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"Did anyone see us?"

"I don't think so." Fiyero said closing her bedroom door behind him.

"Fiyero I'm sorry but we can't do this. Not here."

"Why not?"

"It's Glinda's bed." She exclaimed

"Okay how about your bed?"

"How is that any better it's just the same as Glinda's."

"Okay the closet."

"Not enough room, besides it would get too messy in there."

"Okay the only other place is under the bed."

"You're an idiot. Besides we shouldn't do this in the first place."

"No one is watching." He pointed out

"Do you even know how many rules we're breaking? Besides I can't keep this from Glinda anymore, I feel awful about it." Elphaba said wrapping her arms around herself

"But how can you say no to a face like this?"


"But it's so cute."

"It's hairy."

"C'mon you told me yourself you like this sort of thing."

"Yes but not here. At school. In my dormroom. With you." She huffed "I mean what if Glinda finds out?"

"Do you really think she would tell on us?"

"I KNOW she would tell on us."

"Well where else are we supposed to hide Mr. Fantastical Sparky McSnuffer pants?" he said picking up the adorable little ball of fluff that was, his puppy.