Note: All the chapters are unrelated; they're just different ways I could think of Cameron in particular figuring out that House and Chase are together. Obviously, it's slash. Get over it. Also, I don't own House, M.D. Otherwise, House would have fired Cameron instead, and Foreman and CHase would have stayed. Among other things.

House and Home

"Hey, Chase…" Cameron seemed a little nervous, very unlike her. 'Damn it,' Chase thought, 'this is when she finally confesses her undying love and everyone finds out about House and I.' He had been living with House for a couple of months now, but they kept it quiet. Mostly because Cameron amused them both.

"Mmmm…" he mumbled back, gnawing on a pencil as he held the day's crossword puzzle in front of him. He barely acknowledged House as he entered the room, sat down at his desk, and took out his PSP.

"Chase," Cameron persisted. "Where's your home?"

He looked up, mildly surprised. He noticed and ignored House watching as well. "Well, I'm most at home here, in the clinic or ICU. And in Australia. I ran from her, but really, she's my country."

"Do you have a girlfriend?" Chase smirked. This would be fun. Foreman had flopped down with a cup of coffee as Cameron had asked.

"Mm-mm," he replied negatively.


"Nope. Boyfriend."

House smirked knowingly, Foreman raised his eyebrows, and Cameron choked on her coffee a little.


"Uh huh. We've been living together for a couple months now. His name's Greg." House smirked again, but no one was watching him but Chase. Cameron and Foreman were watching Chase himself with much interest, poorly disguised.

"I mean… I've even seen Foreman outside work before, in the Stop & Shop, but never you."

"I go to Wal-mart. And Costco."

"I mean, where's your house? You've never mentioned it."

Bingo. Chase grinned. Cameron had asked exactly the right question.

"My House?" He parroted. "My House is right over there." He jerked his finger casually in House's direction.

"No, I mean, where… wait. You and House?" House laughed loudly.

"That was clever, Robbie. Very clever. Gold star." He limped over as stood behind Chase's chair. "And yes, Cameron, me and Chase. Are you surprised? I've always called him the prettiest."

"Chase and I…" Chase muttered under his breath, knowing that House would hear and be irritated into a public display of affection. He knew his boyfriend well enough.

"Dorky Brit." House replied lovingly, running his hand through the Aussie's hair. Chase tipped his head back and smiled adorably at House.

"Aussie, genius." That had the desired response. House leaned over and kissed him.

Foreman nodded. "Tough luck, Cameron. Both of them out with one sweep."

Cameron glared at Foreman, then at House and Chase, who were just moving apart. Chase resumed his pencil chewing and House stood back up.

"Hey House," Foreman called, as Cameron left. "Can I ask a question?"


"Does he get splinters?"


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