Past Life chapter pt1

"Man! This is boring, I almost wish Cleveland aunt was here." Peter said bored in the kitchen, Chris was on a date, Brian gone on a picnic with his family, Meg and Lois went out shopping and took the kids. So only he and Matt were here in the house.


"Oh cause she told me, Joe and Quagmire what our past lives were. Joe was an octopus who lost his legs, Quagmire was Jack the Ripper and I was the founder of Quahog Griffin Peterson!" Peter said proudly

"Oh yeah, then whats with the story of the talking clam and the chatterbox" Matt said curiously.

"Told to get rid of Fangirls." Peter said.


Griffin Peterson was just walking down the street till a bunch of girls surround him.

"AHH THERE RIPPING MY HAIR!" Griffin shouted as the girl walk away revealing a now bald and clotheless Griffin.

"Well it could;ve been worse." Griffin muttered suddenly a girl holding scissor gone behind him and place it near his ear

We zoom out to see the old village of Quahog as we hear Griffin Peterson screaming in horrible pain.

End Cutscene

"But I digress, Stewie was my enemy King Stewart, Chris and Brian were his two goons though Brian defected and Lois was the Lovely Lady Redbush who I get to marry." Peter said happy

"What about Meg?" Matt said

"Umm, quick question do you still have wind power?" Peter asked

"Yep still got them." Matt answered

"She was a chambermaid." Peter answer quickly

Matt gave a suspicious look but dropped it. "Past life huh, wouldn't mind knowing what mine was."

Suddenly Duncan and Sid dropped from the ceiling.

"FOOD!" Sid shouted ripping the refrigerator door open and started eating its contents while Duncan laid on the floor unconscious.

"My god what happen to you?" Matt said, they were nothing but skin and bone and there clothes look raggedy.

"Lets just say we hate mazes immensely now." Sid said as he grabbed a large bottle of coke and poured it in Duncan mouth.

"Uggh." Duncan muttered as he open his eyes and looked at Matt. His eyes widen and then he snarled as he lunged forward and grabbed his throat. "I GOT YOU CLINT !!"

"Don't worry Matt I got this!" Peter said he immediately pulled a gun and shot Duncan in the foot.

"OWW!" Duncan shouted grabbing his foot and hopping up and down in pain.

"Thanks Peter… why did Duncan attacked me." Matt said confused.

Sid look closely and said "Well I be, you must be a reincarnation of that guy." Matt snapped his attention to what Sid said

"Past life? You guys knew my past life?" Matt said shocked.

"Sure… I'm surprise it took us so long to figure it out, you are a spitting image of that guy."

"In that case, would you mind telling me?" Matt said

"I don't see why not just let me create a powerful enough flashback and" Sid was about to finish but got interrupted by Duncan (Who cast a healing spell for his foot.)

"OH NO! I don't want any flashback about Clint. I will prevent you using physical means!" Duncan shouted lunging to the three.

"Should you go first or should I?" Sid asked Matt

"No no." You know him first." Matt said

"Very well then, PAINFUL PUNCH!!" Duncan got a hard punch in the jaw

"MEGA-KICK!!" He get kicks in the groin from Matt

"Happy Birthday!!" Peter shouted placing a birthday hat on Duncan head

"CHOP ACTION!!" Duncan gets a karate chop on the shoulder courtesy of Sid

"HEAD BUTT!!" painful headbutt from Matt

"Beauty Pageant Contestant!!" Peter said placing a sash around Duncan

"Get Serious!!!" both Matt and Sid shouted delivering kicks to Duncan and Peter in the stomach

(This joke was based off a joke from the battle between Bobobo and Rice)

"Alright I'll let, you flashback!! Just stop hitting me!!" Duncan said spitting out blood.

"Thank you, now look carefully. Wooo." Sid said wiggling his fingers as the whole place began rippling

"Cool effects." Peter said admiring it as they began to see something.

Everyone saw someone who look like Matt... yet not Matt


And that ends pt 1

Now then readers, I ask a simple question, what timeline should i use for Matt past-life please send a review (Seriously i have no idea for what time-line i should use.)