.so much for love.
chapter 1/so it starts

Linsay's prov as I whese diging for my mail i fined a funy letter.i open it and it reads.

Deer camper,we have a srupise for you.a boat to italy will take you and the outher campers to a surpriseing and fun e for the boat at 2:00 p.m sharp!

your fav host Criss When I whese done reading it I founed out it whese 1:00 p.m right now.I rushed there as fast as i can to make the boat.

Cody's prov i waited for the boat to show and thinking of awsome gwen till a horn broke my thoughts.
"Yo Cody!"DJ Yelled from the back of the boat."Hey Dj,Wasse up."i yelled back at to the break house as I whese entering the boat.in the first seat whese owen and Izzy,the seats after that had courtney and bridgette,
tyler and linsay,leshawn,then Dj and Geoff. I sat in frount of Dj and geoff."so dude, how whese your summer?"Geoff ask.
"pretty good." i lied.as the boat left to who knows where i just sit back and relaxe.

Kadie's prov Me and sadie where just at the docks selling ice cream.it's a good thing we knew we had to go soon.
"like ow my gosh, this trip is going to be so cool Sadie."i said to my BFFFL as she nodded.
We heard a "Honck!"."it's time to go!"sadie said runing to the boat as i whent after her.
"COme On White Girls!"Leshawna yelled from the window.we sat down in the 3rd row."I whounder what challeng we have to do?"linsay said in frount of us."it's just a stuped challeng,what will happen?"Dj said.

Duncan's Prov i waited for god knows how long for the dam boat."Come on!How long can it take just to pick me up?!"I yelled.
when I noticed the boat comeing, i saw courtney from 1 of the windows."Princess!"I yelled at the CIT as I sit across from her."hide me."courtney said duking behind bridgette."what's wroung princess?you scared of your boyfriend"
i said to her and she just duked even lower."go away you Oger!" she yelled."come on princess."I said.
"this can go on forever."leshawna said starting to get angery.I rolled my eyes and started to look out the window.

Beth's prov I ran up the steps to sit next to Cody(as always).cody almost ran away from the seat.
"so Cody how are you?"asked in a happy tone."umm.Fine."he said shly."what wroung?"I asked.
"NOthing.nothing."He said in a fake smile."are you sick?"I asked."no."he said now slouching.
"so Dj hows Bunny?"Cody said.I just sat there waiting for him to end to talk.The boat stoped for campers till every 1 whese on bored."what's wroung girl?"leshawna asked me."fine i guess."I said."ok..."she said back.by now it whese 7:30 P.M and every 1 waiting to get to Italy.It started to get bumpy."What The Heck's Going on here!?"Duncan snaped.
"I dont like the ride eny more."Linsay said."Who's driving?A moneky?"Courtney shouted."This is SO COOL!"Izzy Yelled.
then the next thing we knew.we where at a dock in Italy."AwSoMe!"Owen yelled.as we got off we saw criss standing on the dock."Hellow campers!"he said.