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Chapter 1

Harry lay on his bed his eyes squeezed shut in pain. Even though the pain Harry couldn't help but be excited even as nervous as he was. The reason for this was in fact that the pain was, this time, not a gift from his oversized Uncle. It was his sixteenth birthday, and as the clock had hit midnight he had started to come into his inheritance. He clenched his fists in the sheets beneath him and gritted his teeth. Luckily he knew it would be over soon, and Hermione and Ron were both on standby with potions should he have to send Hedwig to collect them as they couldn't be at privet drive.

When Harry had turned fourteen he had received a letter from Gringotts telling him he was to come in and receive his inheritance letter from his parents vault. Having arrived he had spent hours with the goblins who had explained in detail everything about him and his parents heritage and bloodlines. Harry had been surprised to say the least, but mostly, angry. Angry that Dumbledore had never told him what he would become. Harry had learned that his father carried the bloodlines of Godric Gryffindor and as such also creature blood, more specifically vampire. His mother however was a descendant of Rowena Ravenclaw, giving him the creature blood of a Dark Elf. Which side would turn out dominant, the Goblins couldn't say. They only said he would have to look for a mate, probably more than one because of his power level.

Harry grimaced and bit his lip hard to stop himself from whimpering, he didn't really know what having mates would entail. He just hoped that they wouldn't love him out of obligation, but for who he was. Not that he was certain that he deserved someone to love him according to Uncle Vernon, Harry had been told time and time again by Hermione and Ron not to believe him but after 11 years without any other opinion the doubts couldn't help but linger. His resulting shyness also was a big problem. Both Ron and Hermione had tried everything to get Harry to stop being so shy, so far they had barely managed. Luckily at Hogwarts Harry had never needed to say much, his accidental adventures had always spoken for themselves.

He smiled crookedly at the thought of Hermione and Ron, he loved them for all their bad points and good. He wondered briefly how they would react to his inheritance, though it couldn't be badly especially since they had helped him so well with the danger of his own magic. He winced thinking about it pushing it out of his mind quickly.

The Goblins also said Hogwarts would probably not be safe for him anymore. Dumbledore would want to keep him away from people. Harry sighed sadly, his whole life had to change and he was going to miss Mione and Ron so much. The Goblins had given him an address to write to, a school for gifted magic users based in north Norway, ones who knew all about creature inheritances and uncontrollable power levels. Harry had gratefully thanked the goblins and applied straight away.

That was when he had first met Headmistress Elena. She was an imposing lady, with a wonderful curved figure and beautiful red hair. Harry had almost thought his mother had come back. He had explained the situation and the headmistress had kindly accepted him straight away. Understanding his predicament and agreeing with his anger towards Dumbledore. She had then given him lists of all the equipment he needed and a portkey that would activate two hours after midnight on his sixteenth birthday. He was to wear it around his neck in case he was hurt by his power surge. Harry was beginning to think this might turn out to be the case.

He arched his back and cried out as he felt his magic surge roughly. There was a moment of agony and then it stopped. Harry lay panting for a few seconds before he levered his aching body into a sitting position. He rolled softly off the bed and crawled over to the mirror in the corner of the second bedroom Uncle Vernon had put him in ever since one of the neighbours had seen him coming out of the cupboard under the stairs. He stood shakily and gasped as he saw the changes.

His hair had grown down to almost his ankles and his eyes glowed greener than any emerald. His ears had become slender and tapered towards the ends. His skin was pale, and he had trim emerald markings swirling along his neck. 'Dark elf it is then' he thought examining himself. Glancing at the clock he realised he only had 20 minutes. He gathered all his stuff into the centre of the room just as a familiar tiny owl swooped in through the window. Snatching the letter of Pig Harry read it through quickly.

Dear Harry,

We are going to miss you but I know you will be happy in your new school. Let us know as soon as you are settled and we'll try and sort things out. Both Remus and Sirius are bound to throw a fit that you've upped and disappeared but we'll see. Send us a picture of yourself as soon as you get the time.

Don't worry mate, it'll all turn out okay, be safe.

