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Tomato Bosom


Final sequel to the Tomato Juice series.

Chapter 4: The Evil Fatass

Finally putting on the top part of the bikini on her ample breasts, Hinata dared her pale eyes to look at her reflection. What she saw made her knees buckle with uncertainty. 'I'm too exposed!' she thought frantically, trying to pull up the bikini top in an attempt to cover it only to expose the underside of her breasts. The little bikini top could barely constrain even half of her 38C-cup breasts. But thankfully her long indigo tresses helped to cover parts of her exposed cleavage.

Taking deep long breaths, she willed her shaking hands to open the cabin door and gingerly stepped outside, feeling her heart rate increase to a million miles per hour even though she had draped an overly large white towel around herself.

'Damn Hanabi and her ideas,' she gritted her teeth, walking as fast as her shaking legs would allow.


Still very determined on finding the object of their affections were two very pretty young girls with very loud mouths.

"Shut up Forehead, you sounded like a sex-crazed banshee," The taller of the two spoke, snorting as she did.

"Yeah and you snorted just like the fat stupid pig that you really are," Sakura snapped back, her beautiful green eyes turning to slits.

"Oh no you didn't," Ino growled into her fighting stance, raging with fury for being called 'fat'. She didn't really mind the 'pig' though.

"Oh yes I did," Sakura smirked and got into a position much like Ino's. "Bring it!"

"Woot! Catfight!" Kiba, who was previously on his way to the snack stand, had stopped in his tracks and was now hollering and cheering the girls on, sitting comfortably on the very large Akamaru.

"How troublesome," came a slow, lazy drawl from somewhere near Kiba and Akamaru. When Kiba looked to his left, he only saw a big lump under a messy pile of blankets. The lump shifted and the blankets fell sideways to reveal a very annoyed looking pineapple-head.

"Hey Shikamaru! Come and join us won'tcha?" Kiba beckoned with Akamaru barking excitedly as the girls started to pull on each other's hair shouting Sasuke's name as if it was a fighting mantra.

There goes his nice afternoon nap, Shikamaru thought. "Girls are so troublesome."

On the other side of the beach, a very very attractive young man with raven black hair kept on sneezing non-stop. He gasped frantically for air, clutching his burning chest desperately, "Who," he wheezed dramatically, "the hell kept on saying my name…"

'Left, right, left, right…' Hinata clutched the towel around herself in a death grip, as she concentrated on moving her legs as fast as humanly possible. She was too busy staring at her feet as she speed-walked that she didn't notice she had neared the snack stand.

"Oy, Hinata!" She heard someone called out just as she felt something big hit her, making her lose her death grip on the towel as well as her balance, causing her to fall backwards rather awkwardly.

"Kyaaa!" the poor girl shrieked as she landed in a painful thud with the big 'thing' falling on her. Hinata had her eyes closed when she hit the floor, so she was quite suspicious and frightened when she felt that the 'thing' which was now lying on top of her was very…furry?


'Omigod…the 'thing' did NOT just lick me!' Shock and panic filled Hinata's mind as she roughly pushed the 'thing' off her lithe body and jumped to her feet, completely forgetting to put the towel back on.

Her breathing was shallow and ragged. Struggling to catch her breath, it never crossed her mind that her heaving chest could be a very distracting sight. She casted her eyes downwards and that was when she realized something was seriously wrong. There, pooled around her feet was her overly large towel, which she thought was supposed to be covering her half-naked body…

But before realization hit her, she heard a familiar whimper followed by a breathless "Woah…"

Alarmed, she shot her head up and saw, in horror, that all the guys at the snack stand had been staring at her (or at her exposed chest to be exact) with glazed eyes and bleeding noses. And at the very front of the hypnotized crowd were Akamaru and Kiba. Looking at the huge dog she couldn't help but notice that the colour of his fur had turned red.


Apparently Kiba and Akamaru had been bored with watching the never-ending catfight between the Sasuke-obsessed fangirls which led him to ditch the scene and continued on his journey to the snack stand. That was when Akamaru spotted Hinata and chose to jump on her which all led to this awkward and rather, (hormonally) stimulating situation.

When the poor girl finally gathered her wits about her, she blushed hard all the way down, the colour red enveloping the pale skin of her exposed chest, drawing an even greater amount of interest from leering eyes. She would've given anything to be able to run from the embarrassing situation or even retrieve the towel from her feet to cover herself, but she was too shocked to move.

She was rooted to the ground. Curses!

In the midst of her agony, she saw Akimichi Chouji pushing his way to the front of the unmoving crowd of males with his big, round face peeking through the mountain of fries he was carrying in his hands. Staring at Hinata's chest, he couldn't help but feel scandalously awed and said, in all his honesty and innocence, "Wow, TOMATOES!"

The poor girl could've died right then and there.

Somewhere, away from the snack stand, a stunning young man with chicken-butt raven hair was finally able to stop his torturous sneezing as he felt his tomato senses tingling alarmingly. And with a contemplative glint in his eyes, he smirked hungrily as he thought of the ripe red tomatoes.

"Mmm, tomatoes,"

Oh yessss.

to be continued…

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