DISCLAIMER: Tolkien created Legolas, Aragorn, Middle-earth, Valinor and everything else… I've just borrowed his characters.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is meant to be a lament Legolas sings for Aragorn a short time after he sails to Valinor.

A very big thank you to my wonderful beta, Calenlass, for taking the trouble to go over my work and answer all my questions. :)


I stand upon this Western Shore of twilight fair and long,

And past the circles of the world I send an Elven-song!

When once upon the farther shore I walked beneath the trees

And felt the gentle touch of Greenwood's sweet and gentle breeze,

Beside me trod a mortal Man of Elven-kindred high –

And even in bright Eldamar I bow my head and sigh!

O Elessar! Though King of Men, you ever were to me

But Elvellon; no higher name on either side of the Sea.

Upon that further shore your sons are proud and mighty Kings;

The East Wind to my grieving ears their mirthful laughter brings.

No Wind can bring me word of you; no happy breeze can tell

Aught of that distant land where with your fathers now you dwell.

The Elven-dusk is long; for you I seek these shores in vain;

Alas! Beneath fair Varda's stars we shall not meet again!

And yet I hope – though Hope is gone – that on that unknown shore

Past all the circles of the world, I will find Hope once more.

When Eru's Second Music comes, then surely I must see,

That friend for whom I sigh in vain, that other half of me.

Elvellon - Elf-friend

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