Love Hermione and Ron

P.S. I did some research and found that very often hair can grow out of control during an inheritance. If you don't have time to cut your hair properly I asked Ginny for a hair plaiting charm. Swish your wand in a small clockwise circle behind your head and say knoticus.

Harry grinned "Thanks guys," he whispered scrawling a quick reply on the back of the parchment.

'Painful but I'm okay and don't need any potions, I'll be gone in 10 minutes, I'll write soon don't worry. Harry'

Giving it back to pig and watching the owl swoop back out of the window Harry turned and tried the charm wincing as it pulled his extraordinarily long hair into a tight plait from the hairs at the bottom of his neck down. It was so long harry swung it round his shoulders like a scarf to keep it out of the way. Picking up the cage with Hedwig in it he awkwardly manoeuvred it onto the waiting pile in the middle of the room and then sat on the top of his stuff.

After a few minutes nervous waiting harry felt the familiar tug behind his navel. He arrived in the Headmistress's office, underneath all his stuff. She raised an eyebrow.

"Not good with portkey's then Mr. Potter?" she asked amused.

"Not particularly," he replied as he dg himself out of his stuff and checked to see that Hedwig was alright.

"Well, what an interesting change Mr. Potter, definitely for the better I'd say" she laughed and Harry smiled. "A Dark elf inheritance then?" Harry nodded. "Well certainly a big change. I believe in the interests of safety it would also be better if you used a different name Harry..." Harry nodded again and sighed.

"I understand Headmistress. If I may, I would like to be called Akemi, Akemi Boshi" The headmistress tipped her head to one side.

"A personal meaning?" she asked. Harry, now Akemi, nodded and blushed a little. It had been in his parents will, the name meant 'Beauty of Dawn Star' and Akemi loved sunrise the best out of all the day.

"Then that will be your name, come Akemi we must get you a room and uniform ready for the morning when the other students arrive. You must be tired, you will rest now," she said. Akemi sighed,

"I cannot thank you enough Headmistress Elena...." he said

"Now now it was no trouble, everyone needs saving sometimes," she replied curtly and Akemi smiled and followed her. She lead him to one of the boys dorms, they slept in dorms in groups of about seven. Akemi took the bed nearest the window and then put away his stuff carefully. A house elf appeared and bowed, before passing him a nightgown and his new uniform. Akemi looked at it. It was a waist length robe with a high collar and black trousers, form fitting and each with a single silver stripe and star across the breast. He laid them out and then crept into the bed. He was asleep before is head hit the pillow.

The next morning he was woken by a house elf who told him to call her when he was dressed. Akemi took a much needed shower and dressed himself in the uniform. Plaiting his hair again, he called the house elf and she took him down to breakfast. The headmistress was sat with several other members of staff. Akemi ducked his head and blushed. 'Oh...gods...new people...I'm not good at this...' Elena hid her frown and beckoned to Akemi.

"Come child, sit and I shall introduce you." Akemi quickly made his way to her side and took the seat she offered him. He glanced up and his face burned brighter as he realised the professors were all staring at him. "This is Akemi Boshi. He has had to arrive early due to personal circumstances and I do not want them asked about." The professors nodded and she smiled. "Akemi has a dark elf inheritance and will be a new student at this school from today." She turned to him and he looked up. "Now Akemi, no need to be shy, not even half the staff are here for breakfast!" she gestured at them one by one. "This is professor Luke of Fighting arts, Professor Alistair of elemental arts, professor Lucretia of music and professor Lalia of healing arts. The other professors have not yet arrived, or will not be joining us. You must eat quickly and I shall escort you down to meet the newly arriving students. There are always more coming, as we only start accepting at the age of 16, although some who come to us are already older." A hurried breakfast was eaten.

"Headmistress Elena, what about my scar?" he said suddenly as they were halfway down a corridor. Elena stopped still and turned quickly,

"Oh dear lord child! I completely forgot. Here hold out our hand." Akemi did so and she took a small amount of his blood, before wiping it over his scar and murmuring some words.

