Author: Sparta

Title: Nocturnal Investigation Service

Pairings: Faith & Abby Blade & King Gabe & John Winchester Goliath & Drake Xander & Dean (mentioned)

Rating: R

Crossovers: Buffy & Supernatural (Main) more to come and will list as they come up

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Femslash, Male Pregnancy, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning


Series:When the Hunters become the hunted

Chapters: 1/?

Completed: No

Summery: Spin off of the We'll make a man out of you series, follow the new Sunnydale crew as they try to clean up after Adam and Buffy's destruction as well as they try to deal with life on the Hellmouth.

Chapter Summery: Xander tries to bring order to kayos that is Sunnydale

Authors Note:

this takes off just before Xander leaves for Torchwood (Chapter 6 of We'll make a man out of you: Children of Hell) and will run alongside We'll make a man out of you: Children of Hell so often the two stories might cross.

Nocturnal Investigation Service

Bring Order to Kayos

Xander sighed as he watched the last of the kids leave with their new families, none of the kids had been rejected which was a great relief for Xander.

"So what's the plan now kid?" asked John Winchester with a sigh as he sat down next to Xander.

"Sunnydale has no slayer now unless I get Faith's ass here? It's to dangerous a place to leave uncovered, I had a plan for I was going to run past Giles and Buffy when I came back to give her a chance at a normal life but now…." Xander sighed and shrugged as John hugged him, it wasn't usual his style but with Dean absent and Xander so low he'd let it pass.

"what was the plan Kid?" asked John.

"Easy….well not but, we pick a few people willing to come here to fight this town and watch over the asshole under the Library. While they are being picked we find temporary strongholds like the Magic box which just became mine and the Bronze, blow the exit from the collage and link it up with the underground tunnels leading to both.

In the long run we should take over the land that the school was on and try and dampen the dark energy it gives off not to mention kill the shied it has over this town. If we can get an agency down here to keep a running tally on this town we might actually start keeping the death rate down" said Xander as John watched him, he started to see what he saw in Xander.

"Ok kid, I'll go speak to that pain in the ass brother of mine and see what he thinks? I recon you have the makings of a good plan there and we all know this town can use it, start thinking of those you'd like to work down here and who would run it and don't look at me! I like the BPRD it's grown on me and I'd growl to much down here, by the way Bobby said talk for the heads up and the books he'll send them back this way soon" said John as Xander smiled and nodded.

"Now go hug my son he could use it" said John as Xander shot out of the tent to find Dean as John shook his head and went to find his brother.


Xander was sat on his bed contently as he laid back against Dean who was stroking his hair, Dawn was in Xander's arms while Aldwin slept at his side and Jessie played with a toy train at the bottom of the bed. Xander let out a content as Gabe's voice broke the silence.

"Can I enter?"

"Uncle Gabe" yelled Jessie excitedly

"I'd say that was a yes Gabe join us" said Xander as Gabe came in and hugged Jessie and sat with him on his knee.

"I've come to turn down your offer to join you in Cardiff Xander though I do believe the same as you about the thing they call the Rift…" said Gabe as Xander looked upset.

"I'm not rejecting you Alex I was given a better offer one you thought up and the reason I'm here, Gregory has asked me to head the new team you came up with. He said that you'd tell me who they were?" said Gabe as Xander looked gobsmaked.

"New Team?" asked Dean as he looked at Xander.

"It was a back up plan that I had for Buffy when we started the BPRD to help out, House really approved it? Your dad asked me about it but I didn't think House would go for it?" said Xander as Gabe shook his head.

"You are smart Alex and understand what needs to be done when, House, Angelus, Agents J and K, O'Neill and Harkness are waiting in the War Room tent to discus this with you Jheira is outside ready to join us she has assigned a member of her clan to watch over your family and want to see if you approve?" said Gabe as he fetched her in.

Jheira entered with another of her kind, She was 6'9 with baby blue hair down her back and sliver shining eyes, her lips where naturally the same colour as her hair and a baby blue colour lighting bolt like marking marked over her left eye and check.

