Chapter 2: Closer

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It seemed way obvious Robin was not too happy with the idea of Raven sharing a room with Aqualad. Neither was Aqualad satisfied, though he wasn't sure Robin and Raven was an item…

"Uh, Rob? I need to ask something…" Aqualad said as he approached Robin. "Ask what?" Robin replied without looking up from his book. Seeing Robin so engrossed in reading his book, Aqualad prepared to turn around and leave but the sound of Robin shutting his novel made him turn back around.

"Okay, sorry. Now what was it?"

"So, you and Raven… What's your relationship to her?" Aqualad half-stuttered. "Uh, we're kind of together or something… Why the need to ask?" "Um, just wondering, that's all… Uh, I'll leave you to your reading then…" Aqualad then left.

Robin corked an eyebrow and a thought ran through his mind, "What did Aqualad mean by that?"


The sky was painted beautifully with red plus vermilion, yellow and a little tint of pink in it. Finishing her meditation, Raven got out of her room and sat back on the couch, gazing at the stunning scenery in front of the tower. The fluorescent lights that lit up the room started flickering and went out.

The whole main room was plunged into darkness, and the only source of light was from the sunset scene outside and the lights in the Titan's rooms.

"Aw, not again! That's the third time this happened!" Cyborg lamented. He gave a sigh and used the light source on his shoulder to examine the faulty lights. "Well, the bulbs have blasted. We'll need to get some new ones." Speedy pointed out. Everyone who was present in the main hall nodded in agreement.

"Alguien tendrá que conseguir ésos." Mas y Menos said. (Might be inaccurate translation. They said: Someone will have to get those.) "Uh, I'll go. I'll be back in a while, but I need extra manpower." Aqualad answered and looked at Raven. He beckoned her to go with him. Raven nodded and followed after her 'room-mate'.

Robin watched them leave and a feeling of jealousy swept over him.


"Why did you bother taking me along? It's just some bulbs…"

Aqualad shook his head and remained silent. Raven rushed to catch up with him. "I don't think you can't handle a handful of bulbs…" Aqualad smirked. "I don't know. I just want to have more time alone with you."

Raven stopped. "More time with me? Don't we have enough time in my room?" "No, we don't have enough." Raven raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?" Raven turned speechless when Aqualad took her hand and continued to walk. Her face turned red but managed to conceal it with the darkness of the evening.

The provision shop was in sight and the duo went inside. After getting what they needed, they walked back to the tower hand in hand. (Okay, not exactly, Aqualad didn't want to let Raven's hand go…)


The Titans were in the main room, except Mas y Menos, Robin and Bumblebee. Aqualad and Raven got back inside the main room. Cyborg and Beast Boy swapped glances when they saw Raven and Aqualad holding hands. "Why are you…?" Cyborg asked Aqualad, but Raven immediately pulled her hand away, and luckily, Robin didn't see it when he approached them.

"Uh, okay, let's just get those bulbs up there and we're done." Cyborg said when he saw Aqualad and Robin exchanging heated glances.

As Cyborg was fixing the lights, Robin and Aqualad went to a quiet corridor.

"What's up with you? Why did you take Raven with you?" Robin questioned him. "I just needed someone to accompany me, that's all. Why are you so worked up anyway?" Aqualad retaliated. "She's my girlfriend!"

"Well, that doesn't mean I can't ask her to accompany me." "You can ask someone like Beast Boy or Speedy to go with you! Why must you ask Raven?" Robin continued, "Don't tell me you have feelings for her."

Aqualad smirked. "So what if I have?" Robin turned wordless. It dawned upon him that he was going to be involved in a love triangle and Robin didn't like the looks of this. Completely enraged, Robin left without saying anything else.


"Raven? You wanna go out or something?" Robin asked the dark girl. "Now? It's a little late, besides, I don't think anywhere is open…" "But I think the park is open 24 hours. C'mon, let's just take a breather there." Robin coaxed. Raven nodded. "Alright, then."


"Where are you going?" Aqualad asked Raven as he saw her leave the room after grabbing her cellphone. "I'm going out."

"Going out? It's pretty late already… With who?"


Aqualad frowned a little. "Why? I mean, it's cold outside…" Aqualad continued and got Raven's jacket from her closet. "Don't catch a cold." Raven smiled. "When have you become so thoughtful?" she said and laughed. Aqualad smirked. "Well, you'd better go now."

He watched Raven leave and cursed under his breath. Robin was surely having a duel with him.


"Gosh, it's really cold. Aqualad was right."

"Aqualad? What did he say?" Robin was alarmed and asked.

"He told me not to catch a cold and handed me my jacket… Don't tell me you're jealous again?" Raven teased. Robin nodded. "Yeah, I'm jealous! I'm your boyfriend right?" Raven laughed and nodded. "Don't worry. Don't be too paranoid." Raven replied.

Raven laid her head on Robin's shoulder and enjoyed the cool evening breeze. "Raven, I'm not going to lose you."


Aqualad was sitting on the couch and opening a letter meant for him and he turned pale when he read its contents. Raven walked out of her room.

"What's wrong?" Raven asked when she saw Aqualad sitting on the couch and not looking right. "Did something happen?" Aqualad took a breath. "My cousin is gone."

"What? Why?"

"A tower in Atlantis collapsed and took her with it as well." Aqualad whispered. He shut his eyes and leant back on the couch. "I can't believe something like that happened to her…"

Raven put a hand on his shoulder. "Don't fret about this. What has happened has happened, you can't change the fact." Raven consoled. "You… You have to let go. It isn't worth it to brood over something that is unchangeable. Why live in sorrow and not live positively?"

Aqualad opened his eyes and looked at Raven. "Thanks… I… guess I have to let go… But she was so close to me…" Raven gave him a hug to comfort him. "Don't worry okay?" Aqualad gave her a faint smile and nodded. Unknowingly, Robin saw all this.

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