"There, a blood glamour should hold it nicely," she smiled and carried on. Akemi followed her moments later looking rather stunned. They arrived at the entrance hall. A large impressive room with a huge double oak door at the front holding two large round black iron handles. Directly opposite were two grand staircases starting at the centre and then splitting into two off to the left and right hand corners leaving a hole down the middle.

There were no windows in this room just hundreds of flickering candles lining large intricate gold holders in the walls, casting strange moving shadows everywhere.

Akemi stood in one, giggling at twisting and flickering of his own shadow and Elena laughed at him. "Oh dear Akemi, just because you're submissive doesn't mean you ought to start acting like a girl!" she exclaimed. Akemi twisted to look at her in surprise.

"I...I'm submissive? How can you tell?" he whispered softly, looking a little downcast. She sighed

"Oh dear, I thought you would have guessed....firstly there aren't many dominant elves. Second, you've got it written all over your face, you've had to look after yourself all your life, now you just want someone else to do it for you," Akemi blinked at her and then smiled tentatively. That made sense. He sighed then nodded.

"Thanks Elena," she nodded and turned as the doors creaked open.

"So, here they come Akemi, your new friends," Akemi turned and took a deep breath. Before quickly running to hide behind Elena. She sighed. "Your inheritance really has made you shy hasn't it?" Akemi hesitated in replying unwilling to say he'd always been this shy just been better with Hermione and Ron. He desperately wished they were with him now, he'd have to send a letter later today. Sound erupted as people poured in the doors and Akemi started and hid himself even more.

Several hundred children and parents walked into the hall. All laughing, talking, sharing goodbyes and tears. They shook each other's hands and hugs were exchanged. Akemi glanced out from behind and felt a hollow feeling in his chest. 'I wish....' Once the parents had finally left Elena gave an introduction speech and the professors came to help children to their year specific dorms.Elena looked down at the short slim boy that clutched her skirts. It was time to act like a teacher. She winced at the thought, she knew she had a soft spot for the boy, but he needed to become more confident, submissive or not.

"Akemi I will take you to your dorm and introduce you, but after that it's your own call. You must learn to make friends." Akemi nodded and followed her sulkily to the rooms he had slept in before. When they arrived, Elena knocked and walked in to a chorus of 'come in'. She smiled and nodded.

"I hope you will all settle in nicely to Celestial academy." All the boys bowed and nodded

"Thank you headmistress," said an Egyptian looking boy with dark shaggy hair and the bluest eyes.

"May I enquire as to whom it is that sleeps there, but hasn't joined us yet?" Elena smiled

"I was so hoping you'd ask, he's a little shy you see," There came a muffled protest.

"I am not!" said an indignant Akemi. Elena laughed,

"Then won't you come out of my skirts little one?" The boys watched amazed as they saw a short but slim boy with the brightest emerald eyes and long thick dark hair in a plait step out from behind the headmistress.

"Headmistress Elena!!! I am not little! Just shortish." He said angrily. One of the boys laughed and Akemi blushed deep red.

"Right, I must go now, be good," she swept out before Akemi could say anything. He shuddered, and turned. The Egyptian boy stepped up and offered his hand.

"Don't be shy. I'm Arian Grey I'm a werewolf, what's your name?" Akemi shook his hand and dared a smile.

"I'm dark elf, my name is Akemi Boshi," he said and the other boys in the dorm stepped forward.

A pale fair haired boy with aqua eyes who was only about a head taller than Akemi smiled too, he waved slightly and motioned to an identical boy stood just behind him. "We're Alexei and Jared Sky we're Earth elementals."

A tall, thin gangly boy with long thick midnight hair in a ponytail, (think kanda from dgm) deep purple eyes and slim silver rimmed glasses perched on his nose didn't glance up from his book. "I'm Elsander and I'm daemon." He said

A lithely built and quite tall boy with long silvery hair down just past his shoulders and bright gold/topaz eyes, stepped forward. "I'm Azriel, vampire." He said before stepping back into the shadows again.

"And I'm Leon, Veela," said the last boy with green eyes, darker than Akemi's and shoulder length blonde hair.

So the New Year began, and Akemi decided that he might really like it here after all.

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