Hi everyone! There are a few points I need to address, so I'm doing so here.

1. I am, in fact, a terrible person. It's never taken me so long to finish a story (thankfully) and I never thought it would, I just found myself with so much...everything, all of a sudden, that I had to work mostly on swimming through a sea of commitment before I could do anything. I went for about a month without checking my personal email, let alone writing a story. Thankfully, however, I now have some time to wrap this up. I'll have lots of stuff going on through May as well, but probably a little less than I have been dealing with so far. But I won't start any actual full-blown stories until the summer. Unless I get a really, really good idea.

2. POTP sequel: Power of the Pen is probably my best work, and I'm thrilled that you all liked it so much. A number of people have asked me if I'll do a full blown Power of the Pen sequel. My answer: As much as I absolutely adored writing that story, there's really no chance of a sequel. The only reason this story was done in that style was because I began writing it right after finishing POTP, and I actually couldn't write it in any other way. My brain just wouldn't let me write a normal story with dialogue and everything. The reason there's no chance of a sequel is that the whole point of POTP is that it took place during the Hiatus, which was a unique occurrence, and I can't think of another event in the Canon that holds the same importance.

3. VHunter07: You are fabulous. This story was written for you, and even though it's very late being finished and not even particularly well written #hides face# it's from the heart. This fandom would not be the same without you. Not even close. So here's to you! #raises glass# A thousand and one apologies for the lateness of the finished project, but I hope you enjoyed it, or are at least able to laugh at my unfortunate writing :-P You do so much to make this fandom a brilliant place, and you deserve recognition and cookies. #passes cookies#

Thanks for bearing with me, everyone. Another round of applause for VHunter! and hopefully I will be around more often, at least to read all the fabulous writing around here.