Lindsay sat on the gurney of behind the ambulance, completely numb from her horrific experience. She had been pulled out of the house twenty minutes ago, and no one had told her anything, it took so long for the ambulance to get there. She was scared, but Stella stood by waiting for any reaction from her.

"Lindsay? Can you tell me what happened?" She asked softly, not getting in the way of the paramedic putting bandages on the large gash on her right arm.

"Where's Danny?" She asked, her voice was weak.

"I don't know. What happened in there Lindsay?" She put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"I was just clearing the scene, and he came out of no where and took my gun. He had a knife, he said he was going to kill me. Danny came back and he threw me to the ground, that's when he cut my arm. I heard shots and you pulled me out... where is Danny?" She said looking up at Stella with tears in her eyes. The truth was, Stella didn't know where he was, or where the rest of her team was for that matter.

Lindsay suddenly stood up slowly, looking across the front lawn of the house she found Flack slowly coming out of the house, he had blood covering his arms and chest.

"No." Lindsay said softly as she began to walk towards him. The closer she got to Flack she noticed the tears falling from his eyes. "Where is he? Flack, where is he?" She asked frantically.

"Linds... I... I did what-" Flack attempted to explain as his voice broke.

"No." She said so low Flack could barely hear her. "No, Where is Danny? Flack where is he?" She said as her anger rose in her voice, pushing him trying to get in the house, Flack held up his hands and grabbed her by the forearm.

"Lindsay, he's gone." He could barely hold it together, as his voice cracked.

"No! No, he's not! No, he can't be!" Lindsay screamed, as she began hitting Flack. Hitting him with her fists, as Flack held her arms, she fought him. Suddenly her knees began to shake, she couldn't breath as tears flooded her eyes. "No!" She repeated as she collapsed to the ground, bringing Flack with her as he wrapped his arms around her shaking body.

"I'm sorry Lindsay, I'm so sorry." Flack said to her as he held her tight. Her tears leaking down to Flack's arm as he rubbed her back. She couldn't catch her breath, she couldn't breath.

Mac walked out of the front door, looking to Stella who walked up behind Lindsay who had he own tears falling from her eyes. Looking at the before him, his heart broke, he had failed them. Stella walked up the front steps of the house to where Mac stood with trembling hands.

"Is it true?" She asked, her voice fragile.

"He didn't have a chance; he shot him in the heart, Stella. " Mac said looking her in the eyes.

"Oh Mac." Stella said putting her hand to her mouth, standing in shock she looked at Lindsay who could barely breath she cried so hard. "What do we do?" She said as tears fell.

"I don't think there is anything we can do." He answered honestly as he watched his team fall apart.

The End.

I didn't intend on continuing but a little bird told me that telling Lindsay would be good.