No, that's not fair!" "Well, why can't you just buy your own waff… tofu, without engaging in fights?" "That's because I'm broke! Happy?" The other titans watched and sighed.

Raven approached Robin. "Ridiculous." "What is?"

"Aqualad unknowingly slept on my bed."

"Sorry, didn't catch that. Aqualad…"

"Slept on my bed. Last night."

Robin stopped. "…slept on your bed. Right." Robin was about to say something but Raven put a finger on his lips. "Let's not talk about this. It's over."

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