"Alexander I have brought one of my sisters to help honour my bond with your Clan, A'isha is a proud warrior and a fine mother to her own young she volunteered the moment I mentioned your name." said Jheira as Xander looked at her with his hurt puppy dog eyes and she sat at his bedside.

"This place is part of the connection to my world, the Hellmouth keeps the portal here I can not leave this place when you do but I can help to protect it. You are as much my child as A'isha is mine, my daughter is as proud of you as I am Alexander."

"I am Alexander and I hope that I can become as trusted to you as my mother is my brother?" said A'isha as she bowed.

"you have no fear of that dear sister now I've been summoned if you would like to spend some time with my family I'd be happy to leave them with you?" said Xander as A'isha smiled.

"that will be fine" A'isha answered

"Jheira would you join us? I think that you might want to hear this too?" said Gabe as she nodded and followed them out to the War Room Tent.


Xander suddenly felt like he was back at school as he entered the tent and it fell silent with all eyes on him. Taking his place between House and John Winchester at the head of the group Agent K was the first to speak up.

"We've looked over the proposed plan kid and I've got to say I'm impressed that you thought this up, more so that you did it as a back up plan for the Slayer and then alter it so quickly after her death?"

"Thanks this town needs it, too much shit from this town could cause us all problems." said Xander as all agreed.

"We could assist with the tunnels and the base we have some technologies that would make it faster and safer?" said Daniel Jackson with a smile

"Thanks we could use it" said Xander

"we could send you some of the newcomers that could use the work and are harder to hide then most?" said Agent J

"I'd except that if Gabe does?" said Xander as Gabe nodded

"Cool then we expect oh by the way guys don't want you to think I'm telling how to do your jobs but you'd really be daft not to take OZ with you. Being a werewolf is a pain but he's great with computers, he's the strong but silent type and he's got no family ties" said Xander as K nodded.

"Ok kid we'll talk to him" said K as he and J agreed with Xander and House stood up and looked them all.

"If you haven't already heard Gabriel Van Helsing has accepted the job as head of the…." House looked at Xander.

"NIS" said Xander as they all looked at him

"Nocturnal Investigation Service, I was going to call it something else but then that would make it NCIS and I didn't thing Agent Gibbs would like me then?" laughed Xander as Gibbs shook his head.

"NIS it is then, thought it will focus on manly here it is a sub-agency of the BPRD so if you need them they will come. The long term issues Xander spoke about have been covered for now, the new Mayor has give us the school and it's ground saying that its safer for all with us.

The town itself has gone back into denial for now which is fine Xander said it would, makes our job easier Dr Jackson has offered us some ideas from the SGC for the grounds as have Mr Jones so thank you both.

As you know Xander and a few other are leaving for a bit to help Torchwood deal with their shit but he will still be in contact should he be needed? But for now we have a town that need putting back together and a base to deal with Xander have you decided on a team yet?" asked House

"Sort of…I figured Angel and the LA Crew need to head back that was so after talking with him he's agreed that Angel investigations will be a spin off-Agency of the NIS that was he can pay his bills and keep us up-to-date if needed? I figured that I could heal Faith who's up for joining us and getting paid will keep her playing nice after all this town needs a Slayer to keep it balanced.

Turing Amy back from a rat will give us the magic boost we need and I might be able to find the other Wicca from Willows coven to help if he survived Graduation? Oz is being recruited to the black suite people but talk werewolves to him before he leaves he's the best we got. As for the main team I figured that Blade and his merry band of misfits could handy this town plus I know Drakes still on the scene so Blade tell him that if he plays nice he's of the hunt and kill list" said Xander as Bladed nodded as other looked confused.

"for those outside of us, Drake is the creator of the Vampire line he was not only the first vampire but the patriarch of the Dracula bloodline and is a pure demon in a human body. Very dangerous and very powerful but lucky for us he hates the vampire race he crated.

The Dampier's or half human/Half Vampire children sired he likes since they are the race he wanted but the others disgust him and he told them so himself. He's allied himself with Blade for now" said Xander as everyone agreed.

"So with that note I'd say we call it a day for now and go do what we each have to and reconvene at 01000 hour tomorrow to start putting plans into action?" said John as the other agreed before leaving.