Summary: Its still summer. So it's only natural for the Hyuugas to go and have a calm relaxing day at the beach right? "No way!" thought Hinata, as she held a very scandalous red bikini in front of her flaming face. Oh the horror! Fufufufuf.

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Tomato Bosom


Final sequel to the Tomato Juice series.

Chapter 1: The Evil Sister

"Please don't tell me you're going the beach wearing that ugly thing," Hanabi wailed, pointing at the black one piece bathing suit lying on Hinata's bed.

It was very, uh, old-fashion and unrevealing…it even had the hideous frills which would no doubt cover half of Hinata's thighs when put on. Hanabi could only wish her dear sister took it out only for the sole purpose of chucking it in the dustbin later.

"Ano," Hinata began, picking up the one-piece and held it in front of her body, "I think it's kind of cute," she said shyly while twirling around, causing the frills to sway 'cutely'.

Gripping the door handle to keep from falling, the 12 year-old girl sighed exasperatedly and shook her head.

"You have GOT to be kidding me!"

"But I'm not, I feel safe wearing this. It covers me up so well." Hinata smiled at her blanching sister.

"Suit yourself," deciding that her sister was a hopeless case, she plopped down on the bed and settled to watch Hinata fold the Ugly Thing before placing it in a bag.

Sitting up, Hanabi asked, "What are you doing? Aren't you gonna put it on now?"

"No, I don't feel comfortable wearing it under my clothes, I'll just change into it when I get there," and with that, she left the room to look for extra clean towels.

Watching her sister's disappearing backside, Hanabi got off from the soft bed with a heavy sigh. 'Honestly now, Hinata-nechan…' she looked at the bag with disgust when suddenly a delicious thought occurred to her.

Eyes sparkling with wicked glints, the young girl snickered evilly to herself.


While Hinata was still busy preparing her things, Neji had long since finished with his and was now patiently waiting for his dear cousin to be ready. Sipping on his warm green tea, he couldn't help but notice Hanabi's suspicious behavior out of the corner of his eyes.

Turning his face to look at her directly, he caught only a glimpse of something red which was clutched possessively to her chest before she quickly disappeared around the corner. Neji could've sworn he saw a trickle of drool at the curve of the young girl's smirking lips. He shuddered slightly.

'I wonder what that little prick's up to,' he wondered briefly, somehow knowing it must have something to do with the poor unsuspecting Hyuuga heiress.

"Let's go Neji-nii-san,"

Lifting an eyebrow, Neji watched his cousin clutching her big flowery bag at her side as she walked towards him. Just a few meters behind, Hanabi stood with her arms across her chest, her evil smile in place. This, of course, did not go unnoticed by Neji.

"Bye Neji-nii, Hinata-nechan, have fun!" Hanabi said, waving her arms around, looking as innocent as Orochimaru in a theme park full of young boys.

"Wait, aren't you coming with us?" Hinata inquired, turning around to face her little sister.

"No," was the short reply.

"Hn, let's go," Neji pulled on Hinata's flowery bag, leading her to the front porch.

"B-but," The poor girl stumbled backwards, as she was being pulled by Neji, somehow feeling unhappy that her lovely little sister will be staying alone in the house (well, save for the half a dozen maids).

Oh, if only she knew…

To be continued…


Kukuku, this one is definitely NOT a one-shot but the length of every chapter will only be one to two pages worth. Yes yes, I'm being evil again, hence, the evil laughter, fufufufuf.