My Beautiful Disaster.


A long time ago, when I was five, I was told my first fairytale. Being at that naïve young age, I believed what my mother said straight away. About the princes, the castles, the happily ever after; I was convinced it happened to everyone, and would eventually happen to me.

How wrong I was.

It was about ten years after I'd first been read fairytales that I realised they were utter rubbish. They were made to give you happiness; a little bit of story to keep you quiet when you were younger. But in fact, they just made you question life more after you'd read them, and then, when you realised they were wrong, it brought you sadness.

Like life, you just couldn't win.

After crying for several hours at the possibility of me never finding true love, my prince, my castle, and my happily ever after, I saw the world for the first time. I didn't ignore the news - for it was telling me the truth; I didn't ignore my parents - because they only wanted what was best for me. I was no longer living in my imagination, where I was going to be the fairest of them all. I was growing up.

I grew up quickly, somewhat quicker than the others. I had to because things started to go wrong. My parent's divorced; my mother married again (into an abusive relationship - she didn't know that yet); my father became ever distant, until he was a workaholic to hide his pain; and then there was me. Standing in the middle of the mess, trying to grasp at some control that wasn't there in the first place. I realised again what I'd realised before. Nothing is perfect and nothing is ever set in stone.

Things change; my life could change.

And it did.

When I look back at it, it was one of the best times in my life, even if bad things happened along the way. Because I met the one person that made my life - my broken, fragile life - make sense. He gave me purpose; he gave me hope; he gave me everything I'd ever wanted. And as ironic as it sounds, I really thought he was my Prince Charming…

But will he be here forever?

A/N; This is the first chapter of My Beautiful Disaster. It has now been completed and I'm going on a grammar correction spree to try and right all it's flaws. However, if this is the first time you've read this story I'd really appreciate any constructive criticism, in the form of a review. If you've read this before, I hope you enjoy it more, now that the mistakes have been eradicated. Enjoy (: