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Disclaimer-Every character described here belongs to the fabulous author Meg Cabot. I own nothing except the plot.

When Scoot & Jen find themselves at a turning point of their relationship...what happens next? will they be able to sail through?

Dear Diary

He did it again. Yes this is the 11th or I guess 12th…oh fuhget i...I have lost count of the times Scott promised to show up for an OFFICIAL date but DIDN'T …

This is getting on my nerves. Again he would (as usual) give a lame excuse for not appearing. Sometimes I just feel like saying on his face "Dude. Does your girlfriend matters enough for you to even call before and inform?" Instead he again left me like a freaking nun sitting all by myself for WHOLE 3 hours in McD where everyone was giving me an eye as if I was some terrorist pretending to eat something when actually I was planting a bomb or something(A/N i know it sounds ridiculous but I had to put it) ….!!

I promise this time I wont let him so easily. I won't let him give me another one his dumb excuses like- I forgot about the date (even though he was the one to fix the date), or I was preparing dinner for my father, or (the DUMBEST one) my neighbor locked me in my room.(DUH!)

All the sparks, I don't know where, but they are lost. We no longer share intimate moments or even hold hands at the least. Or when he drops me home, he's lost in his own thoughts like I don't even exist!

He hasn't called yet. It's almost 1am and I was supposed to meet him at 7pm. I don't know why but I feel something somewhere IS wrong.I remember a girl had asked the same dilemma to Annie, but I just can't stand on my OWN advice. Now I understand (I used to complain Scott about people sharing their problem with Annie. I would always be like-can't they solve their own petty problems? Instead of bombarding me with 50's of mails EVERYDAY!) that Annie was their only hope for getting any quality solution.

But where is my ANNIE…??

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